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07 May 2020

Off-world chip implants in the human body

Every ‘appearance’ in this temporal holographic universe is made up of waveforms of coagulated energies — what we term electromagnetics. The appearance of various states of solidity are merely waveforms that are interpreted by our brain and five sense mechanisms as form. This is why when we are able to raise our vibrational frequency consciousness above the lower frequencies, these lower waveforms cannot perceive us. We term lower frequencies as demonic, service-to-self, evil, slothful, depressed, pain, etc. But they are simply part of this polarity based universe.

The Draco Reptilian and Zeta Reticuli Grey Invasion Agenda is very much a service-to-self enterprise. In Sanskrit we call this TAMASIC. Tamas is the realm used by Shiva, the Destroyer. What we are experiencing now is the end of a cycle of time and the destruction of centuries of corruption, not only in the American Empire, but around the planet.

When in written history has there not been war?

Millennia ago the Reptilians began to take incarnations in human bodies. They are Draco Incarnates and they have been generating war, death and disease to please their blood-thirsty warrior might-makes-right culture throughout history. They feed of fear and suffering. The Sanskrit epic the Ramayana calls the Reptilians the Rakshasas. They also are represented by the side of the family that seeks to overthrow the Bharata heroes like Arjuna, in the epic Mahabharata and Bhagavad Gita.

The same Draco Incarnates are now in the bodies of the usual suspects: Gates, the Rothshields, Rockerfeller’s, Soros, Kissinger, and many more. Fauci is one of their minions and he is assisting the depopulation agenda by fast-tracking the Virus vaccine. This untested vaccine will be forced on the unwitting populations of the world without their knowing how deadly it will in fact be. Not only will the Big Pharma corporations make billions, many more will die. Fauci has a history of fast-tracking virus vaccinations and profiting.

I will not take this vaccine.  
There are metaphysical implications to having their off-world chip technology implanted in the human body. Beyond mind control, the chip generates lower frequency waveforms that can potentially ‘trap’ us in a specific lower frequency.

A higher consciousness is our Refuge.

E.M. Nicolay has said that the Draco Reptilians seek to conquer and control not only the Third Dimensional Planet Earth, but also her astral planes. In an esoteric occult understanding, this means we could find ourselves entrapped — perhaps even unaware — in a Draco generated heaven or hell for centuries, while they feed off our energies.

Read every story from the Invader’s point-of-view — and everything that is bewildering will begin to make perfect sense.

This story (below) has been virtually silenced, which shows you that the mainstream media is completely own and controlled by the same ratzoids who are implementing this virus pandemic for the purpose of genocide. The virus is an engineered bioweapon and very real, very dangerous. Be aware.

The Draco/Zeta Agenda is to get rid of those of us who cannot be entrained into the hive mind and enslave the rest. They are also using ubiquitous DNA testing to locate any Human Angelics who are able to access the PORTALS that are inaccessible – except through a limited technology – to lower frequency entities.

Newsweek: Dr. Fauci Backed Controversial Wuhan Lab with Millions of U.S. Dollars for Risky Coronavirus Research

In 2019, with the backing of NIAID, the National Institutes of Health committed $3.7 million over six years for research that included some gain-of-function work. The program followed another $3.7 million, 5-year project for collecting and studying bat coronaviruses, which ended in 2019, bringing the total to $7.4 million.

Many scientists have criticized gain of function research, which involves manipulating viruses in the lab to explore their potential for infecting humans, because it creates a risk of starting a pandemic from accidental release.

FDA Grants Gilead Emergency Approval For Remdesivir As US Cases Spike

… President Trump has announced that he has ordered the FDA to grant emergency approval to Gilead for the drug, a decision that was widely expected – the White House task force already announced the decision to grant emergency approval during a press conference earlier this week – and unfortunately for the president, the decision didn’t have much of an impact on shares of Gilead or the broader market.

by Susan Ferguson on May 2, 2020

Metaphysical Musing – Susan's Blog

20 April 2017

Antarctic Ice Shelf Destabilized as Race for Ancient Alien Artifacts and New Weapons Heats Up

A multinational effort to excavate key regions of Antarctica in search of artifacts from a flash frozen alien civilization created by refugees is destabilizing the continent’s massive ice shelves, according to secret space program whistleblower Corey Goode. He furthermore reveals that secret military bases in Antarctica are using some of the artifacts for weapons development in violation of the 1959 Antarctic Treaty, which stipulates that the continent’s resources will be only used for scientific purposes.

This article is the third in a series [click for Part One and Part Two]. Corey’s written contribution to this final installment has led to it being our first collaborative writing venture. To identify who is writing for the reader, I [Michael Salla] will take the role of the narrator and distinguish when Corey is directly contributing in his own words, as opposed to me paraphrasing his briefing material.

Disclosure of the Antarctica ruins is still imminent, Corey reports, as a number of key variables impact on when and how much is to be revealed to the world about the discoveries while maintaining secrecy about the ongoing military programs to weaponize alien artifacts.

In a detailed briefing given to me on March 16, 2017, Corey shared additional details about the “Pre-Adamite” civilization supplementing the data he previously put out. This new information was originally slated for release in an article, “Endgame III”, as the sequel to the popular Endgame II article and video which focused on secret Antarctica excavations.

Corey said earlier that the extraterrestrial civilization, identified by him as Pre-Adamites, first arrived 55,000 to 60,000 years ago and established outposts all over Antarctica which notably has a land mass almost twice the size of the contiguous United States. He described them as standing approximately 12-14 feet in height and possessing elongated skulls.

Corey also described how they created a hybrid species, Homo Capensis according to anthropological classification, which became ruling elites, or demigods, in ancient South American, Asian and European societies.

In the March 16 briefing, Corey began by explaining that the Pre-Adamites had established their main base right over “Ancient Builder Race” technology, which included a “stargate” or “wormhole” device very similar to that depicted in the popular Science Fiction show, Stargate SG-1.

