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05 April 2016

Cosmic Disclosure: Government Troll Data Center

31 Mar 2016

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David Wilcock: Hello, I'm David Wilcock, and welcome to another episode of “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm here with Corey Goode, and in this episode we're going to get into government trolls, our friends we love to hate online who always are so willing to share their very, very negative and depraved opinions. But are they really just ordinary folks, or is there something more going on? So Corey, welcome to the program.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: I want to open this up by talking about a very, very bizarre television show that is now available. Anybody can watch it if they have a basic Netflix subscription. It's called “Ascension”. In the show “Ascension”, they describe a honeypot situation where, when people started to find out about this program that they're describing in the show, that there are places online that they designed where you will find that information. And they make it out like it's just a website, but then they're looking for people who actually are leaking real information. And that leads to a government hit job.

So is that aspect of what they say in the television show “Ascension”, is that real? Will they hang out information to see if a whistleblower shows up, and try to make them think that it's a trustworthy place to disclose data, only to find out that the trap is going to snap on them?

Corey: Yes. They use websites. They use people posting in forums, and they use established researchers who have been compromised by informants of their own. They've got the infiltration of this field down to a fine art, and they've had the infiltration of ufology in the esoteric community down from the beginning, since the early '50s.

David: How much of the information that people who are studying up on UFOs and reading online may be part of this type of program? Is this a fairly isolated phenomenon, or is it a fairly widespread phenomenon? How prevalent is disinformation in the UFO community?

Corey: It's incredible. It's heavily controlled, heavily manipulated information.

David: So what are we really looking at here? Does this mean that the average person, who feels like they've done a lot of homework and has really studied up and learned what there is to know about UFOs, are they polluted with an incredible amount of disinformation?

Corey: Oh, yes. I mean, I've talked to people who have angrily said, “I've done this for 40 years, 45 years, you know, 10, 15 years I've been studying this. I've been in the middle of it.” Their egos can't let them for a moment to believe that they have been tricked by information by these infiltrators.

David: Let's talk about the abduction issue for a moment. It's a very strange counterpoint between, for example, Dr. John Mack, who was a PhD psychiatrist from Harvard University – or it might have been MIT. I'm trying to remember. It's one of those two - the big Ivy Leagues in Massachusetts. Anyway, I think it's Harvard. Dr. John Mack, straight ahead mainstream psychiatrist with all kinds of published papers behind him, is interviewing people in a therapeutic context using hypnotherapy.

People get hypnotized, and they start to report extraterrestrial contact. And he writes a big, thick book just like mine – 500 page monster. You read John Mack's “Abduction”, and there's innumerable reports of people have been benevolent contact, spiritual experiences, mind-expanding experiences, prophecies of some sort of very positive change for humanity. And he said this seems to be a very consistent element of the contact experience.

Then, he allegedly slips on the ice and falls and hits his head, and he dies, right as UFOs are really starting to take off. But then you have almost every other alien abduction researcher completely divergent from what John Mack was saying – that abduction is this terrifying thing. It's only negative. They're bringing you up, they're taking genetic samples, they're terrorizing you, then they mind wipe you and send you back down.

So let's talk for a moment about the abduction narrative. Are these certain folks that are putting out very consistently negative information about abduction possibly on some sort of government payroll?

Corey: Not necessarily on a payroll, but are buying into a certain narrative that has been meticulously seeded with very believable information, and information that they know that a certain person is predisposed to want to accept.

David: Is it possible that there are people who are actually being paid to write books and pose as normal researchers?

Corey: Oh, yeah. That's definitely true.

David: Okay. I'm not going to name names, but I'm thinking of one very strongly right now.

Corey: Yeah, the most important tool to have is a psychological profile on a person. If you have a psychological profile on a person, you're able to then find ways to get into their life and manipulate them, manipulate their belief systems. You know what they're looking for, what their field of study, their interests are, and then you can put in people that have that information with the caveats that you've put on it, disinformation caveats, and then they jump on – or if they bite that information, then you are in with them and then they are now, I guess, parroting that information for you if you're a disinfo agent.

David: Well, let's talk about that psychological profile. You obviously know what you're talking about, but we don't. So let's just say you have someone on the Internet who has been targeted. What do you actually see, and what are they doing? What are they looking for?

Corey: Well, they have different types. They're going to break down your personality type.

David: What does that mean?

Corey: There are 16 main personality types. If you go and you take the test and you find out what you are, they have pages of pages that will describe your personality. Science has developed this personality typing over a long period of time.

David: I remember in college, I majored in psychology, there was something called the MMPI or the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. It was a very, very complex, multiple choice test that did crank out something like you're describing at the end.

Corey: Right. This is very similar.

David: Yeah, okay.

Corey: They've had a lot of these that have evolved over time.

David: Okay.

Corey: So they want to find out your personality type. and most people think that everybody thinks the same way that you, that they, do, but we all approach things, think through things, differently. They want to get into your head and figure out how you think. Then, they're going to . . .

David: Is neuro linguistic programming part of this?

Corey: Yeah.

