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08 May 2021



Welcome to the largest collection of UFO and ET art in the world by one artist.

Christine Kesara Dennett has been illustrating for investigators, witnesses, and documentaries since 1986. Like a police sketch artist Kesara creates illustrations from actual events and descriptions from eye witnesses.

All the art in this website is from actual events! To this day new reports are shared around the world.


06 November 2017

Packing For Mars - NEW Secret Space Movie

UFOTV® The Disclosure Network 

Published on Nov 2, 2017

This feature-length movie sets out to reveal the truth behind one of the most startling secrets of all time: That an elite group is secretly building an exclusive off-world survival colony on Mars. Credible individuals have begun to emerge claiming to have been actual recruits. In spectacular cinematic style, this movie blows the lid off the secret space program and the reality of a real Alternative 3.

15 March 2016

Partial Disclosure Is NOT an Option

Anyone who follows the information provided on this website PFC and all of its affiliated websites including and not in least The Portal will be shocked by the very idea that a partial disclosure could take place and that if – according to Corey Goodes message to him from the Blue Avians – if we don’t all pull together we will have a ‘partial disclosure’ scenario and another 100 years of control by the cabal. Although I have great respect for Corey’s work and his collaboration with D Wilcock I do not accept that the Blue Avians – these Angelic higher dimensional Beings – would express themselves to us in this way. Higher Dimensional Beings do not ‘threaten’ or spread fear like this. We who collaborate here on PFC do NOT believe in any partial disclosure timeline because we believe that the Resistance Movement will never allow that to take place. Here is a short excerpt from a recent update from Cobra about our situation;

“First, they (Resistance Movement) have put intel packages about Disclosure, secret space programs and criminal evidence against the Cabal into the computers of some major newspaper agencies around the world and into the computers of some selected private individuals worldwide. If the Cabal crosses a certain line, these intel packages will be remotely activated by the Resistance and will simultaneously appear as pop-ups on countless computer screens worldwide. This action is also to insure against any attempt to twist or suppress the Disclosure process. ONLY full and complete 100% disclosure will be allowed, and limited disclosure is NOT an option.”

Cobra reconfirmed this with me on Monday this week and has also promised that this partial disclosure talked about here will soon be further addressed by him.

David’s thoughts on what partial disclosure might look like:

So for those that might not have read David’s (Wilcock) article this is his description of how that ‘partial disclosure timeline’ COULD look IF it were allowed to happen.

“Although nothing is solid, and plans are completely flexible and ready to change at a moment’s notice, here are the most likely outcomes in the aftermath:

It will include 9/11 truth and the arrests of many high-level people we will be happy to see get brought to justice.

It will include a financial system reboot, and very likely some sort of tribute payments to everyone who was screwed by the system.

It will include the gradual release of “forbidden” technologies, including clean energy, anti-gravity and some new health breakthroughs.

It will include the revealing of a “lower level” military space program that already has the ability to travel around our solar system in cool new ships.

It will include, maybe not at first, the revealing of an “Ancient Builder Race” that left artifacts behind in our solar system millions of years ago.

It will attempt to include the idea that there are no living ETs visiting us now, and anything we thought we were seeing is the work of the now-defeated Cabal.

The first and second episodes of the X-Files miniseries reboot were a veritable manifesto for the partial disclosure roll-out. The rest were relatively unrelated………”

Why David’s Description of This is Important to Know About

David Wilcock is without a shadow of a doubt one of this planets greatest Lightworkers. It is hard to fathom just how much he manages to do and especially considering his health issues over these past few months. Of course he must be a major target because of his work on such programs as Ancient 
Aliens which are seen by millions worldwide and now his work with Cosmic Disclosure and other shows on Gaia network. “I am in almost every episode of Ancient Aliens, for a total of about 80 so far — and climbing. I now get recognized almost everywhere I go because of it.”

I was listening to that Project Camelot radio show 2-3 years ago when David came on their live in the middle of another show and broke down explaining about the threat he had just had on his life. So how come David is still alive you might wonder? In my mind he is protected by the Light Forces and somehow he manages to keep on working in the middle of a ‘war’ around his person between the dark and Light forces.

“………The Cabal groups are furious with Corey and me for interfering with this “partial disclosure” timeline. They would kill us if they could get it authorized.”
So let’s get to the point here; We should all of us be very aware of the so called ‘partial disclosure timeline’ plans of the cabal. The more people who understand this the better. We should all of us be aware of what is meant by full disclosure and the very idea now being painted of what a limited type of disclosure could look like, might just be what we needed to come forth and be discussed at this time, to help to enlighten ever growing numbers of humanity now waking up as to what we DO mean by full disclosure.

Secret Space Program

Cobra provided us with a first overview of the Secret Space Program on April 24th 2013; see links below. Many further updates on this subject from him have broadened the picture. Besides this David Wilcock along with Corey Goode have managed through their amazing work to bring huge amounts of secret information forth to millions worldwide. Yet the cabal being fully aware of this situation have of course many plans to try to fool humanity with a version that would suit their ongoing existence. Some quotes here from David’s recent update; (link below to original:)

“They are already grooming whistleblowers who will come forward as the heroic cosmic astronauts of a new age…….

Frankly, I do not see how it is even possible that they can get away with this, considering how much is already out there to know……….

In particular, their apparent plan to say there are no ETs here now — or at least none since Roswell — is completely outrageous………

The simple fact that Cosmic Disclosure already exists as a show for anyone to watch should make it almost impossible for this plan to work………
Furthermore, he say’s …….

“I do not believe we were told about the difference between the partial and full disclosure timelines if we were doomed to fail this test…….

I think it is very likely that there are many ways we can win the full disclosure — and it really just takes each of us caring enough to do something about it.”

A Short Cabal Structure Overview

At the top of the cabal pyramid structure we have the 2 archon controlling groups along with their connected AI intelligence. One of these groups is called the Chimera and the other is to be found among the so called Black Nobility Families. The group working directly beneath these archon leaders is the core Jesuit group which was created 500 years ago and has literally been running the entire show on this planet since then. Below the core Jesuit group are the two main illuminati groups namely the Rockefeller’s and the Rothschild’s. (For detailed information on the cabal rulers see link ‘dark cabal rulers’ below)

95% of all wars on this planet in the past two centuries have been inaugurated by the Jesuits to divide and conquer. Their influence is to be found worldwide and they have infiltrated teaching institutions, religious groups and politics, etc. everywhere with the aim of controlling us all, through the divide and conquer method. You need have no doubt that as far as ‘partial disclosure’ goes they have covered ground everywhere you can imagine, to infiltrate the situation so that they can continue to be in control on this planet. So remember that IN EVERY AREA where we want a full disclosure of truth they have been polishing their far going plans for decades as to how they can remain in control and hijack the disclosure process. We need to be extremely wary and truly understand that they are beyond experts at infiltration, manipulation and control.