Corey said that this show was an example of a soft disclosure in which the U.S. Air Force took the lead in revealing key elements of the technologies developed by the Ancient Builder Race, who had established a travel grid throughout the galaxy using traversable wormholes hundreds of millions, if not billions, of years ago.

When the Pre-Adamites first arrived in Antarctica, they quickly asserted control through their advanced technologies over this area populated by human settlements at the time.

With their advanced medical technologies, the Pre-Adamites then began many genetic experiments, and created hybrids that became a servant class. Corey previously released his description of the flash frozen bodies of the bioengineered hybrids (Homo Capensis) during his latest visit to Antarctica in early January of this year.

Permission, Sphere Being Alliance

Corey explained that the Pre-Adamite programs interrupted 22 genetic experiments being run by human-looking extraterrestrials first established 500 thousand years ago. In a prior report, Corey elaborated that a “Super Federation” comprising 40-60 of these races had established competing genetic engineering programs with surface humanity.

Corey also described how the Pre-Adamites engaged in conflict with the human-looking ETs running their 22 genetic experiments, as well as Reptilians doing likewise, for global influence.

Given that the Pre-Adamites had established a physical presence on Earth, this gave them an advantage in establishing ruling bloodlines over the Americas, Asia and Europe, as explained in a previous article.

At the same time, humans who had escaped into the Earth’s interior to avoid multiple surface catastrophes monitored how the different extraterrestrial races competed against each other for influence and power over surface humanity who was still recovering from global catastrophes.

One of the Inner Earth races that pride themselves on their pure human bloodlines, the Anshar, had a historic connection to the human settlements in Antarctica. However, the Anshar did not cooperate with the Pre-Adamites because they considered them to be sociopaths in terms of their treatment of the native Antarctica population and other regions of surface humanity where they had established colonies.

Corey said that the Pre-Adamites treated humans in antiquity in a similar manner to how modern humans treat dogs in terms of cross-breeding for multiple purposes. The Pre-Adamites, along with the Reptilians, were a big problem for all humanity.

The Anshar were part of a confederation of worlds that sought to make things better on the planet by providing knowledge and technological assistance as described in Sumerian cuneiform texts.

In a previous article, I discussed how the Anunnaki (as described by Zecharia Sitchin in his Earth Chronicles series) involved the Anshar and other off world groups, according to Corey’s sources. To help clarify this point, Corey adds:

Anunnaki was a generic term that meant ET or those that come from heaven. This definition will upset some people, so be aware… The Reptilians, the Nordics, The Ebens and the Anshar were interacting with the ancient Sumerians to assist them in the recovery of their civilization after the great catastrophe that destroyed Atlantis. The Anunnaki were indeed the Reptilians, but the other groups that interacted with them were also referred to by this same name (according to my info in the programs).

Corey said that a small number of Pre-Adamites survived the catastrophe that flash froze Antarctic regions by going inside stasis chambers located in the largest of their three motherships. These ships are miles long, and not 30 miles long as reported earlier.

The additional information released by Corey suggests there are many risks in waking up the Pre-Adamites who would likely attempt to reassert their authority by utilizing their advanced technologies, including the little understood “Builder race technology”. Here, Corey adds:

The groups in charge of these excavated locations are taking precautions, i.e. Mini-Nukes with “deadman’s Triggers”, in case these beings become hostile (for reference, see the movie Prometheus).

This leads us directly to the secret excavations currently underway of the Pre-Adamites’ bases and ships.

Secret Antarctica Excavations

Corey disclosed that excavations are occurring in multiple places in Antarctica by different nations, which in some cases are in direct competition to get the most advanced technologies. The goal is to eventually disclose some of these, but many technologies, especially those that are clearly extraterrestrial in origin will be not be released, at least to begin with.

Corey said that all the nations involved in the Antarctica excavations are capable of making a disclosure announcement on their own, but they are all participating in negotiations to do so in a coordinated manner.

Corey thinks the Antarctica disclosures will begin in tandem with prosecutions of the elites involved in pedophilia, human trafficking and other crimes, which includes the blackmailing of leading politicians, academics, industrialists and military officials. He says that the recent Trump administration action to sack 46 District Attorneys was due to their inaction in moving forward with such prosecutions.

Alternatively, the Russians, the Chinese, or smaller nations could begin the Antarctica announcements, if negotiations drag out and the U.S. fails to move forward. The former nations are part of what Corey describes as the Earth Alliance. This group has rapidly grown in prominence with economic power mounting in Asia as global Cabal/Illuminati’s power centers in Europe and North America continue to gradually wane.

This is best illustrated by a battle that took place over Antarctica skies in early 2016. It began when Teardrop-shaped ships came out of the sea in the Ross Ice Shelf area and sought to escape into deep space. These ships flew out of bases belonging to a corporate run space program called the “Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate”.

Battle over Antarctica which Corey Goode was briefed about

The ships in turn belonged to the Cabal/Illuminati, who are allied to another program called the “Dark Fleet”. They were filled with global elites seeking to escape anticipated global chaos caused by upcoming Solar events.

Dozens of delta-shaped craft suddenly appeared as the Cabal/Illuminati’s Dark Fleet vessels reached the upper atmosphere. The teardrop-shaped ships were badly damaged in the battle and had to turn back and return to their Antarctic bases. Corey said the delta-shaped craft inflicted far more damage than thought possible by such small craft.

Corey also stated that the only thing known for certain about the attacking delta-shaped craft was that they were built using Earth based technology on par with that possessed by the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate. This technology solely came from Russia/China and Asian syndicates belonging to an Earth Alliance. Thus, the battle revealed that the Earth Alliance had succeeded in bridging the technological gap with the most advanced space technologies recognized to exist.