David: Okay. Then how does that factor in? Because I've heard that some people are more visual, some people are more auditory, some people are more . . . and you'll see people the way they look, like they'll move their hands, and where they look when they're talking about something has to do with what part of the brain they're accessing, that kind of thing.

Corey: Right. And they're going to need to know that type of information to know how best to target you. And then they're going to get as much information about the type of friends you keep, the type of content you watch on television, the type of information you follow on the Internet, the type of comments you make on social media – any and all information - they take, they put it together, and they have these different array of different types of psychiatrists that then pour over it and come out with a final psychological profile that says . . . It's a profile that an operative can look at and use to say: “This person will most likely behave this way in this scenario. Or if I want this person to behave this way, this scenario will most likely elicit this response.”

David: Well, I got pulled into jury duty a few times, and these attorneys end up asking everybody certain questions. And when they're trying to select a jury, obviously they want to pick jurors that they think are going to be more likely to win.

Corey: They're profiling you.

David: Yeah. So what is this . . . Is there a document? And is it like a stapled series of 8½ by 11 pages that you can flip through? How many . . .

Corey: Well, if you print it out.

David: Okay. So it's a written document.

Corey: Right. It's a typed document. It depends on what type of information they've been able to . . . If they've gotten into your medical records, they'll have medications that you're on. Sometimes if they want to get in and switch out your medications, that's handy to have. They want to know absolutely everything about you. So there will be medical information that's supposed to be HIPAA safe – everything that you can think of.

David: Well, one of the things we've heard over the years - I've been in this field a long time – when people are actually contacted by agents, which used to happen a lot more than it does now, and they actually do want to intimidate you, they will say things to you where you're like, “Wait a minute. I didn't tell anybody that. How the hell did you know that?”

Corey: Right.

David: So that gives them a lot of power. So they'll use all kinds of surveillance, and they want to have all these invasive personal details. So is it like an analysis of vulnerability? Is there a tactical breakdown of where somebody's vulnerabilities are? If you hit this button, you'll get them to break. If you hit this button, you can take away their money. If you hit this button, their relationship is going to fall apart. If you hit this button, their family's going to turn on them. If you hit this button, then this is where they go shopping and you could target their car while they're in the shopping mall?

Corey: Pretty much.

David: Wow! What's the tone in these documents? Is it sarcastic and mocking, or is it just very clinical and scientific?

Corey: It's clinical, scientific, matter-of-fact.

David: So it doesn't have a lot of nasty talking-down language or anything?

Corey: No.

David: Okay. So let's get into the core of what I wanted to speak about in this episode, which is people online are in discussion forums and we've been watching this happen for a long time. I first started to go online with a 14.4 kilobytes-per-second modem dial up, which I didn't even realize went that high. I only did it at 4.4, 4,400. “Oh, my gosh, it goes up to 14.4.”

Corey: I remember.

David: And one of the first things I did is I went to Richard C. Hoagland's discussion forum on And I'm saying, here's this guy coming out with this incredible stuff, that there's a monument on Mars.

David: It looks like a face, obviously artificial, with pyramids right nearby and a five-sided pyramid down at the bottom. NASA's got it on these photographs. There's all these geometric alignments that lead to a new physics of a tetrahedron inside a sphere. And this is where the Great Red Spot is on Jupiter, and this is where Hawaii is on Earth, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Wow!

And then I start reading this stuff, and why would these people be so angry and so aggressive? And over the years I started to notice, when you really get these nasty skeptics, they will never acknowledge that you made a point. They never change their mind. Their opinions never flex even slightly, and they just will constantly be on the attack.

And any rational, normal person, if you win a point, they will acknowledge and concede, “Yeah, yeah, that's true. Maybe I ought to be looking at this differently.” But these folks are like little fundamentalists, and all they do is they just caw and caw, like a raven, and they never get past their own opinion.

Corey: Yeah.

David: When people see folks like this online, are you saying that these people actually are being paid?

Corey: Not all. I mean, there's a phenomenon of anonymity, power. People feel powerful in anonymity on the Internet. They feel like, especially if they don't feel empowered in real life to stand up to people, they will overcompensate with the anonymity of the Internet. There are people that are narcissists and sociopaths that just get off on getting into circular debates.

David: Right.

Corey: So there is that. But I'm absolutely positive because I helped set up a government data center for, basically, government trolls.

David: You helped set it up?

Corey: Right, as an IT (I) set up a virtual data center to where each station had a post coming up, six monitors branching off, one computer station that ran VMWare workstation. And they'd pull up VMWare workstation, and they would pull up a virtual computer screen. It would be just like when you log on to your computer. You pull up a virtual machine, a virtual computer, but this computer could be on a server anywhere in the world and the IP address is anywhere, wherever that server is in the world.

So you can be sitting at this station and be pulling up these virtual machines from servers all over the world and make it look like you're in those locations from the IP address. And these people would have over a dozen different personalities that were created online, and had back stories, back information, have social media tied to them – very complex personalities set up with them.

And these operatives were normally what we call the “personality metamorph types”. It's a program of people that were sociopaths, really good liars and infiltrators, and were really sociopaths and were really good at this job.