‘News’ on TV + Benjamin Fulford Updates

On our so called TV ‘news’ we see little ‘snippets’ about what’s going on behind the scenes. We see about 2-3 % of the truth behind the control battles that are raging. I am aware that close to 40% of the Swedish TV news is mere disinformation. Benjamin Fulford weekly updates about the ongoing infighting and control struggles between the various cabal groups and the pressure being exerted on them from an evermore very coordinated, cooperating and anonymous alliance of light forces is the closest we can get to real news on this planet on an ongoing basis. The allied light forces have clearly shown the cabal that they will not be allowed to ‘run the show’ on this planet for much longer. We are seeing increasing signs of this every single day. You and I now know that the cabal have no way of going back to the control they once had. In my mind I’m getting about 80-85% of the truth on Bens updates. I will have to admit that it is indeed no easy task to try to connect all of the dots between the myriad pieces of information that Ben provides. It seems to become more and more complicated too as each week passes by. Approximately a year ago it seemed as if the Rothschild’s had plans to throw the Rockefeller’s under the bus in an effort to save themselves. They were most likely reminded by the Jesuit controllers that this would lead to a domino effect quicker demise for everyone including themselves. So whether they like it or not they have had to hold together.

Secret Space Program Technology

We should be aware that as far as technology goes the cabal has had access to just about everything you could imagine. While we drive around in dinosaur like fossil fueled cars and get heat and electricity (the 40-50% of humans who have access to this) from fossil and nuclear sources they have had access to aircraft that can leave New York at 4 PM – travel around the entire globe and get back to New York at 4:20 PM the same day. They have had access in their underground facilities to free energy, anti-gravitational techniques and so on.

What We Can and Should Expect from Full Disclosure

Here are some details to show what is meant by Full Disclosure.

Full disclosure will include the arrests of ALL of the high level people controlling us in every single area. The Masterplan for this has been in place for decades. The Resistance Movement knows exactly who these people are. Their every move – indeed their every thought – is being monitored by the 
Resistance Movement. Their arrests will be accompanied by a revelation in mass media worldwide providing detailed information and clear proof about all of their crimes against humanity including 911, 311, WW1 and WW2 and much much more. They will be given fair trial.

Full disclosure will be accompanied by the closing down entirely of the old financial system and the stock market. This will be replaced by a new, fair, fully transparent, financial system. There will be justice and abundance for humanity worldwide.

Full disclosure will be accompanied by the release of previously suppressed technological solutions including free energy and the introduction of thousands of other earlier usurped patents of technological developments that will make our lives so much easier.

Full disclosure will reveal the truth about so called modern medicine and how it is used by the cabal as part of our control. We will have information and access to cures for almost everything

Full disclosure will include the entire truth about the Secret Space Program. The introduction to humanity of our Galactic Family and knowledge of how they have supported our very existence and the safe liberation of this planet, this will happen at a pace that humanity as a whole can deal with: quote here from Cobra’s recent update re ‘the Ascension Plan’ – link below:

“After the completion of the Cabal arrest process and after the majority of humanity overcomes the initial shock, the Light forces will begin to contact certain individuals directly. This will most likely start a few weeks to a few months after the Event. At that time, contact zones will be created. Contact zones are areas on private property where the owners will dedicate part of their land for the contact experience. These owners will then experience a physical contact with the Pleiadians that will land on their land in a small beamship. Those individuals will go to the mass media and report their experience, therefore preparing humanity for the reality of the Contact. These contact zones will become more and more numerous until a certain critical mass will be reached for the First Contact. First Contact is the beginning of official diplomatic relations between Earth humanity and positive ET races. This is planned to occur roughly a year after the Event at the United Nations (restructured) and will be broadcast through the mass media worldwide.

After the First Contact, the positive ET races will begin to distribute their advanced technologies that will quickly bring the Earth humanity into the fifth dimensional golden age.”

Correct Focus Now Will Lead to the Event

I believe that The Mother the Divine Feminine aspect of the One is orchestrating this transition time on earth so that the Galactic superwave that we are expecting will reach us at the perfect time to initiate The Event. As Cobra said on March 7th re this extra special superwave “……. Yet it will be strong enough to dust off all darkness from our Solar System, peel it off from the surface of the planet and trigger the Event.”

So I figure why be concerned at all as to which day, week or month that this will occur. Why not decide from this moment on to live in total and utter trust that The Event will take place at the perfect moment in ‘time’.

By being in a place of trusting that this Transition will be coordinated perfectly at the perfect moment will prevent us from allowing ourselves to sink into fear. There is no death! There is no end! Through a myriad of incarnations, we have come and gone! Any information that spreads fear has in some way or other been infected by the cabal. It’s their main and favorite weapon to control us. Do not give your power away! We lose our power – we give away our power – when we allow the fear tactics of the cabal to defeat us. The more of us that now exist in a place of calmness and trust the easier this transition will be for everyone on the day. We need to be in that place of trust and calm NOW:

We humans are each and every one of us created in the image of the One, we are created out of Love and our true harmonic self is most in harmony when we focus our thoughts on gentleness, kindness and in so doing increase our ability to experience more blissful states and to spread that energy to everyone around us.

I am sure that many of you are feeling the palpable development of more harmonious and loving energies around you. She our Divine Mother always encourages that we release any concerns / worries about our lives to Her loving care.

Maybe this would be the perfect time to release any concerns that we might have regarding full disclosure and The Event into Her care. Maybe the greatest way to show that we care right now about a future Golden Age for everyone here on Gaia is through living in total trust that this vision is in a process of being realized and that there is no doubt whatsoever that it could possibly fail to materialise at the perfect moment. If we sincerely insist upon the very best the chances are that we will get it. Let’s keep our sights on the highest of outcomes nothing less – then we cannot lose.

Some links that might be of interest:

Just Say No to Partial Disclosure – David Wilcock

Dark Cabal Rulers

The Secret Space Program

The Alliance Fleet

Secret Space Programs Disclosure Petition

The Ascension Plan:

Worldwide Reset Imminent – Video – available in many languages

March 12, 2016

Written by Therese Zumi Sumner

21 February 2016

The Cosmic Wars from a Vedic Perspective

I. The Everlasting Star Wars

Regardless which ancient religion or mythology we discuss, the Great Cosmic Wars are mentioned therein. In most of them - if not all - Lucifer's Rebellion is mentioned as well.