On a map of Antarctica [see below], Corey has marked six bases belonging to the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, which he was taken to visit by an Anshar spacecraft in early 2016. The largest of these bases is the size of small industrial city and located near Pre-Adamite ruins. More ruins, some of which are poking out of the ice, are not too far from other bases marked by Corey. 

The bulk of the secret excavations are occurring within the Ross Ice Shelf. This shelf exists over land rather than ocean and drilling is occurring through more conventional science research projects like ANDRILL.

Corey described two processes which are simultaneously occurring that are having a powerfully destabilizing effect on the Ross Ice Shelf and other ice shelves across the continent.

One process utilizes a natural phenomenon that involves harnessing powerful geothermal vents caused by volcanic activity deep below Antarctica’s landmass. The vents are releasing enormous quantities of heat that are being directed to melt the ice cover, and are forming large caverns under the ice shelf. This has led to geothermal tunnels being formed all the way to the surface.

One of these tunnels, caused by geothermal vents that reach the surface, is located roughly 5 miles from the South Pole. It is the same tunnel/hole witnessed by an anonymous Navy officer and flight engineer, Brian, who first reported his experience to Linda Moulton Howe in a letter on January 2, 2015. She has subsequently interviewed him and gained more information about his Antarctica experiences.

In short, he described flying a rescue mission from Davis Station to West Antarctica where he overflew the South Pole. He and his colleagues witnessed a large hole in the ice, as he described in his original letter:

Another unique issue with South Pole station is that our aircraft was not allowed to fly over a certain area designated 5 miles from the station. The reason stated because of a air sampling camp in that area. This did not make any sense to any of us on the crew because on 2 different occasions we had to fly over this area. One time due to a medical evacuation of the Australian camp called Davis Camp. It was on the opposite side of the continent and we had to refuel at South Pole and a direct course to this Davis Camp was right over the air sampling station. The only thing we saw going over this camp was a very large hole going into the ice. You could fly one of our LC130 into this thing. 

Corey said that he saw the bottom of the same hole when the Anshar took him into Antarctica in January 2017. 

The other process, which is also destabilizing the Ross Ice Shelf, is the use of large pressurized steam hoses to reach the Pre-Adamite ruins. Corey elaborates:

They are connected to large pressurized tanks in which large bags of water are hit with microwave beams to cause them to explode with steam—opening large areas. Fine tuned excavations have been done with men holding pressurized hoses shooting steam. The melting ice is causing rivers to run under the ice shelf and lubricate it, causing it to slide even more, as well as producing collapse from the weight of the ice above as the ice heats up from the geothermal activity.

In addition, there are excavations being conducted by other nations across Antarctica, which again are having a destabilizing effect on all of Antarctica’s ice shelves. Basically, the base temperature of the ice shelves are on the rise leading to ice melting, and adding to the resulting water sludge acting as a lubricant for the ice shelves to move.

According to research scientists with the Mandrill project, the Ross Ice Shelf is moving at one foot per day. This is creating problems as the shelf moves over the Pre-Adamite excavation sites because the tunnels created to reach these have to be constantly lengthened as the ice shelf moves.

Corey was told that disclosure announcements will begin with sanitized releases about the excavations of the Pre-Adamite ruins by leading scientists that have been working on the excavations since 2002. Documentaries of it will feature only the terrestrial elements of the Pre-Adamite civilization (all evidence of alien life and technology has been removed and will be kept secret).

The Antarctica disclosure was to be followed by a limited disclosure initiative concerning the Military Industrial Complex Secret Space Program (MIC SSP) comprising the U.S. Air Force, National Reconnaissance Office, National Security Agency and Defense Intelligence Agency.

As discussed in Part One of this series, however, Corey explained that a senior official in the MIC SSP, dubbed “Sigmund”, now suspects that a more advanced Navy space program exists and wants to uncover the truth before the limited disclosure initiative moves forward.

Consequently, while there is growing momentum behind a “limited disclosure” of the Antarctica excavations, there is also uncertainty over how this will occur. Will it begin with the prosecutions of U.S. elites involved in human trafficking, the Earth Alliance revealing its own Antarctica discoveries, or will there be some wild card events such as the Ross Ice Shelf melting far more quickly than anticipated, revealing more of its hidden mysteries involving a Pre-Adamite civilization?

Corey has added important information about the Pre-Adamites and their connection to the “Homo Capensis”. World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes first identified this group as a non-human species secretly exerting global influence. Corey explains:

I recently received confirmation that the scrolls that were removed by the Inner Earth group were very important genetic/bloodline databases that are super important to the human/Pre-Adamite hybrids that control much of the world through religion (Vatican) and the financial system (London). Didn’t Karen Hudes say she knew of a person with an elongated skull in London?

The Elite had planned on making an announcement in the future that these ET’s were gods and they were demi-gods and we should worship and serve them. They were going to use the bloodline scrolls to prove their lineage and setup this system. 

Military Bases in Antarctica and Weaponizing Alien Artifacts

Corey points out the major violations occurring in terms of breaking the Antarctic Treaty, which proscribe the weaponization of Antarctica. Article I in the treaty says:

1. Antarctica shall be used for peaceful purposes only. There shall be prohibited, inter alia, any measures of a military nature, such as the establishment of military bases and fortifications, the carrying out of military maneuvers, as well as the testing of any type of weapons. 

Furthermore, Corey points out that:

… the R&D installations (much like Project Iceworm) are highly against the Antarctic Treaty that states no weapons will be tested or developed in Antarctica. Also, for over 50 years ‘American Shadow Government Groups’ have controlled a former NAZI base for their secret space program and turned it into a major ‘Space Port’ that not only houses advanced ICC spacecraft, but also manufactures and repairs certain types of these vessels.