And they would sit down. Some of them would just troll around looking for information. Some of them would be given targets, go to certain Internet forums – esoteric Internet forums – log on with three or four user IDs, and sit there and cause a huge disruption if they saw a topic that was legit or something they didn't want to be talked about, cause a big disruption and sit there and have an argument with their self. And it looks like it's three or four people, problem people, having an argument, when it's really the same person sitting at a computer using virtual machines from all over the world and using fake personalities with user IDs.

David: Well, you have people that show up on my site and you get a whole bunch of them that all appear at once, and they start making all these anti-semitic comments. And then if we allow those to go through, somebody could then say, “Well, David is hosting anti-semitic content on his website.”

Corey: I delete those immediately off my site.

David: Yeah. What is the modus operandi of these attacks? I think what people are having a hard time understanding is, this is not a free, open debate. Are they trying to get people to doubt any of this information? Is that basically what it is? They want to make it seem like it's not credible?

Corey: They'll put out misinformation to cloudy the water and make people doubt or make people think there's been inconsistencies. They'll put out full disinformation contrary to it, or they will just make . . . they will sit there and bait people into debates that turn into circular debates that frustrate people to where people are triggered and don't want to come back, or they just say “pfft to the whole thing”. I mean, there's a whole bunch of different scenarios and tactics that they use to manipulate and play with people's minds.

And they even go as far . . . If there are certain people that are strong supporters of a certain topic that they don't like, they'll begin to harass people, stalk them online, and even form alliances with real people and manipulate them into causing problems for the person as well. So they will manipulate other people that are of a similar mind to cause problems, as well.

So they're not just manipulating the people they disagree with. They'll find other skeptics, feed them information for them to say, “Oh, okay. I knew it.” And then they will take that misinformation and feed it further down the line. And I've seen a lot of that happening with bloggers that may have good intentions, but just have a certain point of view and then they receive information that they don't take the time to verify, and they just pass it along.

These days, honestly, anyone can open a blog or self-publish a book and or a YouTube channel. So a lot of these types of people can be compromised, as well.

David: Is it more useful to the Cabal if somebody gets into a highly charged emotional state, as opposed to if they're calm and rational?

Corey: Yes. Their goal is to throw you off. If you're calm, cool and collective and having a discussion in that matter, they'll try to get you into a circular debate until they trigger you and you lose it. And then they can say, “See, look at this person.”

David: Well, and now you can ruin your whole career with one tweet.

Corey: Right.

David: Less than 140 characters can just destroy somebody.

Corey: Right. You can ruin your reputation.

David: And there's always a digital footprint of everything you say online, no matter how charged you are, if you get blind with rage or whatever.

Corey: Right. These people are very clever. A lot of them will approach you and be real friendly even, and you will feel an affinity towards them and then pfft, they'll turn on you and something will post some information you shared with them.

David: So like will they feed your ego and boost you up and make you feel really important?

Corey: Right. You've got to be very careful with people that are telling you you're special and boosting your ego, telling you how important your work is, and that kind of thing. It's nice to hear, but you've got to be careful.

David: I noticed at the very beginning of my career that some of the people who wrote me the most complex and complimentary emails, if I then answered them, that they could turn very quickly and go from really, really praising me to being extremely angry and upset and negative.

Corey: I have been shocked at the number of people that I thought were friendlies that turned on me [snaps fingers] because I didn't answer their Skype. I got busy and didn't answer their Skype in a certain amount of weeks or whatever, and then poof.

David: Right.

Corey: So, you know, some of it is just personality, people out there that are just being people, but the data centers that we set up were absolutely for the purpose of targeting people out there that were putting out information, and also to locate these people and report them up the chain so action could be taken against them.

David: Well, let's remind the viewer that Glenn Greenwald, after leaving “The Guardian”, made his own website called 'The Intercept”. And there's a very complex series of Snowden documents that he's released on “The Intercept” documenting how they do this and showing flow charts and action plans of how these agents would attack this stuff, what things to say. And there were even examples in the documents, the Snowden documents, of like a seagull that's taken as it's flying fast so there's motion blur on the image of the body, and it kind of looks like a saucer.

Now, that picture is in there without any commentary, but it seems pretty clear, if you kind of connect the dots, that UFO forums were one of the things they were infiltrating.

Corey: Oh, yeah. The esoteric UFO forums and political and different non-governmental organization forums are their main targets.

David: Right before the Snowden documents came out, people might remember that there were other things starting to leak, and one of them was – this was just a few days before Snowden – that folks from the Tea Party were getting unnaturally audited at a much higher rate from the IRS than people that were not. Did they have the power to do stuff like that? Can they go after you through various corporate means, including taxes or maybe health insurance or your job?

Corey: Once you're reported up the chain and you're put on any number of lists, then you're open game to be targeted in any number of ways. If you're seen as a threat and you're put on one of these government threat lists, which undoubtedly you and I are definitely on, and a lot of people are on [the lists] that follow a lot of this information, especially if they're outspoken, they're definitely on lists, and things like that can occur.

David: When I first tried to open a bank account for my website as a company, I was told I had to create an LLC for tax purposes.

Corey: Yeah, I did too.