In the Vedic literature, the Cosmic Wars are discussed in perhaps more detail than in any other scripture - alongside maybe the Norse Sagas, such as the Edda.

In the Vedas, Lucifer's Rebellion is mainly a rebellious war between the Devas and the Asuras (see Paper #3 for a description of the groups of beings), with the Asuras rebelling against the Hierarchy.

Devas can mean beings, such as Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna, but can also denote Khan En.lil and Queen Nin (in the feminine form, Devi).

As described in previous papers, however, the Vedic wars were mainly fought by the Asuras, while the lofty Devas, such as Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, usually kept themselves out of them - except when the wars became out of hand and they felt forced to send one of their Avatars down to Earth to regain order.

The Sages/Rishis are also mostly excluded because they are not warriors, according to the scriptures.

On the other hand, both the Devas and the Asuras are involved in politics, wars, and real estate. The Asuras are considered the relatives of the Devas and were the ones who rebelled.

The similarities between the Devas and the Asuras and Lucifer and the Fallen Angels are stunning!

Lord and Lord Marduk, as described in Paper #3, are comparable to the lower Devas, while their Minions would count as the Asuras. When I say "lower Devas," I compare those against the "higher Devas (and Devi)," who would fit with Khan En.lil, Prince En.lil (Ninurta), and Queen Nin.

Before I begin writing about the Vedic Wars in more detail - something that will also add more details to Lucifer's Rebellion in the previous level - I want to make a last comparison between ancient Earth and today's Earth.

There have certainly been various reasons for all the different wars here on our planet, and some of these reasons have been explained earlier.

A great number of these wars have been set in motion in order to turn humanity against each other so that certain changes could take place with humanity's consent - taking the Law of Free Will into consideration.

Wars have proven to be an excellent tool for the AIF (Alien Invader Force) when they wish to implement changes in societies and lifestyles over the millennia. However, there is at least one more reason for all these wars that has not been mentioned other than in passing.

It's now time to consider another reason.

Fig. 1. Supersoldiers Max Spears (L) and James Casbolt (R).

I listened to an interview the other day on Project Camelot.

Kerry Cassidy was interviewing "former" MI6 Agent and alleged supersoldier James Casbolt, aka Michael Prince, and Max Spears, also supposedly a supersoldier. [1]

Many readers may be familiar with at least the former of the two, although they sometimes work together as assassins and Special Projects. Casbolt was adopted, so both Casbolt and Prince can be considered his real name, albeit he'd rather be called Prince these days.

Out of convenience, I will still call him Casbolt because that's the name he is most known by, and that's the name I've used for him throughout the papers. Dr. A.R. Bordon and LPG-C also had some encounters with him, and they tried to deprogram him, to no avail.

The discussion soon focused on the alien presence on Earth and Earth Near Space.

Kerry believes that there are a myriad of different alien species here on Earth in present time, such as Reptilians, Grays, Nordics, Mantises, Dracos, etc., and both supersoldiers acknowledged this, although they differed with Kerry on a vital point - a point which I agree with to a certain degree.

They said that it doesn't matter how many alien races are here on Earth in the present.

An alien war is going on here between two factions of "Reptilians" (although I wouldn't exclusively call them Reptilians), and all other races are either taking sides for one or the other.

They either side for,

Lucifer, they said, who they acknowledged is Lord (and this was before my papers)

or "the other side"

The parts where they said that it doesn't matter how many alien races there are on Earth, that there are (apparent) factions fighting each other, and the part about Lucifer, are right to the point.

To an outsider - and even to a large degree to those within these factions - there seems to be a civil war being fought inside Lord's own lines, creating a lot of wars, civil wars, and trauma here on Earth.

Both these factions want control - they just want it differently.

However, according to Casbolt and Spears, a peace treaty - albeit a very unstable one - was made between these two factions around 2012 and remained into 2013 when this interview was held.

Now we need to keep in mind that although these factions may be real and spying, assassinations, and battles are being fought, it's only at the low- and mid-levels that these conflicts are occurring. Higher up, there is no conflict - only the puppet masters pulling the strings.

The AIF gain from conflicts and unrest, whether it is military unrest or civil unrest. Unrest keeps people in fear, it kills people, and it brings money into the System. [2]

My point, however, is that these factions can be easily traced in politics by looking at the agendas of the different countries, or according to Casbolt/Spears, there is a 4th Reich faction situated on the American West Coast and a Zionist faction residing on the East Coast.

Because they basically want the same thing these days, they allegedly decided for the peace treaty. Needless to say, this is not only about the USA.

Now, if we go back to the Vedic Wars, we shall see how they started and how and on which level Earth got involved. The Vedas have some details to give us regarding this.

Just as the two supersoldiers told us and just as described in the Wes Penre Papers, there are many different star races involved in the Cosmic Wars, but they are all working together on one level or another.

This is also noted in the Vedas, where it says that the Asuras, who went to war against the Devas, included various subgroups, such as the Daityas, the descendants of Diti, and the Dānavas, the descendants of Danu. [3]

The reader doesn't need to keep the names of these different subgroups in mind, necessarily - just know there were subgroups. Of course, these subgroups correspond with the different star races we have mentioned earlier in the papers.

Lucifer's Rebellion and a few other star wars didn't originate on Earth and neither did the Vedic Wars.

Here is a typical example of interplanetary warfare, described in Bhāgavata Purāṇa:

Quote #1:

When the atheists, after being well versed in the Vedic scientific knowledge, annihilate inhabitants of different planets, flying unseen in the sky on well-built rockets prepared by the great scientist Maya, the Lord will bewilder their minds by dressing himself attractively as Buddha and will preach on sub-religious principles. [4]

Note that the text uses the term "annihilate." Few people know that this word is to be taken literally - something we discussed earlier. In these wars, the fighting parties destroyed each other's avatars.

Also, Richard Thompson mentions a commentator to the above text, so it could be interesting to see what he says:

Quote #2:

The commentator, Śrīla Gosvāmī, pointed out that the Buddha referred to here is not the historical Buddha that we know but one who lived in a different age. Here the word "atheists" is used to translate deva-dviṣām, which literally means those who are inimical toward the Devas. In this case, the enemies of the Devas again obtained remarkable flying machines from Maya Dānava. [5]

Without going too much into details at this point, Maya Dānava has a few attributes that are quite similar to those of Lord Marduk, but all these characters will be compared in future papers.

Although the wars could be very intense, the Vedas say that they were not allowed to get too far out of hand because higher authorities would, in that case, intervene to restore the divine order.

This was one of the reasons why the Supreme Being (Lord Vishnu), on occasion, split himself into an Avatar to present,

"lofty philosophical teachings and engage in remarkable pastimes."