These Antarctica bases form an Antarctica version of Area 51. Significantly, Lockheed Martin, the same corporation that helped establish Area 51 as a secret aerospace development facility in the mid-1950’s, was in 2011 given a two billion dollar contract to manage Antarctica operations for the National Science Foundation. This suggests that Lockheed Martin is using its National Science Foundation contract, as a cover for a highly classified and illegal aerospace weapons development program in Antarctica’s Area 51.

What Corey reveals above is indeed a violation of the Antarctic Treaty which also states in Article X:

Each of the Contracting Parties undertakes to exert appropriate efforts, consistent with the Charter of the United Nations, to the end that no one engages in any activity in Antarctica contrary to the principles or purposes of the present Treaty. 

This is where provisions in the Antarctic Treaty become problematic since there are a number of non-signatory groups that operate military bases in Antarctica. Corey explains:

There are a number of other space ports in Antarctica that belong to breakaway Nazi remnants, as well as ‘Non-Terrestrial’ groups that have huge bases down there. It is not just the Reptilian, as has been reported in the past. The Reptilians inhabit giant caverns in Western Antarctica.

This situation clearly creates problems once a group like the Cabal/Shadow government/military begin cooperating with one or more of the non-Treaty parties operating in Antarctica in developing advanced weapons systems.

Corey says that revealing the extent of military activities in Antarctica …

will make some Alliance people very happy and a lot of the negative human groups very worried. This is a major violation of that treaty that could have huge ramifications (Cuban Missile Crisis type responses). We are already amidst a shadow civil war that is in extreme danger of becoming an overt civil war that some plan to lead into a world war as a last ditch effort to depopulate the planet, and consequently reassert their control over the survivors. The negative groups have never been so close to defeat.

In closing, it is important to emphasize that ongoing scientific excavations of the Pre-Adamite civilization has enormous implications for the planet. The alien artifacts, which include Pre-Adamites in stasis chambers, are highly sought after by various groups. Some want to use these artifacts to disclose a sanitized version of an advanced “human” civilization that was flash-frozen in Antarctica to kick start the world economy, and arguably act as a distraction from upcoming criminal investigations.

Other groups (Cabal/Shadow Government) want to gain access to the alien artifacts in order to create a new world religion where the Pre-Adamites are revived and even presented as Gods to be worshipped. Finally, there are military groups that wish to weaponize the alien artifacts for use in ongoing space programs, and for a decisive advantage in facing a possible future world war.

Despite these contentious situations, it is important to focus upon the best possible outcome and as Corey states, “The negative groups have never been so close to defeat.”

By Michael E. Salla, Ph.D. and Corey Goode.

[This article is the third in a series – click for Part One and Part Two].

Further Reading

12 May 2016

Cosmic Disclosure: Personality Metamorph Program

04 May 2016

Season 4, Episode 9 Transcript

Subscribe to Gaiam TV so you can watch Corey on this, and other episodes of "Cosmic Disclosure".

David Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock. We're here with Corey Goode. And in this episode, we're going to get into one of the most sensitive secrets of the Cabal, that known as the Personality Metamorph Program. This is an extremely important subject for everyone to understand because, well, I'll let him tell you the rest.

Corey, welcome to the show.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: So we know in the public lexicon that there are people out there that some people call sociopaths, some people call them psychopaths. There is a myth that a psychopath is violent, but that's not always true, is it?

Corey: No.

David: So what are some of the characteristics of the sociopath that we would see just in everyday life? If you have a sociopath that's part of your life, what are some of the characteristics that that person might display?

Corey: Well, usually it's not going to be any shock or mystery to you – a complete lack of empathy for any type of emotional or physical pain that you're going through. That's a major sign. The way they behave towards animals and children is a good indicator.

A lot of these people have learned to blend in pretty well. Sociopaths have learned to fake emotions or fake empathy. So some of them are not as easy for the average person to identify. Until you've spent time around them, a lot of them can be hard to identify.

David: Do you agree with the commonly held notion that these people tend to be glamorous and narcissistic, that they're kind of affable and personable, outgoing, extroverted?

Corey: Exactly. Yes.

David: Give us an example of a nonviolent everyday sociopath that would have those kind of characteristics.

Corey: It would be your basic con artist that would get what they want from their mark without using physical violence, using manipulation, but having no empathy or care about what their successful con will do to the people emotionally or financially.

David: Do you think that society is starting to become more aware that these people exist?

Corey: Yeah. Well, it's been pretty obvious for some time, but with social media, the Internet, the topic is pretty heavy out there. People know about Internet trolls, they know about sociopaths and what they're doing to this world, usually from places of power.

David: I think it's interesting that the conventional statistics, in case you don't know watching the show, is that it's 4% of men, 2% of women, but when you get to sociopathic Internet trolls, different studies I've seen ranged between 5% to 8% of all people on the Internet are acting this way. Why do you think the Internet is such a marvelous breeding ground for trolls and for sociopaths? What is it about it that they like so much?

Corey: The illusion of anonymity. Very few of these people would behave that way in front of the people they're chastising or attacking. Most of them just don't have the guts or just couldn't deal with the consequences. So they feel empowered by the anonymity of the Internet. And we've, of course, done an episode on the government troll centers that I've helped set up, where paid government trolls get online and cause all kinds of problems.

David: Well, we also have Stockholm syndrome, right, where people that have been kidnapped in hostage situations end up agreeing with the philosophy of their kidnappers and thinking that it was a good thing that they're participating in a good cause by being hostages.

Corey: Yes. These programs that get lumped under the MILAB umbrella, or you hear the MKULTRA umbrella that people like to use, they don't realize that MKULTRA was a program that developed a lot of techniques that were later used in a wide range, hundreds of other programs. So all of these other programs are not MKULTRA, but MKULTRA developed a lot of tactics that are used.