David: The bank, there was people that did a review before they'd give me the bank account, and this is just a simple bank account, nothing special. And the lady thought she was all smart and types in “David Wilcock” on Google, and the first thing that comes up below my name is “David Wilcock fraud” on Google. “Oh, well, he must be a fraud.”

And then I went back to them and I said, “Do you realize that I've written two New York Times bestselling books, and I'm on the number-one rated show on History Channel?” “Ohh!”

And I said, “Look, tell her that everybody in my field . . . this is what happens. There's a lot of people out there that don't like controversial information.” I just left it at that. So this stuff is real. People need to be aware. And were you just brought in for a week as a consultant for this job or was this just something you had for a longer period of time?

Corey: You're usually brought in to do virtualization. I was brought in to set up the virtual environment, to help the people with their workstations, get set up learning how to navigate their new virtual environment that was set up that me and some other people set up. And then after that, we moved on.

David: So you have a matrix of six screens, probably three on top, three on the bottom?

Corey: Right.

David: And then with the VMWare, each screen is a virtual machine in some different part . . .

Corey: Right.

David: . . . of the world so the IP address looks like they live in a different area?

Corey: Right.

David: And then they're working all these screens at the same time to have arguments with each other?

Corey: At times, yes. They'll sit there and argue with their self – with these alternate ego personalities – or they'll just be into multiple forums at the same time, causing problems, waiting for other people to respond, go to this one, say a few things, you know, kick the hornet's nest over here, go back to the other forum, hit refresh, see what happened – that kind of thing.

David: This is probably going to upset and annoy some people, make them pissed off. What can be done about this? Is maybe spreading the awareness and you coming forward with this, validating what the Snowden documents said on “The Intercept”, Glenn Greenwald's website? Is that part of the process?

And also, I guess, what's the best way to handle this if you think somebody is doing this online? Should you argue with them? Should you try to expose them?

Corey: Just being aware that that is occurring is the first step. Second step – and I've been guilty of it myself; it's hard not to sometimes – do not engage them. Ignore them. Pretend you didn't even see what they said. That drives them crazy. But just don't get into a circular debate. If you talk to a person and it looks like it's going into a circular debate, they're stuck. They're going to just reargue, reargue, reargue a moot point, then just move on.

David: What did they see that it is in the human psyche that makes us . . . We could get 100 positive emails, but we'll go for the one that's negative and focus in on that, or we'll see 100 positive discussions on a forum, and one person is a hater and we've got to attack that person? What is the vulnerability in us, and how can we heal that vulnerability so that we're not wanting to engage in these conflicts?

Corey: It is a part of human nature that we always focus on the negative. But also, it goes back to the personality profiles, and them knowing your weak spot. If they found that you don't like . . . If you're uncomfortable with the way your chin looks, they'll focus on your chin kind of a thing.

David: Do you think it's advisable for people to spend more time cultivating real friendships in the real world?

Corey: Yes.


04 April 2016

The Ascension Mysteries Have Been Solved!

April 2, 2016

A tidal wave of incredible new intel came smashing in over the last two weeks and heavily affected the outcome of The Ascension Mysteries. The manuscript is now complete and it is by far the most awesome thing David has ever written!


The "real world" is so much different than the lies we have been fed, all of our lives, that it is hard to tell the difference.

The negative forces who have run the Western world, and tried to dominate the entire planet but are now being defeated -- aka the Cabal -- call this Plato's Cave.

They have kept us in a "prison of the mind" all of our lives, constraining our access to information until we no longer can tell fact from fiction, reality from fantasy.

The truth is that we are already in a Star Trek reality, in which portals can take you anywhere in our galaxy instantaneously.

All the technology we have seen in the greatest sci-fi films exists right now. And with full disclosure, it will become available to us.

The truth is really astonishing. It will be a far more interesting reality once we get there. And we will.

This is intimately tied in with the concept of Ascension. Living in a reality of that nature is akin to a dimensional shift.


When dealing with people who are "in the know," as I have now for over 20 years, one of the most important things is knowing what questions to ask.

These people may already have information that would completely blow your mind, but if you don't think to ask, you may never hear about it.

As I wrote in the previous article, I have been scrambling like a madman to finish my new book, The Ascension Mysteries, coming out just four months from now -- in August.

I had quite the impressive body of research data to integrate and present, and equally amazing insider testimony to complement it.

As I was putting this together, I ended up having in-depth briefings -- repeatedly -- with Richard C. Hoagland's top insider, who opened up far more of what he knows beginning in August 2014.

Someone didn't want me talking to him, as my number was literally blocked from making a call to his phone. I got a very strange, scratchy recorded message that said "your call cannot be completed" and then gave me some odd alphanumeric code.

As I was slamming towards the end, he kept calling me -- and all kinds of fascinating new intel tumbled out of these discussions.


The net effect of all these briefings is I have now been able to connect hundreds of dots that had remained elusive in the past.

If I wanted to, I could immediately turn around and write the sequel to The Ascension Mysteries and have it be every bit as intense and interesting as this volume.

I may do that -- but all sorts of other opportunities are lining up at the same time, and I need to stay flexible for the time being.