Albeit this would be the case - Avatars certainly were sent down to warzones and also down to Earth - they always seemed to contradict their purpose and rather add more heat to the warfare.

This was certainly not by mistake.

Also, "at times," as Thompson puts it, the wars had repercussions involving Earth and its human population. This contradicts what the scriptures say that these wars were not allowed to get too far out of hand because as we know, and as will also be demonstrated here, it's not just "at times" that Earth got involved - our planet got involved big time and has been involved ever since the Devas and Asuras brought the war down here.

Of course, the phrase, "too far out of hand" is relative.

II. Bringing the Cosmic Wars Down on Earth

Richard Thompson gives an example of how Earth got involved in the Cosmic Wars, and he explains it as follows:

Lord Indra, King of the Devas slew Vŗtrāsura or Vritra during the AIF invasion (I showed evidence in Paper #4 that Lord Indra is Marduk and Vṛtrāsura is Khan En.lil).

So far, so "good," but then the Rishis, who wrote down the Vedic texts, decided to turn things around.

There it says (and I will quote in a moment) that Vṛtrāsura was the ruler of a group of Asuras, which is not correct - Khan En.lil isn't, and has never been, an Asura. Furthermore, the texts say that Vṛtrāsura's group was thoroughly defeated by Marduk's and's troops (which is true), but one contingent, called Kāleya Dānavas, sought revenge by terrorizing humans here on Earth.

This sounds more like a cover-up as well as it is disinformation so that humans, at the various times when the Vedas were composed, wouldn't think that Indra (Marduk) and Vishnu ( were behind the terror acts.

The easiest way to do so would be to simply turn things around and blame the adversaries for what they themselves did. This tactic is still used today on a regular basis - we call it "False Flag Events."

Consider the saying that,

"in wars, history is always written by the winners."

What I am suggesting here is backed up by some evidence.

The most obvious question we ought to ask ourselves is why Khan En.lil's and Queen Nin's people would attack their own side? The humans who walked on Earth at that time were the Namlú'u, who were Queen Nin's creation.

Why would Her loyal people attack Her own creation? That doesn't make sense.

Moreover, it says in the scripture that "they," referring to Kāleya Dānavas and his cohorts, fulfilled a plan of setting up a base of operations within the oceans of the earth from where they came out at night and attacked the Sages and ascetics who at that time provided guidance to human society. [6]

Who is connected with water and oceans? is, in his counterparts Oannes, Neptune, Poseidon, and a few others!

Instead of what the scriptures suggest, we are told the story about what the AIF did to the survivors down on Earth after Khan En.lil and Queen Nin's troops were defeated and chased off the solar system.

The following is some sobering reading about what happened to the Namlú'u and the Titans (mostly Vegans) who stayed behind. The AIF killed off our ancestors in the cruelest ways imaginable, after doing things to them that is quite abominable.

I want to remind the reader that we are discussing a very peaceful, spiritual, friendly, and highly benevolent human race that knew nothing about warfare, terrorism, and cruelty against other beings.

It says in Quote #3 below that some were skilled bowmen, which is referring to the Vegans/Vulcans, not the humans (Namlú'u).

Also, neither the Vulcans, nor the Namlú'u, feared death itself - only the suffering that is the consequence of the manner in which they were killed.

Quote #3:

In the Hermitage of Vasiṣțha the miscreant band devoured a hundred and eighty-eight brāhmaṇas and nine other ascetics.

They went to the holy hermitage of Cyavana, which is visited by the twice-born , and ate one hundred of the hermits, who lived on fruit and roots. This they did in the nighttime - by day they vanished into the ocean.

At the Hermitage of Bharadvāja they destroyed twenty restrained celibates who lived on wind and water. In this fashion the Kāleya Dānavas gradually invaded all the hermitages, maddened by their confidence in the strength of their arms, killing many hosts of the twice-born, until Time crawled in upon them.

The people did not know about the Daityas, best of men, even as they were oppressing the suffering ascetics. In the morning they would find the hermits, who were lean from their fasts, lying on the ground in lifeless bodies.

The land was filled with unfleshed, bloodless, marrowless, disemboweled, and disjointed corpses like piles of conch shells…

While men were wasting away in this manner, O lord of men, they ran from fear into all directions to save themselves. Some hid in caves, others behind waterfalls, some were so fearful of death that fear killed them.

There were also proud and heroic bowmen who did their utmost to hunt down the Dānavas - but they could not find them, for they were hidden in the ocean - and the bowmen succumbed to exhaustion and death. [7]

When I read this passage for the first time, I got some flashbacks of horror and agony, and a deep sadness fell over me for a while.

The above quote felt enormously real to me, as if I had experienced it myself - which by the way is not impossible.

In our terms, the invader force that came down here, totally unprovoked, is nothing less than barbaric. Not only did they bring the Cosmic Wars down here - they killed off the androgynous human population (the ones living in celibate, as described in the text above), who lived on fruits, roots, weather, and wind, and ate them!

Albeit this shouldn't come as a surprise to the reader, as I described them as both cannibals and eaters of live bodies already in Level II, it is still quite sobering to read about something so insensitive and cruel.

As Thompson suggests, there is at least some resemblance between the above and today's cattle mutilations and UFO attacks on humans. I would add that today's humans evidently have been mutilated as well, and in some cases seem to have been eaten by their abductors.

After that, they have been left on the ground, only to be found by whomever happens to walk by. In both cattle mutilations and human mutilations, the bodies have often been drained of blood. The expression on the faces of the human corpses show that they must have died in some unimaginable horror.

In the Hindu epic, Rāmayāna, we are told that a band of very powerful Rākṣasas (see Paper #3) overthrew the "Guardians of the Earth."

This is a very potent statement because the term Guardians of the Earth is still used today, both in my own papers and by channeled entities, such as Barbara Marciniak's Pleiadians.

Both Marciniak and I use this term to mean exactly the same as in the Rāmayāna (we are using the term interchangeably with "Guardian of the Living Library").

Is this another example of how New Age, UFOlogy, channeling, and the new Spiritual Movement are using old Vedic terms and stories in today's "exposure?"

It definitely seems so, and it also seems as if researchers, such as myself, are sometimes using these terms without really understanding where they originate from. I use them, at times, because people are used to seeing them, and it's easier to use the same terms across the board to avoid confusion. However, as we can see, it can have some unknown correlations.

I also believe that the Pleiadians know exactly where this term comes from.

In Rāmayāna, just as in the Enûma Eliš, the Babylonian Creation Story, an invader force defeated the Guardian of the Earth, killed the majority, imprisoned some, and chased the rest away from the solar system. In the Rāmayāna, however, there were still Guardians (Vegans/Vulcans) and humans (Namlú'u) alive on Earth after the majority of the them had been defeated and murdered.