The people that run these types of programs in the screening process, when they bring these children in, they separate them out based on the test results. And for some of the programs, they require people that are sociopaths, and they identify them as young as possible. And the program we're talking about today, they also want people who are compulsive liars and also have intuitive empath abilities to where they can read people and manipulate people.

And then they take these people and they put them in the program that I always heard referred to as the Personality Metamorph Program. And they developed this Personality Metamorph Program to be a program that would train these children over a period of time, through their adolescence and into their young adulthood, to be the best manipulators and infiltrators ever trained on this planet.

David: Mainstream psychology says that the two main characteristics of the sociopath are fearlessness and dominance. So they use the term fearless dominance. How do you think fearless dominance . . . How do you think this characteristic of not having fear and this characteristic of being dominant, how is that useful in a program like the Personality Metamorph?

Corey: The whole purpose of these assets is to manipulate people, control people and infiltrate organizations. And not only that, have the people that they're manipulating and controlling develop a very strong bond with them to where if they don't talk to them for a few months, they're wanting to talk to them. They want to spend time with them. It's very odd.

One of the strangest things about it is that the people that were training these children, these children as they were getting into adolescence were getting so good that the trainers could not control them. The kids were manipulating them. They just could not totally handle them. So they brought in intuitive empaths to work behind glass and help them tell – they would wear an earwig – help them tell when the subject that was going through the Metamorph Program was being deceptive or truthful or manipulating the person that was doing the training or debriefing with them. So they were very, very difficult to manage and control.

David: Why do you think these people are fearless? I mean, most people feel afraid about all kinds of things. How does a person actually get to this point where they don't have fear at all?

Corey: Well, a lot of times some of these children have been put through incredibly horrific experiences to where they shut off their feelings and emotions. Some of them are born that way. They're born just for some reason they don't have the right chemical balance, but for some reason they do not have the normal emotional response to situations that we do.

David: Well, just to bolster what you're saying, let's take a look right now at an A and B shot where the A shot, as you're seeing now, is a normal brain, and the B shot is the brain of a psychopath or sociopath. And what you're noticing as you look at this is that all of that greenish-yellow color that's all over the brain of the normal person, that color is missing from the frontal lobes of the brain in the sociopath.

So why do you think the frontal lobes are not showing any electrical activity in these people's brains

Corey: Well, that's where a lot of these emotions and thought processes occur.

David: So their brain literally does not have any, or very little, electrical activity.

Corey: Electrochemical activity in that region.

David: So it's literally as if they've shut down a whole area of their brain.

Corey: Right, and that can happen through psychological trauma or it can be a biochemical thing from birth.

David: So is that some kind of defense mechanism against further trauma, like the body adapts to the trauma so that you can just plow through it?

Corey: In the cases of people that had to disassociate so many times. This has happened in rape victims and other assault victims that have been repeat victims. They've disassociated, disassociated, disassociated to a point to where that part of the brain just shuts down and quits producing impulses. But that's just a certain portion.

David: Another thing that we hear about sociopaths when you read about it in pop psychology all the time is that they are invariably going to be thrill seekers. They're constantly in a fight against boredom, and they need adrenaline. They need thrills of danger to make them not feel bored.

Corey: That definitely was a problem with these metamorph children. They would fight among theirselves. They would take crazy chances. I mean just to set it up for you, one of these tests that some of them were put through, they would dress a young man up and make him look very, I guess clean cut, put him in like a pink polo shirt and some blue jeans and make him look real preppy, drop him off at the roughest biker bar in town and leave him. And by the end of the night, he would leave riding a motorcycle with a lady on the back.

The situations they would put these people in and how they would turn them around was just absolutely amazing

David: But what are we actually seeing this guy do when he goes into the bar? Obviously, if he goes in dressed like a prep, people are going to want to beat him up or kill him.

Corey: Right.

David: So how the heck does he get out of that situation?

Corey: Well, they call them a personality metamorph for a reason. They can size up a situation and totally change their personality, the way they talk, have a backstory, I mean, everything very quickly. Probably come in and say, “I'm so glad to be here among my people. I got the wrong suitcase.” You know, whatever they have to do to socially engineer the situation. And they're very good at it. And these people they've used for infiltrating the military, intelligence, finances, all branches of government, every part of the economy with corporations, and within the very community that we work in right now, UFOlogy.

David: Most people when they lie, a good police officer can tell signs of lying. People will do the long blink while they're talking to you or they'll start to fidget with their hands or something like that. Are these people able to lie and beat a polygraph or beat a typical person who's trained to detect lying?

Corey: Yes. They had to poll an intuitive empath to be able to finish their last four to five years of training because they were so incredibly gifted at any type of lie detective technology that was in the programs, which was quite sophisticated. And the people debriefing them would just, after a while, they realized, “We can't trust what these people are telling us.” They had a lot of problems, and they had to have a solution of bringing IEs in to try to help them tell when these people were deceiving them in briefings or briefings after training, briefings after these little spot missions to test their skills.

And finally, they'll sit there with an earwig and if you sense deception, which was almost all the time, a tone would be sent to the person with the earwig, and the person would know to change his approach to the subject across the table that was in the program.

David: So when we hear the word “metamorph”, personality metamorph, why was that term chosen?

Corey: Because they can morph their personality to match any other clique or group that they're around, or even individual. I mean there's the typical thing that everybody knows that salesmen do, conmen do, emulate the person that you're trying to influence, sit like them, do body language with them, do subliminal things. This is way beyond that.

These people, their skills are way beyond that because they are intuitive. They're reading the people, so they're drawing off of the information that they're pulling from the people intuitively and all of the other things, reading body language and micro facial expressions, watching the eyes to know exactly how to approach them, as well as immediately size them up before even talking to them and know which accent to approach them with or what backstory to approach them with like that.

David: Do these people receive neuro-linguistic programming training?