I will say this: I took the "best of the best" of what I got, and if this book does well, it will propel the sequel to appear much faster.

I have a feeling everyone will say this is my best book yet, the most fascinating, the most well-written, the most engaging, the most like an epic visionary novel but it's true.

I would have to agree. I think I have truly outdone myself this time. It's like two epic films rolled into one, and they both interconnect.


One of the things I did not plan on, but which happened anyway, is the book almost perfectly divides into two parts.

We are shooting for a total of 500 pages in the final book, but it may edge over into the 530 range, depending upon typesetting and image placement.

I have dozens of fascinating NASA images that back up what I am revealing in the book and show possible ET artifacts in our solar system.

The first half of the book is the epic personal story I have been teasing up on this site for months and months now.

That has been streamlined and optimized, with all the "fat" cut out, so only the most essential and engaging elements remain for the narrative.

This connects with the personal elements of Ascension unlike anything else I have ever written before.

Without this psycho-emotional component, showing how even the darkest parts of life can be inspired by cosmic beings, the message doesn't really sink in.

This is a book that connects the head and the heart unlike anything else I've ever done before.


The second half has very little personal information in it -- just a few things here and there to keep the story moving.

It happened quite spontaneously as the creative process unfolded. What I have effectively done is create "Full Disclosure in a Book."

As soon as we get to the breakthrough where I hear from my first NASA insider, and find out UFOs are real, we blast into orbit.

I didn't originally plan it this way, but what ended up happening is I went through all of my best insiders, in chronological order, and give you their best stuff.

It just snowballs and gets more and more amazing with each page. I also threw in 250 references to all sorts of amazing outside research and whistleblowers.

Even if people don't read the book, the amount of "seeding" that this will create will percolate through the entire UFO community.

If you have been on the fence about Corey Goode and the information we are releasing in Cosmic Disclosure, this may seriously open your mind.

Never before have I so thoroughly laid out the comparisons between his data and what all the others had told me before then.


I don't want to give too many "spoilers," in case you want to just see "the movie" and not get all the details.

Briefings and intel have finally filled in the pieces of the story that were missing -- and many other things I never even expected to learn.

As a result, a major part of this book is exposing and detailing the the half-million-year history of the Cabal.

It seems hard to believe, but these guys have a complete record of their history going this far back in time -- and even farther.

The "Ancient Builder Race" is over two billion years old, and there are ruins of transparent aluminum all over our solar system. Everywhere.

The cover of the book has a crystal, obelisk-like tower on it for a reason. That's what we find everywhere, on moons and planets.

And not just here, as I now know, but in many neighboring star systems as well.


I had multiple data-aggregate files that were nothing but links, some over 200 pages long. All of those have been accessed and condensed with the "best of the best."

NASA has disclosed an incredible amount of information since the beginning of 2012, quietly, and all the best of that material made it in.

I ended up needing far more time than I thought to finish it, and do it right. Nonetheless, I would not stop until I had achieved the goal.

I have completely re-invented how I talk about a variety of things, and somehow managed to thoroughly satiate the "New Information" crew, who cannot handle hearing anything they already know.

That gets harder and harder to do all the time, but I have definitely accomplished it once again in this case.

This book is also not technical, in the sense of scientific and mathematical content, like the previous two. It is a much smoother and faster read.

A great deal of stretching will still be required, but in this case it will be the awesome scope of imagination expansion that the truth will require.


The publisher was so engaged in the content that they literally stayed up all night and worked out a code where the book triggered a wake-up alarm.

That was two nights ago. I ended up not actually finishing it and submitting it until 7:01 AM, which was 10:01 am New York time.

This was the very last moment before it could go into copy editing. I started work at 8PM and was on the computer non-stop until sunrise.

I managed to make it work by drinking lots of water, and was inspired by the simple fact that it had to be this way.

I have had many nights like this in the last three weeks. I had to write the book in sections, finalizing material and saying "no more, this is done," and then continuing.

The awesomeness of the material, and the suspense of wanting to see more pages, led to this all-night drama for the publisher.


Remarkable things happen when I do a book. This reminded me that I need to do more of them, because it really does take 500 pages to tell a good story.

The information I try to share is so complex and far-reaching that the article format invariably is insufficient to really tell the truth of what is going on.

The amount of content jam-packed into The Ascension Mysteries could easily trigger three completely different sequels, each totally valid and interesting.

I may try to find a way to use those three concepts together in another single volume.


It was quite interesting and remarkable to find a way to get all the content into one book and not run out of pages. Innovation was definitely required.

There are many, many areas where the content could be greatly expanded upon from the links in the references section.

In that sense, this book is a tremendous study guide that can open up countless hours of fascinating research to expand upon the central concepts.

I have never felt so relieved before in the creative writing process. I have no regrets whatsoever about how this turned out. It's the best I've ever done.

Life feels pretty incredible once you no longer have this vast, epic, all-consuming issue hanging over your head -- and you know you did it right.


This content is going to find its way into my epic presentations at Contact in the Desert, coming up in June. I greatly look forward to presenting it.

Attendees of this event will get an excellent sneak-preview of what is going to be in the book, two months in advance!