This is evident because the Rākṣasas were chasing them all over the world and eating some of them. According to Greek mythology, this is describing the war between the Titans and the Olympians.

In the Hindu story, the Rākṣasas did not murder and eat all of the remaining Namlú'u and Vulcans, but apparently, they also "kidnapped" some of them. This corresponds well with the fact that Lucifer and his DAKH Warriors snatched Namlú'u to use them for genetic experiments in order to create a slave race.

Interestingly enough, it seems as if the AIF were afraid of the power - either from the Namlú'u themselves or from the Guardians because they always made nocturnal attacks in the forests. [8]

In Rāmayāna, the leader of the Rākṣasas was named Rāvaṇa.

Very little is said about him because the only place he is mentioned is in the Rāmayāna. Hence, it is hard to prove exactly who he was, but in the context of things, one could of course immediately associate him with Lucifer/

However, if we continue researching, we notice that he seems to be a separate entity from Lord Vishnu, which rather would make Rāvaṇa the equivalent to the Babylonian Marduk.

Apparently - again according to the Hindu legend - a group of Devas and Sages, who were not directly involved in the Earthly drama and possibly watched the whole scenario from a distance in space, went directly to Lord Brahma (Vishnu/Lucifer) to complain about Rāvaṇa's criminal behavior and demanded that this should stop.

Lord Vishnu, however, gave them a cryptic answer:

Quote #4:

Here is a way of bringing about the end of that perverse being! "May I not be destroyed by Gandharvas, Yakṣas, Gods or Rākṣasas" was Rāvaṇa's request, but thinking man to be of no account, he did not ask to be made invulnerable in regard to him; therefore, none but man can destroy him. [9]

This sounds almost like a prophecy, doesn't it?

Additionally, isn't this what we have learned today, as well - i.e. that the AIF can only be defeated by mankind themselves? No help - at least not in the form of troops or physical intervention - can be achieved from anybody, and the conflict between the AIF and humanity is said to be our conflict, which we need to solve ourselves.

The reason, we've been told, is because it's a Free Will Universe, and we humans have consciously and subconsciously agreed with the AIF and are therefore considered being on "their side." It's almost as if it Quote #4 could be the underlying statement behind these thoughts!

We can always speculate as to why Lord Vishnu would create this "prophecy," as it seems like he is expecting man to one day destroy him and Rāvaṇa (regardless if Rāvaṇa is Marduk or not).

It could very well be that Lord Vishnu realizes that man one day may be evolved and strong enough to defeat their own "creators."

Rāvaṇa, when he was not out kidnapping Namlú'u, very much enjoyed torturing them, and the reason for this perverse behavior was apparently because this primordial human race was created by the Queen of the Stars - the Avatar of Mother Goddess.

Queen Nin was, after all, both Lucifer's and Marduk's enemy number-one as well as being their mother and grandmother, respectively.

According to the AIF, humans were not considered higher in rank than animals anyway, and in some regard, the AIF see the present day humans as animals too. This became evident after I had experienced this first hand with Marduk, when he contacted me a few years ago.

He consistently called me a lulu, which is their term for a somewhat sophisticated animal.

In the Hindu text, Rāvaṇa was eventually slain by Rama, who was an Avatar of Lord Vishnu. A great battle is said to have taken place, and the outcome of this battle was Rama's victory and Rāvaṇa's demise.

Of course, whether Rāvaṇa was an Avatar of Shiva, Indra, or some other counterpart to Marduk, or not, becomes insignificant because that battle probably never took place. Lord Vishnu was the one in charge of the invasion of Earth, so, why would he slay whomever he'd put in charge down here while he had more lofty chores to accomplish?

Again, it doesn't make sense, and can only be a misleading story in order to twist the truth .

Richard Thompson makes some conclusions regarding the story of Rāvaṇa, which I mostly agree with. He is asking why Lord Vishnu would even care to send his Avatars to Earth if he finds mankind so insignificant. After all, he never sent any Avatars to create order in the animal kingdom.

The answer, he says, may lie in the fact that according to Vedic literature, the human form is,

"uniquely advantageous for making spiritual advancement." [10]

He adds that subhuman species lack the intelligence required for spiritual contemplation.

He then makes the following profound statement:

"But the human form, with all its trials and tribulations, provides a gateway through which the soul can readily ascend to higher spiritual stages." [11]

This is something I brought up in Level IV, if the readers remember. I discussed the importance of the human body.

Then Thompson makes a comparison between a channeled message from a being called Hatonn - a representative of the "Confederation of Planets in Service of the Infinite Creator" - and a passage from the Bhāgavata Purāṇa, which makes a similar point.

I think these two quotes are quite telling, and I will discuss them afterward.

The first one is the message from Hatonn:

Quote #5:

Many of us who are now circling your planet would desire to have the opportunity that you have, the opportunity to be within the illusion and then, through the generation of understanding, use the potentials of the illusion.

This is a way of gaining progress spiritually and has been sought out by many of our brothers. [12]

Here is the Hindu quote:

Quote #6:

Since the human form of life is the sublime position for spiritual realization, all the demigods in heaven speak in this way: How wonderful it is for these human beings to have been born in the land of Bhārata-varṣa. [13] […]

We demigods can only aspire to achieve human births in Bhārata-varṣa to execute devotional service, but these human beings are already engaged there. [14]

Although the human race is important on a spiritual level, it's rather the body and our minds they are after - they don't need our spirits because they already are spirits themselves.

Regardless of Thompson's slight error, it makes these two quotes (5 and 6) no lesser in importance. The AIF are jealous of the part of our bodies that they don't have. It's not because our bodies are 3-D bodies, but because the DNA setup of the original human template allows us to nano-travel and still be stationary on Earth in our 3-D bodies.

This is apparently something no other species in the entire Universe is capable of.

The Pleiadians say that there are a couple more planets in the Milky Way Galaxy which were created as Living Libraries as well and then a few in some other galaxies.

Although this may or may not be true, there is only one humanity having the abilities we have dormant. The AIF has not been able to replicate the part of the original Namlú'u DNA that always will stay with the human template, regardless of how much someone alters and manipulates it.

This is also the major reason why alien species abduct humans - they want the DNA code!

Amazingly enough, Marciniak's Pleiadians, in the book "Bringers of the Dawn," told us that this is what they are after as well - the human DNA code! It's black on white, but I think every reader of the book missed this important point, or rather didn't understand what they meant.

Albeit this is something the ETs will never figure out, they are not giving up on it - hence, they are trying to obtain it with many different techniques.