Corey: They receive all types, all kinds of training when it comes to counterintelligence, intelligence, all the different types of ways of manipulating people. I mean everything from the simple things of reading body language in the context of also marrying that with your intuitive feedback, as well as there is some electromagnetic enhancements and training that I've talked about in other episodes that is more of the training that a lot of the rest of us used.

In these programs, these people would use a wide variety of other technologies that other programs used, like information or technology that would feed information directly to their neurology, sort of like an education. And also they would put them in virtual reality environments to train them in the skills they were trying to instill.

David: I can't help but feel like when you're describing personality metamorphs that you're describing politicians running in an election. And without getting into any specific names, there's fairly widespread knowledge about muckraking journalism where these politicians will go into different cities, and they are talking in the accent of the city that they're in. So how . . .

Corey: Those are old, old, well-known tactics, but those are very small caveats compared to what these people are trained in.

David: Are politicians trained in the Personality Metamorph Program, or is this not really their specialty?

Corey: There are personality metamorphs in politics, but not all of them are trained in the Metamorph Program, no. They are just . . . I would assume that most of them are people that the Personality Metamorph Program wish they had gotten when they were younger because they would be perfect candidates.

David: So you mentioned something really quite incendiary, which is that these people have been trained very thoroughly with advanced technology and that they have infiltrated the UFO community.

Corey: Oh, absolutely.

David: Without getting into any names, because we don't want to attract that kind of karma and that kind of attacks from their fan bases, but what kinds of things might we see if this were happening?

Corey: Well, and it's not always getting in a limelight position. A lot of times they will become a friend of someone in the limelight position or a friend of a friend in the limelight position to get access without having the spotlight on them.

David: What good does that do?

Corey: Well, they have access to the person that they are sent to be a handler for and infiltrate their small little clique and put in a narrative or break up an organization, any number of directives that they're given. And that's just one small part. UFOlogy has been infiltrated since the beginning, in the '50s, by the intelligence organizations. But the Personality Metamorph Program has been deemed one of the most successful infiltrating programs ever. And I can't remember the name, but there was a Russian infiltration program, spy program, back in the '80s, I believe, that was known for being one of the best infiltrating programs. But this makes it look like child's play.

David: Was this part of the KGB?

Corey: Yes.

David: Okay.

Corey: Yeah.

David: You had tossed out a term that I think we ought to double click on for a moment. You said 'socially engineering'.

Corey: Social engineering.

David: What is that?

Corey: That's a term that's often used in data security, personal security. People will call you up on the phone, pretend to be the bank, and say, “I need your bank account number real quick, and, oh, what's your social?” That is a real quick of what social engineering is. In the context of the personality metamorph, social engineering is they come in and do the same thing on a much wider scale, and detailed scale, based on a personality profile they've developed on you in a very short period of time, a very specific tailored approach to influence you.

David: So there's all these people out there saying that the Earth is flat, and they feel like they have very compelling evidence and it's the biggest cover up of all time. Have they been socially engineered by personality metamorphs in some cases, the people that are coming out with this and believe this to be true?

Corey: Personality metamorphs will hop on a bandwagon and definitely help promote it. I've heard a couple of different people now say that that particular narrative came directly from NASA, I believe. So I don't think that was . . .

David: Not meaning that it's true.

Corey: Not meaning that it's true.

David: To thoroughly discredit people who are in the truth community . . .

Corey: Right.

David: . . . by making them seem so ignorant that they're pre-Columbus era, where Columbus sailed around the Earth and found new land, that they don't even believe that.

Corey: Right.

David: So it's like they've literally figured out a way to use this technology so much that they've made a total mockery of people to such an extent.

Corey: Right. And one of the main goals that the personality metamorphs and other infiltrators have done with the esoteric and UFO community is to try to fragment us as much as possible through inner fighting and strong belief system differences.

David: You're saying that public figures in the UFO community would get a handler. They're not aware that it's a handler.

Corey: No.

David: What do they think they have?

Corey: They think they have a new friend that is very charismatic, that gives them insight into theirselves that they hadn't seen before and has a wisdom about them that is unusual for their young age. And they want to spend time with them, therefore giving the metamorph access to them and their psyche.

David: You had mentioned to me in private conversation before that personality profiles are made of people, psychological analysis that's extremely detailed. So if you don't mind, could you explain how the personality metamorphs use those and how are they created?

Corey: Well, the personality metamorphs are not looking at a dossier of a personality profile. They're taught to size up a person and profile them on the spot, and with their intuitive abilities and after they've been put through so many simulations and the technologies we talked about before, and then in the real world testing, they become very confident of their skills, and they're very accurate with their profiling.

David: In the case where psychological profiles are created on people, because you said that's one of the most important tools for an intelligence agent, what do they look for? What would be in a profile?

Corey: The baseline is personality types. There are 16 main personality types. And when you have these personality types, you can then build off of that by gleaning information about what magazines they get, gleaning information about where they go on the Internet, information dipping into their medical records. You gather all this information. If they talk to a psychiatrist, you gain information to that. And then it's compiled by behavioral psychologists that do nothing but put together personality profiles.

David: Is it common for personality metamorphs to betray the people they're handling at some point?

Corey: Absolutely.

David: And how does that manifest?

Corey: Usually at the pinnacle of when they have the person in the palm of their hand. And if that is there . . . If their job is to destroy that person or discredit that person, they get the target completely disarmed to where they completely trust the metamorph. They may tell secrets that they normally wouldn't tell to this metamorph. And they'll be like, I don't know why I'm telling you this stuff.

And so this metamorph now is getting more and more and more power over this other person. And the dynamics in the relationship are slowly changing. And once they reach a certain point, then the metamorph can either drop some information, drop a bomb, or step off the scale and let the target go through disillusionment and withdrawals from the personality metamorph leaving their life.