I am pretty wiped out right now after all this effort but I did want to capture this moment in writing before I start going into other things.

I was so focused on getting this book done that I stopped playing guitar, and normally I often practice four hours a day -- so that's saying something.

In the last three weeks I never even left the house except to take walks for my health. I had help getting groceries, you name it. Total focus.

Contact in the Desert is truly "The Woodstock of UFOs," and my presentations there have always been highly well regarded.

You can go to to find out more, and sign up for my events before they sell out. Even the biggest rooms can only hold about a fifth of the total audience size of attendees.


All I have known for months now is sitting in front of this screen and slamming out words... so it's time to go do something else now.

The briefings we are hearing are extremely interesting and there is far more going on. Once I catch my breath there is a whole lot more to say.

I want to create a new flow where I post more often and it doesn't have to be a book length in size. So here we are!

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For me, the best part of this entire process is proving to myself that Ascension really is going to happen.

You may already believe it, or you may be on the fence... or you may go in between thinking it is real and not being sure.

WIth this evidence in hand, and the invitation to seek your own personal validation and the means to do it, all kinds of new information could come in!

The future is very exciting and the time of darkness on earth is nearly over. That's something worth fighting for!

And best of all, the more love and happiness we create in our lives, the faster we will get there.


The most recent Cosmic Disclosure episode has been quite stunning, with Corey Goode describing his personal involvement in setting up government troll data centers.

Anyone who does not think this is happening need only read Glen Greenwald's website, The Intercept.

To see how extremist these programs are, just consider the tactics they boast of using to achieve those ends: “false flag operations” (posting material to the internet and falsely attributing it to someone else), fake victim blog posts (pretending to be a victim of the individual whose reputation they want to destroy), and posting “negative information” on various forums. 


There may actually be real people who are as narcissistic and sadistic as these troll comments, but I doubt it.

Considering the price paid in blood and treasure to get this information, and stay alive, the cost of a paper book is nothing. Yet the old "Rate Objection" strategy is being whipped up.

So ridiculous. Yes... the book is not free. No... it is not expensive. No... I am not getting rich from writing this. When you add up the hours spent it is below minimum wage.

Knowing these people get paid more than I do to write this horrible stuff is some consolation, and the real comments are very supportive.

So, in response to Troll Tactic #2, Yes... I am still going to release the other article I was discussing. No... I have not had a single minute to work on it.

In case some of these people are real.... wow. Just wow. I do hope you can find happiness in your life.

Thank you all for your support and kindness. We are winning the war and together we make a difference.


I didn't want to say this before but after what just happened, it seems important to publicly identify what is being done here.

Two major things happened right as I finished this book and had electronic communications about its contents.

Number one: A close friend of mine was hit with all sorts of unexpected disasters as I was finishing the book. None of these appeared normal or natural.

I issued a small but urgent emergency loan. Almost all of the money was removed from the bank account the very next day.

It was allegedly done by hacker kids. Nine transactions for online video game stuff. The bank did not suspect fraud and stop it until NINE in a row?

My bank blocks about a third of all my transactions because they are so paranoid, so my friend is going to switch.

I get fraud attempts at least once a month and have to get new card numbers every 2-3 months. Now I think these are not normal people.

I had a dream that morning, before this was discovered, where military-type "camo dudes" dressed all in black had stolen money from me.


Whether the comments are real or not is a big question, but obviously not everyone believes Corey's story.

Personally I know it is true because it would be impossible for him to fabricate so many connections to things I had already heard from others but had not disclosed.

The Cabal is desperately trying to prevent full disclosure. Recently they even cut a deal that holds off any economic collapse until some announcement is made.

That may disappoint "preppers," but it ultimately will be a far more peaceful way for us to go through this. Clearly they hope to spin it to their advantage.

Anyway, right after this money was blatantly stolen -- and I had a dream telling me who it was before it even happened -- Corey got "visited."

Twice in one day, a Chinook military helicopter, the kind with two propeller blades, flew over his house.

Even better, this time the perpetrators flooded his phone with pop-ups and distractions to try to prevent him from filming the incident.

He got two video clips anyway that I just watched. One is very short and the other is 30 seconds. They clearly show the helicopter.


As I said in the previous article, I get hammered like crazy whenever I try to write something -- here or otherwise. The work I do attracts "negative greeting."

Since addicts are all about "the hidden," I do not want to overly give these people power by complaining but nor do I want to hide what is going on.

This wouldn't be happening if we weren't winning the battle.

Luke in the comments section noted that there is vastly more hate against me, in YouTube videos of radio shows and so forth, than any other person out there, even if they discuss the same subjects:

Speaking of paid trolls, I have noticed that over the last 8 year now that David receives the most negative comments out of any researcher, lecturer, author or other presenter even remotely related to David's field that I have ever come across to date.

I've been binge listening to a radio show on YouTube recently, and most of the comment sections for guests are pretty barren. Commenters rarely have anything mean to say about the guests, even for those that are, shall we say, more "out there" than David.

However, the videos where David is a guest are absolutely littered with negative comments to the point where it is just outright unnatural in comparison to every other guest.