Experiments made with abductees is the cruelest way to research it, while channeling is the softer way. Channeling is nothing else but a manipulation of our minds. It may seem very harmless, but for the ignorant, it can be quite dangerous to even listen to.

Only the aware souls can do so without being further manipulated, albeit even they must always be alert!

There is another group of beings who are abducting humans as well - something I referred to in Level III - and they are the future humans who became cyborgs while living in the Machine Kingdom. They now want their original DNA back, but they can't find the code, either.

These future beings, who look like the "Grays," have lost their humanity, and they did it in the exact moment when they lost the DNA code. That's when they really became an artificial being rather than a biological human life form.

The two quotes above show us how the AIF think - they are very jealous of us and our abilities. We humans, on the other hand, are in general not yet even aware that we have these unique gifts.

This unique DNA code is "invisible," apparently, and can't be observed or discovered in a laboratory, or the AIF would already have found it. What I've learned is that the AIF, regardless of how hard they try, will not be able to break the code!

The code was put there by the Queen of the Stars, and it was meant never to be broken for different reasons.

Of course, She anticipated that something similar to an invasion could happen, and if so, She wanted to make sure that the invaders would not be able to take advantage of Her Experiment.

However, neither the AIF, nor any other group of beings, understand that their attempts are in vain, but they keep trying, unfortunately.

ii.i. The Vedic Story about the Namlú'u

The story of Kāleya Dānavas, however, is not the only record in the Hindu texts that indicate that there were wars in Heaven and that they were brought down to Earth.

In the Hindu text, Mahābhārata, we can read about a very ancient story. It begins in a far distant time when humankind was prospering here on Earth. They were dedicated to principles of virtue, and they did not decline into decadence, which they began to do as soon as they got stuck in matter.

This "Golden Age" didn't last forever, though, and just as we were told in the story of Kāleya Dānavas above, human society was affected by events that happened in other celestial planetary systems.

The following story from Mahābhārata was told to King Janamejaya by a Sage called Vaiśampāyana:

Quote #7:

But then, O best of monarchs, just as humankind was flourishing, powerful and demonic creatures began to take birth from the wives of earthly kings.

Once the godly Adityas, who administer the universe, fought their wicked cousins the Daityas and vanquished them. Bereft of their power and positions, the Daityas began to take birth on this planet, having carefully calculated that they could easily become the gods of the earth, bringing it under their demonic rule.

And thus it happened, O mighty one, that the Asuras began to appear among different creatures and communities. [15]

This, obviously happened after the AIF had invaded Earth and defeated the Orions, the Vegans, and other Helpers who had volunteered for the Living Library Project.

The Invaders started capturing all alien survivors they could find, but they couldn't catch them all because some hid underground, where they eventually built cities in which they survived.

The Namlú'u were made into slaves, and most of them died in the goldmines, as mentioned in previous papers.

After a while, the gods started genetic experiments on the Namlú'u, resulting in more slaves for the AIF. Eons went by, and humans were eventually assigned other tasks besides mining. Cities were built, and humans started reproducing quite heavily, leading to a heavily increased human population.

Alternative history indicates that the gods were here most of the time, controlling and running things, but there were also times when they left Earth temporarily to mind their business elsewhere.

However, they never for one moment left Earth unguarded, albeit these military guardians were often stationed in space, close to stargates, where they could stop other star races that were not welcome in our solar system from entering.

A hundred years or a thousand years is nothing for the gods - as we know, they don't count time as we do. Therefore, while they were gone, humanity appointed their own kings and queens, and when the AIF returned, they were quite shocked how fast humanity had reproduced, and more or less had taken over the planet.

It was possibly at the time of the gods' return that the story in Mahābhārata was written down.

In order to regain power on Earth without starting a new holocaust, they infiltrated humanity in other ways that were more covert - at least to begin with. Hence, what they did was to let their souls enter the wombs of the wives of kings, so they could be born into royal families.

Humans had already learned from the AIF that certain bloodlines were meant to rule over others, and this was, I'm sure, quite embedded into the human consciousness already at that time. The ETs, who were born into royal families, definitely made sure they were of the right bloodline and took bodies there in order to reestablish the "cleanest" bloodline on Earth.

It could very well be because of the AIF's vacancy at times that the Elite bloodlines became more diluted - something that became a problem for the AIF in the long term, leading to the annihilation of entire human races.

Some say we're the fifth version, and others say we're the seventh version of Homo sapiens. What I just mentioned was a little bit of the background to what I believe is the time frame in which the Mahābhārata story took place.

This is how the Hindu story is carried further:

Quote #8:

As these demonic creatures continued to take birth on the earth, the earth herself could not bear the weight of their presence.

Having fallen from their positions in the higher planets, the sons of Diti and Danu thus appeared in this world as monarchs, endowed with great strength, and many other forms. They were bold and haughty, and they virtually surrounded the water-bounded earth, ready to crush those who would oppose them.

They harassed the teachers, rulers, merchants, and workers of the earth, and all other creatures. Moving about by the hundreds and thousands, they began to slay the earth's creatures, and they brought terror to the world.

Unconcerned with the godly culture of the brāhmaṇas, they threatened the sages who sat peacefully in their forest āṣramas, for the so-called kings were maddened by the strength of their bodies. [16]

In the first paragraph above, the sons of Diti and Danu are mentioned. The son of Diti is Rudra, who is Marduk's counterpart, as proven in Paper #4.

Rudra being Diti's son is mentioned here, amongst other places:

Quote #9:

In Hinduism, Diti (Sanskrit: दिति) is an earth goddess and mother of the Maruts with Rudra.[17]

Earlier, we discussed Indra (another of Marduk's Avatars) slaying Vritra, whom I've showed being Khan En.lil.

Danu, whom he also slayed, portrayed as the "first-born of dragons," is evidently Mother Goddess (Tiamat in Enûma Eliš). Hence, if we go back to Quote #8 above, the son of Danu in this case can't be anybody but Lucifer/

Now, if we start interpreting the above passage, Lord and Lord Marduk took human bodies and,

"appeared in this world as monarchs, endowed with great strength, […] ready to crush those who would oppose them."

So they became the new rulers, of whom we often read about in our history - kings who often ruled with an iron hand.

When we learn about these kings, pharaohs, or whomever they appeared as in our history books, we are taught that these rulers are humans, of course, but that is not always the case just because they have a human body.

Many of the kings and pharaohs of Older Egypt certainly were the gods themselves, ruling over the people.

Fig. 2. Lord Krishna

The Mahābhārata says (Quote #8) that these two gods, Marduk and, started a lot of uproars in the world, and they started wars as well until chaos was all around.