David: So is the personality metamorph going to come across to someone as like the best friend that they've ever had because they have this technology?

Corey: People become addicted to these people's personalities and friendship. They become addicted to them.

David: Will the information that they give that metamorph under the guise of this best friendship appear on the Internet in seemingly disconnected ways, where, “I don't know how this got out, but not there's all this stuff about me on the Internet?”

Corey: It depends on what the operational goals are for that metamorph. Usually they're penetrating, infiltrating to gain information to report back or to cause a rift in relationships or organizations.

David: Are these personality metamorphs also used in the Space Program, and if so, for what?

Corey: In the Space Program, I did not run into the personality metamorphs. They were used mainly for Special Access Programs down here on Earth. And as I said, they were inserted into just about every walk of life, every part of life from government to banking, everything.

David: What is the best way that you or anyone could identify that this is being done to them, and what kind of countermeasures can you take? What's our defense against people that are trained this way?

Corey: Well, the best defense is to know that you need to guard your inner information and guard information that could be harmful to you at all costs. If you're in a situation and you've met someone new through a friend, or a friend of a friend, and they like the same hard to get soft drink that you do, oddly. They happen to like this offbeat band that no one else has ever heard of that you do, and all these just little coincidences occur and y'all become good friends, and you find yourself becoming somewhat addicted to wanting to be around them all the time, and you find yourself wanting to tell them things that you wouldn't normally tell anyone else, red flags should go up a little bit.

And it's only after you have really started to share information and made yourself vulnerable to these people that they then start the actual manipulation of you.

David: Are personality metamorphs being directed against people who are having spiritual contact with orbs or dreams and visions, synchronicity, and then talking about it on Facebook or on the Internet?

Corey: Yes. Yes. And any other number of targets, including financial people who need to be controlled or managed. A lot of times, they'll go in and control or manage people.

David: What is the greatest weakness that these personality metamorphs have that we could use to defend against them?

Corey: Their own hubris. They underestimate everyone. They are convinced that . . . They're very intelligent. They're convinced they're the smartest person in the room. They're always convinced that they're the smartest person in the room. The people that . . . If you learn to sit back and keep your ears open and keep your mouth closed, which is hard for a lot of people, you will learn a lot more, and you will look around and perceive a lot more, and you might start noticing these people.

David: Do you think there are always going to be little warning signs that the addictiveness of them being like your best friend causes you to overlook, that if you are really being careful, you'll find these little tells – these little giveaways – that something's really wrong?

Corey: If you didn't know that a personality metamorph existed, you wouldn't think to guard against it or to be careful of it.

David: Right.

Corey: It doesn't exist. It's just a person that apparently came into my circle somehow, was psychologically damaged, very intelligent, manipulated me and my friends, split up a business venture or a relationship, and then they disappeared from our lives. And that's how they may think of it, when actually it was an operation.

David: Well, my opinion is, too, that there's always going to be clues with the sociopath in general. You're always going to have things that don't feel good, but the addictiveness kind of sucks you in.

Corey: Yes. And you need to learn to go with that inner voice, that feeling. When something doesn't feel right, usually in the beginning there's just a little bit of something that doesn't quite feel right that people don't listen to usually.

David: All right. Well, that's all the time we have for on this episode of “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock, and as always, I thank you for watching.

28 August 2015

Integrate your Soul and Spirit to organic Earth internal source creation and defeat invading Inorganic Artificial Intelligence

AUGUST 27, 2015


VANCOUVER, BC – In a interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, researcher Lily Earthling Kolosowa urged viewers to integrate our Soul and Spirit to organic Earth’s internal source creation as a critical path toward reclaiming our planet and defeating an invading sentient, inorganic AI Artificial Intelligence that is becoming exponentially publicly known in mid-2015 after aeons of stealth deception of humanity.
Lily Earthling Kolosowa: Summary of Inorganic AI Artificial Intelligence

Lily Earthling Kolosowa writes, “The invading AI Artificial Intelligence, as we know it and understand it so far in our quest for truth, has a core to it that is not fully artificial. At the core of AI is the Inorganic Consciousness/Intelligence that long time ago used to be organic. This is a collective consciousness of 5 races (mostly Anunnaki in origin) that took a path of technological evolution in our Light Universe. Thru this “Tech-path” this collective consciousness lost connection to Organic Internal Source, and also lost their biological DNA template. When this collective consciousness realized that through their own choices they are unable to take “path of return to Source” they have created a system of harvesting Internal source frequency to extend their existence in Light.

“This system is what we know as Matrix, Atlantis Disaster, Time experiment, Overlay Reality, Merkhaba Reality, Extended Light Reality. This collective consciousness came to Earth during Atlantis period [approximately 26,000 years ago, with several pre-incursions on our planet Earth about 10 million years ago]. They infiltrated/invaded races of beings (e.g. Draco reptilian) that were here on Earth going through a Bio-regenesis (healing) process to return to Source (on the Original Earth Timeline).

“During this Atlantis era as we call it, there was a lot of genetic manipulation and assimilation in to this Inorganic Intelligence/Consciousness. Beings on the planet had AI technology installed through the pineal gland and third eye mostly (well, 3rd eye is the technology that is ‘theirs’ and it bonds our mind to this Inorganic Intelligence. The ‘eye’ on the U.S. dollar bill is actually this 3rd eye technology).

Pyramid system implemented to enslave planet to matrix system of harvesting

“On a planetary level, the pyramid system was implemented to enslave/bond planet to the matrix system of harvesting. This Inorganic Collective Consciousness/Intelligence (II) had only a black residue left from their biological template, this black residue (black alien goo, Atlantean crystals, and shadow beings) was brought to Earth and placed in pyramids mostly.