If the negative comments were more evenly distributed amongst others in David's field, I wouldn't have thought much of it.

This is happening because there is a massive campaign to stop Full Disclosure from taking place.

We can ensure that this not go forward. The whole key is to continue to fearlessly support the truth and spread the word to others.

I will continue doing my part to have enough integrity in my thoughts and actions that I do not "authorize" any significant, lasting damage.

Thank you for all your support! Let's do this!

Awakened Stasis Giants Secretly Located and Imprisoned by Global Elite

APRIL 2, 2016

Giants that have been in hibernation in “stasis chambers” for thousands of years are awakening, and are being sought out by elite military forces, according to several independent sources. After being located, awakened giants are allegedly being captured and held hostage by powerful global elite groups that do not want the rest of humanity to learn the truth.

Secret space program whistleblower, Corey Goode, was among the first to publicly disclose the existence of “stasis chambers” that were holding perfectly preserved giants for thousands of years. In an August 4, 2015 interview on the popular show, Cosmic Disclosure, Goode discussed how he had accessed information on “smart-glass pads” during his covert service about these sleeping giants and the technology of the stasis chambers that were preserving them.

When I was in the program, the Secret Space Program, when I would have time to sit and look at the smart-glass pad, there was lots of information that I looked at. And one of them was that there were beings that they found underneath the surface of Earth, underneath…usually underneath mountains, burial mountains… Indian burial mounds that were not dead but weren’t quite alive. They called them “stasis beings”. And it turned out that had used a technology that had been there long prior, from this group they called the “ancient builder race”… So, it didn’t put the beings in stasis that a lot of us would think of, as in being frozen. But it just changed the way they experienced time.… they would probably go to sleep for maybe 20 minutes, and 30,000 years or so would pass by.…

Goode described the size of the beings found in the stasis chambers when they were first discovered in the 19th century, all over the planet:

And to look down in, they saw these very tall beings, or very large giant humans with reddish beards…. these tall, red-headed, red beard groups were in Europe and South and North America. And apparently, at one time, before the last Ice Age apparently, they had a very large area that they ruled.

Goode gave examples of stasis chambers that had been found around the world. Some were still operating with different modern human groups that had learned to use the technology, while others had been damaged and the beings in stasis had died as a result.

The above video was recorded in 2008 and features an alleged stasis being – not a giant – discovered in the Kurdistan region of Iran. For analysis, click here.

According to Goode, once located, the stasis giants were kept hidden, and any that awakened would join others and not be allowed to interact with the general public.

According to Stephen Quayle, who has written several books about giants, elite U.S. military forces have been stationed around the world, including trouble spots such as Afghanistan, to locate the giants. Quayle cites elite military personnel who have spoken about battles with the giants.

During one of Quayle’s radio interviews on Coast to Coast AM, one of his military informants called in and told the audience about an incident in Afghanistan involving a deadly encounter between a 12 foot giant and U.S. Special Forces. The informant claimed that the giant had killed nine members of an elite team sent to capture it, and it took a second team to arrive and finally kill the giant.

Quayle uses biblical sources to support his analysis of giants and what they mean for humanity in the current era. Basically, he views them as the biblical “Nephilim”, who are the offspring of demonic entities that are hostile to humanity. The Nephilim/giants, according to Quayle, were predicted to re-emerge during the end times, and be restored to power by the corrupt global elite.

In his book, Longwalkers: Return of the Nephilim, Quayle provides a fiction based on fact version of what the elite have planned:

Before history, giants and fallen angels ruled the Earth as gods – until mankind revolted in a colossal battle, banishing the bloodthirsty creatures. But now Joshua Kincaid has made an alarming discovery: Some of the giants are still alive, kept in secret underground caverns in suspended animation, waiting to be revived. Worse, a secret society operating outside the law is intent on bringing the monsters back to life and restoring the creatures as rulers of mankind.

Interestingly, Quayle’s sources have confirmed that giants have been preserved in “stasis chambers,” for extended periods, and are now awakening. This is consistent with what Goode discovered on the smart-glass pads.

However, Quayle’s view that the giants are bloodthirsty “Nephilim” ready to work with the global elite to restore demonic control over the planet does not correspond with what Goode read on the smart-glass pads.

According to Goode, the motivations of the giants were far more complex than what Quayle was suggesting. Giants belonged to highly evolved civilizations in human history who had preserved themselves in stasis chambers to sleep through the dark ages of humanity. Their awakening was a sign that we are on the verge of a global shift, and many of the giants want to play a constructive role in this transition, rather than simply reassert control over surface humanity.

Another independent source has come forward to discuss the motivations of “stasis giants,” and how they are being found and treated by covert special forces personnel. “Cobra” (a pseudonym) claims to be both an extraterrestrial contactee and an operative for a global resistance movement that dates back to 1975, when it was first established in the underground tunnels of New York City.

While there is controversy over Cobra’s identity and activities, he has released much information that is very accurate in terms of my own independent research into secret space programs and visitation by extraterrestrial life. His information, therefore, deserves careful consideration. I will consequently leave an examination of the controversy surrounding Cobra and what this means given the accuracy of his claims, for a later article.