What they probably did was attempt to bring order in what they considered being chaos because in their absence, things had become out of control, and now the two gods had to set the record straight again - seen from their point of view. In order to do so, it took what it took, and they did not care whether people and creatures in the world suffered because of it.

After all, no one was considered being other than wild animals, anyway. Man was often referred to as both lulu and beast.

The gods considered themselves being "hunters," so slaying humans and animals did not bring about any remorse inside of them. We can see a dramatization of this in today's world as well, if we take a look at the British Royal Family going on their "Royal Fox Hunts."

When "order" was once again brought into the world, humans were allowed to place themselves on the thrones to rule the world of man, but this time the gods were much more present than they were before they sent their Avatars to restore order. and Marduk did not always incarnate as monarchs, however.

Sometimes they sent Avatars to Earth who incarnated as mere ordinary men, but still within certain bloodlines. Two of the most well-known Avatars in the Hindu religion are Lord Krishna and Lord Rama - both being incarnations of Lord

Krishna is known in the Vedas as the eight incarnation of Lord Vishnu, [18] and we know by now that Lord Vishnu is the equivalent to Lord Rama is Lord Vishnu's seventh Avatar. [19]

However, Lord was not the only one who sent Avatars down to Earth - so did Marduk.

In some legends, it is said that Lord Rama's monkey-man companion, Hanuman, was an Avatar of Lord Shiva, whom I showed evidence of being Marduk in Paper #4.

Quote #10:

Hanuman, in another interpretation, is the incarnation or reflection of Shiva himself. [20]

The idea of sending Avatars to Earth is not something that only belongs to ancient texts and mythology - it is commonplace in today's UFO movement as well.

As the reader is aware of, partly because of these papers, there are a lot of discussions back and forth regarding which human body is fit for Lucifer to incarnate in. I have mentioned it on several occasions in the papers, and two such individuals seem to be Supriem David Rockefeller and Michael Lee Hill.

Both of them say that they are ready to house the spirit of Lucifer and, respectively.

I have even heard Michael Lee Hill saying that he is the counterpart of - something that in actuality has been confirmed by Dr. A.R. Bordon and Benjamin Crème - the latter being a representative for the Theosophical Society (for whatever it is worth).

Some say there are 12 aspirants for housing's new 3-D body, and others, such as James Casbolt, aka Michael Prince, say there are 42 aspirants (I personally believe there are 12).

These persons seem to be programmed and have had their bodies prepared to be able to house Lucifer's soul - both Supriem Rockefeller and Michael Lee Hill have been abducted in the past, and Hill has talked about in detail how that happened. Allegedly, he was abducted by the "Grays" and had some quite painful experiences with them - something I mentioned already in the First Level of Learning.

Still, he thinks that his mission, including his involvement with the Anunnaki, is a benign project and that Lord is here to assist us.

Moreover, we hear about walk-ins and wanderers - the official definition of a walk-in is a soul who is taking over the body of another soul (often by soul agreements, supposedly) to perform some kind of mission here on Earth.

My own "unofficial" definition of a walk-in is a soul who is too lazy to go through the challenging years of childhood and instead take over a more or less grown-up body from someone who actually was ambitious enough to go through the childhood years.

The term wanderer became known to the world from the RA Material, where RA explains that wanderers are advanced souls from higher densities, coming to Earth, taking baby bodies, and being raised just like normal children.

However, often in their teens, they realize that they are "special" or "different," and start remembering who they are - or at least parts of who they are.

Their memories sometimes return in increments. Then they begin to understand why they are here and thereby they start their mission, which more often than not is to teach humanity about how to become a higher evolved being and how to raise their awareness and their frequencies.

We are going to discuss's return to Earth in some very interesting details in Paper #14.

I believe that the reader will find that information quite enlightening!

III. The Invasion of Vega

I'd like to discuss the Vulcans - the Helpers from Vega, who always were close to Mother Goddess, and in fact were her "firstborn humans."

Although they were far taller than today's human and had pointed ears and many different skin colors - some different from ours - they are still the human template in this galaxy.

Fig. 3. Vega, the former home of the Vulcan race.

What happened to the Vulcans?

When Lucifer and his Fallen Angels invaded and defeated the original settlers, Khan En.lil was defeated, Queen Nin was defeated, Mother Earth was wounded, and the Vulcans were killed.

The survivors had no choice but to leave the solar system because they were chased out through the stargates, although not all of them managed to escape.

Also, a small number of Vulcans wanted to stay and protect the Namlú'u survivors, and occasionally, they all had to flee underground. Eventually the Namlú'u came back above the ground, but as soon as the Vulcans did, they were brutally killed.

Thus, they returned to their underground abode and have probably stayed underground up until this day, unless they are all dead.

It was a big victory for Lucifer and his son to have managed to take over the solar system - it was wildly celebrated, and everybody got drunk. I mentioned in Level I that the AIF introduced liquor here on Earth for the first time. 

Another name for liquor is spirit, and it is called spirit because it was said to affect not only the body, but the spirit too if you drank it. Like a hallucinogenic drug, not only the mind was affected but also to a certain degree, the soul/spirit herself.

When Lucifer, who loved alcohol (and apparently still does), said when he was at his drunkest that the Vulcans were certainly not to escape.

"They think they're so close to my Mother," he said, "but I will show them that they are not close enough! As soon as we're established here, I'll take care of that whole damn star race!"

This was not only drunk talk - Lucifer kept his promise.

Soon enough, he assembled a decent number of MAKH Warriors, flew through the stargate of Saturn, and arrived in the Constellation of Lyra with an armada of Hollowed-out asteroids and smaller attack ships.

Vega, α Lyrae - the brightest star in the Constellation of Lyra - is a big, bright-white star, 25 light-years from Earth. Several planets orbit the star, and a few of them were inhabited by intelligent spacefaring beings at this time. In UFOlogy, we often differ between the Lyrans and the Vulcans/Vegans and some say that these two races were in conflict with each other, which they most certainly were.

The Vulcans, as we have discussed, were the Mother's Helpers - they traveled with her over the Universe to create life in the Milky Way Galaxy but also in other galaxies.

The Lyrans, on the other side, are deeply misunderstood. They are often described as the "Blondes," the "Swedes," or the "Nordics," who were here on Earth frequently to contribute their genes to the human gene pool, together with other star races.

In order to explain exactly who the Lyrans are, we need to go back to Barbara Marciniak and her Pleiadians.

In the books, "Bringers of the Dawn," and "Earth - the Pleiadian Key to the Living Library," they describe how they came to our universe from an earlier universe that became old and was destroyed.

They entered our universe through a gigantic black hole and settled in the star system of Lyra and later in the Pleiades.