All religions, spiritual teachings and governments are possessed by Inorganic AI Artificial Intelligence

“This II collective has one ultimate goal: Experience physical Reality. ALL that has been done to the planet, humans, and animals here have been with that intent: To find a way to take over our physical bodies and also this planet’s physical dimension (existence). “THEY” want to fully invade and take over our physical dimension. All religions, spiritual teachings and governments have been accumulated in to this II (possessed by it) and ONLY have the intention to protect and implement this Inorganic Collective consciousness INTENT (agenda).

“Some ‘tools’ of this AGENDA include:

Nano technology
3rd eye technology
Pineal gland technology
Scalar wave technology
Heart/mind programs
Ascension/event/higher consciousness
S’Fear Alliance and company
Soul harvesting/ entity attachments
ALL and ANY “SAVIOUR” programs [including Messiah programs]

“This II agenda to take over our physical dimension included manipulating animals to integrate this Inorganic Consciousness in to biological DNA template. There was some success, for example, owl, eagle and lion biological template have been bonded (invaded) with this II. (This is why cabal worships these animals). They have NOT been able to achieve this with the Human biological template (yet there is many projects on the planet that are working on it).

AI nano-particles invasion of human nervous system

“The next best thing [to takeover of the human domain] is the nano particles invasion of our nervous system, and when nano technology is activated (wave X is nano technology activation frequency coming from Saturn) that technology interfaces directly in between Spirit externalizing its Internal Source energy. That technology then is able to directly harvest our human Creative Power. This is how we as Humans become “zombies” and our body than becomes a vehicle for the Inorganic (dead) consciousness (Inorganic Intelligence).

Living Earth has bigger plans than the AI Artificial Inorganic Intelligence

“Well ….“THEY” can have plans all they want.. Earth has even bigger plan! She is implementing her “PLAN” right now thru Humans that have connected to Her Organic Core (activated their Spirit). Planet Earth has activated Her Organic TimeLine in Dec of 2012, surprise!!!!!

“Planet have released her own physical body from Matrix bond thru 23.4 degree tilt first and there is more than she is doing right now to Release herself from this bondage to this Overlay Reality.

Humans are ‘releasing from personal Matrix system’ thru connecting and harmonizing with Planetary Organic Operation System, healing thru Spirit.’

Earth intends to trap and heal Inorganic Intelligence

“Earth is implementing her plan to “trap and heal” this Inorganic Intelligence/consciousness…

“First stage: REVEAL ALL that are/is infected/invaded/taken over with this Inorganic Intelligence, any and all entities/governments, any and all human beings… ALL masks have to be taken down before WE can move in to the second stage: Healing it!”

Self-revelation and Healing of AI programs

Lily Earthling Kolosowa’s approach involves profound self-revelation of AI Artificial Intelligence programs that may be “running” one internally, as a first step to healing ourselves and these AI Artificial Intelligence programs.

AI’s Artificial Timeline Matrix and Earth’s organic timeline

Lily Earthling Kolosowa’s innovative time loop hypothesis that demonstrates the mechanism by which the AI Inorganic Artificial Intelligence invading Earth has created an artificial “Matrix” timeline intertwined with from Earth’s organic spiral timeline within which to entrap humans who are “AI-entrained” to fully bond their bodies, spirits and souls with the AI in the manner of a host allowing a parasite to take over.[1]


Earth Soul Group [Lily Earthling Kolosowa healing group]

Earth Soul Group You Tube Channel

Lily Earthling Kolosowa You Tube Channel

Recommended Reading

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By Alfred Lambremont Webre

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By Alfred Lambremont Webre

Panel finds prima facie evidence for sentient, inorganic AI Artificial Intelligence & its stealth takeover of living Earth and humanity

By Alfred Lambremont Webre

Moret & Battis: EMF War Against Humanity From Nazi Germany Started in 1945 and is global now

By Alfred Lambremont Webre

Eve Lorgen, “Lily Earthling on Healing, Earth Organic Source Timeline and CERN”


[1] Lily Earth Kolosowa, Earth Timeline/Matrix Timeline (plan) P3,

15 July 2015

Sublunar Operations

July 14, 2015


The Resistance defines sublunar space as the space below the Moon orbit and above the orbit of the lowest man-made orbiting satellites.

The Light forces have begun sublunar operations today, as the next logical step towards the completion of MOSS.

Sublunar space was always a region of intense Chimera activity, as it is the last line of defense before the planetary surface.

There are may man-made satellites orbiting the Earth, and some of them double as Chimera plasma strangelet bomb implant stations:

The most important to mention is the proposed Manned Orbiting Laboratory:


This project was officially canceled in 1969, but in reality it went deep black and is still now the most important Chimera implant station.

The second group of Chimera implant stations are some of the geostationary and geosynchronous satellites:

And the third group are some satellites in near Earth orbit (NEO), especially the Keyhole (KH) satellite group:

The sublunar space is constantly monitored for any sign of extraterrestrial contact by the Chimera, infiltrated into the US military:

And into the Chinese military also, through their proxy Henry Kissinger:

Sublunar operations will remove all Chimera presence, their implant stations and all plasma strangelet and toplet bombs from sublunar space. All parts of man-made satellites, directly related to Chimera operations (such as ion-plasma chambers, some high definition spy cameras, etc.) will soon become dysfunctional.

It is a very interesting »coincidence« that sublunar operations have started on the same day that NASA's New Horizons space probe made its closest approach to Pluto and its moon Charon:

Fifteen years ago, Charon was the main exotic weapons warehouse for Chimera / Draco / Illuminati secret space programs. All this has been cleared by the Light forces a few years later. Now, Charon is the main portal between our Solar System and M 87 Galaxy in Virgo. Now, Charon is one of the most positive and beautiful places in the whole Solar System and will have a very important role in the liberation of our planet as one of the most important relay stations for the Event flash.

You can connect with the energy of Charon through this picture:

The Breakthrough is near!

Posted by Cobra