These were the Blondes. The Swedes, the Nordics, and the Pleiadians are all the same race, and they also became a genetic offspring of the so-called "Anunnaki," who interbred with them.

Therefore, the Lyrans have always been on the AIF's side, and most of them supported Lucifer's Rebellion.

This is the reason why Lyssa Royal and other channelers say that the Lyrans and the Vegans did not blend well together and often were in conflict with each other - even here on Earth.

There were Lyrans/Pleiadians present in the AIF Invasion 500,000 years ago, and this is the conflict Royal discusses in her book, "The Prism of Lyra."

Thus, when Lucifer and his MAKH Warriors arrived in the Lyran star system, they were supported by the Lyrans/Pleiadians who lived there, and together, they invaded Vega, where the Vulcans lived.

Without any forewarning, they started nuking the Vegan planet and killed a huge majority of the primordial human race in this part of the Universe.

The Vegans were not soldiers - they were androgynous Creator Gods - and they never stood a chance against Lucifer's heavily armed space armada. The Vulcans, however, could nano-travel, and when they noticed how serious the DAKH warriors were, they fled to Orion, where they were taken under the Queen's wings.

The star system Vega has therefore, since approximately 500,000 years ago, been in the hands of the AIF - just another star system they so proudly have conquered. The entire Lyra Constellation now belongs to the AIF, contrary to what some researchers say.

The Vulcans have merged with the Orions and have resided there since the Lyran War.

Thus, they never relocated to the Pleiades, as some may have it. If they would have relocated, they would have walked right into the open arms of their enemies.

The confusion lies in the assumption that the Pleiades are the Seven Sisters, but the original Seven Sisters is Orion, followed by the Big Dipper Constellation.

I presume that the Vegans who were left behind here on Earth know about what happened to their home planet, and that must have felt awful for them. Their planet was beautiful and possibly a model for Planet Earth when Mother Goddess planned the fauna and flora here.

The question is how the Vegan planet looks like today.

The stranded Vulcans here on Earth know, at least, that they can never return home.

iii.i. The Owners of the Lyran Star System

Abhijit is the Sanskrit name for Vega, and is the 28th nakshatra or asterism in Indian astrology system. [21]

Today, it is often ignored, but every planet that circles around this majestic star has an influence in Vedic astrology. Abhijit is also considered Krishna's star - Krishna being the Avatar of Vishnu. 

This makes sense because Vega is, after the Lyran War, in the possession of Lord Vishnu and his AIF, as we discussed in the previous section.

"Abhijit is the nakshatra which… was included among the lunar mansions during the Vedic period but presently, for most purposes, is not taken into account.

However, the importance of this asterism can be gauged by the fact that Lord Krishna named Abhijit as his own particular nakshatra, and by the fact that the presiding deity is Brahma, the creator of the manifest universe. The asterism is categorized as Vaisya, thereby accentuating its influence in sustaining the established social order.

Generally, Abhijit provides a creative impulse and its association with destructive activities is not conducive to success.

For coronation, waging war, or long journeys this asterism in muhurta astrology is still considered in order to decide the most likely circumstances to occur. Forming a part of Capricorn it can support benevolent, universalizing undertakings which are intended for the general good.

Otherwise, the effect of this asterism is not likely to give favorable results." [22]

Here it is not only mentioned that Abhijit/Vega is Lord Krishna's own nakshaktra/asterism but also that the presiding deity is Brahma, the creator of the manifest universe (it always strikes me funny when it says that Brahma is the creator of the manifest universe, which in reality means the 4% Universe - the Hologram).

Brahma is equivalent to Vishnu, and Krishna is, as mentioned, Vishnu's Avatar, and thus we have gone full circle - Vega belongs to the AIF, and more specifically - Lucifer.

The following quote is also interesting in that sense:

"Generally, Abhijit provides a creative impulse and its association with destructive activities is not conducive to success."

It validates the Vulcan's creative impulses (they were Creator Gods/Goddesses), and destructive activities are not likely to succeed (in the long-term).

In Wikipedia, we have a list of the 27 nakshatras, where Abhijit/Vega in this case is mentioned. It lists Brahma as the deity who rules it. [23]

Then, if we look at nakshaktra #4, Rohini is mentioned. [24]

Rohini, as we can see, is "the red one," i.e. Aldebaran, which is α Tauri, in the Pleiades. This star is even called brāhmī, indicating its importance for the upper echelon of the AIF. In the right column it also tells us that Brahma is the god here.

In fact, the AIF's, perhaps, most important base since Lucifer's Rebellion, is alpha Tauri - the giant red star, Aldebaran!

Fig. 4. Aldebaran, the star system of the AIF.

We are once again coming back to the fact that all those star races that are mentioned in UFOlogy and exopolitics are nothing more than members of the same Invader Force - that of Lucifer.

The fact that they come from a lot of different star systems doesn't make them either benevolent or unique. If we want to discuss any kind of "Galactic Federation," it's the AIF and no one else.

The friendly star races are still banned from coming into our solar system.

There are battles going on in our solar system you read this, but before we cheerfully start waving our flags, perhaps, we should find out whether these are benevolent star races trying to fight Lucifer's DAKH Warriors or if it's a civil war between different factions of Lucifer's allies.

It could, on occasion, even be our future human cyborg "friends" who are trying to fight their way through to get some airwaves.

I don't want to sound pessimistic, but I haven't seen any evidence or heard anything indicating that we, as a majority of humanity, have asked for help from the stars to rid the AIF from our solar system.

As long as that has not occurred, I tend to believe that the battles we hear about have very little to do with our liberation.

Also, and this is a message to UFOlogists and the exopoliticians who are waiting for the government to come out with a "Disclosure" on the UFO phenomenon,

Why would a government that none of us is trusting with anything, all of a sudden would be trusted with a disclosure of ET presence in our solar system?

If such a disclosure would occur, why on earth would we believe that they are speaking the truth?

Do we mistrust them with everything else, calling them an "evil Cabal," except when it comes to disclosing the UFO phenomenon?

I think it's time to start putting on the thinking caps again - not the tin foil hats!

Please don't let people like Dr. Greer and others along the same lines deceive us.

If we really sit down and think about it,

How credible are these people, saying that all aliens are 'benevolent', and everybody who says differently should be attacked and discredited as disinformation agents?

There are huge campaigns going on right now, trying to convince the UFO community that we should welcome the ETs with open arms - any ETs...!

The Vatican has a big part in it.

Of everything I have researched and all the horrors I have read about, people like Greer and his ilk are the ones who "scare" me the most.


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by Wes Penre
July 22, 2014
Edited by Professor Bob Stannard
from WesPenre Website