In a March 21 interview, Cobra spoke about stasis giants and provides an additional source of information about their activities. In the interview, he responded to a series of questions concerning stasis giants:

Richard – Thank you. There are many reports of dormant giants being discovered and awakening in caverns around the world. Are these claims accurate?

COBRA – Yes, some of those claims are accurate. Those giants are put into stasis in special chambers which are triggered by a certain vibrational frequency. I would say certain intensity form of sub-atomic particles and energies from the galactic center which is the earth, those chambers get triggered and those beings then are then awakened from hibernation and many such cases have been taking place lately around the world. Militaries of most countries or shall we say of the major countries have been suppressing that from the mass population. And whenever that happens the military went there and just suppress the whole thing. And yes it was happening quite much lately.

Richard – That’s amazing. Are they a positive nature these giants?

COBRA – Most of them yes, but some of them no.

Cobra’s information about the motivation of the giants is very significant since clearly such beings are physically very powerful, and also hold much information about past civilizations. Cobra’s information is consistent with what Goode discovered on the smart-glass pads, and contrasts with Quayle’s analysis. Quayle, though, still raises important points as the following portion of Cobra’s interview suggests:

Richard – Why are they waking up now? Because of the galactic central sun’s activity.

COBRA – Because …. they went into those chambers. They didn’t want to wait for a change. They have put themselves into hibernation to spare…. so not to wait too long on this planet and now when the change is happening they have interest to take part in this change. But they were not expecting that the surface population will be taken hostage to such a great degree and now they are taken hostage by the Chimera group.

The Chimera group, according to Cobra, comprises global elites that are demonic in nature. This is consistent with much witness testimony that many groups of global elites practice various forms of demon worship. It is therefore very plausible that some of the giants might have been co-opted by the global elite in a plan to exert greater global control.

In contrast, Quayle believes that the global elite see the giants as their demonic gods, and are therefore helping restore their rule. Quayle’s analysis is therefore only partially correct.

Good and Evil by William Blake

The giants are not per se associated with demonic forces, but are being sought by elite groups that are indeed associated with such forces, since the giants – at least those positively inclined – can play a constructive role with the global awakening of humanity. This is what Goode has claimed he learned from “smart-glass pads”, and also what Cobra was told by his sources in his recent interview:

Richard – What was their actual function? What is these beings …. what is the function to wake up in this time period to do within this time of the planetary liberation process?

COBRA – They wanted to participate in the shift. They have various agendas. Some of them were quite positive and some of them not so positive. But they were not expecting that the amount of control and suppression on this planet would go that far. All of them were captured and are now actually hostages in the various militarily bases around the world.

If accurate, then Cobra’s information helps corroborate the earlier claims of Goode regarding the awakening of stasis giants, and their potential impact on the rest of humanity in a positive manner during an evolutionary change. In this regard, Goode said:

This huge vibratory change in our Solar System. This change – supposedly we’re changing from – graduating from one density to another. We’re in transition. So if this is true and these beings are awakening, and they set their selves to wake up during this time period, I could only speculate that they wanted to be part of that.

In contrast, Quayle’s analysis overlooks the possibility that giants are being held in captivity by demonic groups, but are not themselves demonic; or, at least, not the majority of them, according to Goode and Cobra’s information.

For those giants that are inclined to work with the global elite, then Quayle’s analysis raises a chicken and egg problem over demonic influences when it comes to the global elite and some of the awakened stasis giants. The problem with Quayle’s analysis is that he makes the major assumption that all stasis giants are demonic in nature based solely on his interpretation of biblical texts.

Consequently, he appears to tacitly support the current secret policy of locating, imprisoning and/or eliminating stasis giants, wherever they are found around the world, using elite military forces. Not only is Quayle’s analysis deficient in this regard, but he may in fact be unwittingly helping the very demonic elite groups that want to hide the majority of these giants from public view, while possibly using others in a covert plan for exerting great influence over global affairs.

In conclusion, there is broad agreement between Goode, Quayle and Cobra that awakened giants are being actively sought after by elite global groups and special military forces all over the world. When captured, they are taken to secret detention facilities.

Clearly, the existence of giants who have hibernated for thousands of years in stasis chambers is a matter of great public interest, as is their motivations for choosing to awaken from long periods of hibernation in the modern era. The information awakened stasis giants have about ancient human civilizations, advanced technologies and extraterrestrial life deserves to be publicly released as soon as possible, and not withheld to further the interest of global elites who may be seeking ways to manipulate these giant captives.

Written by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.


01 April 2016

There is A Powerful And Mysterious Signal Coming From The Center Of The Milky Way

It turns out that the center of our Galaxy –the milky way—is oddly bright, and researchers have found a powerful and mysterious signal originating in the center of our galaxy.

Nailing down the gamma-ray signal, it appears to be coming from the galactic center in an area not known for the presence of pulsars. Daylan et al./Physics of the Dark Universe (Source)

While researchers still have found direct indications that it exists, dark matter is one of the greatest revelations in modern science according to many researchers. Scientists believe that dark matters makes up approximately fixe-sixths of the total matter in the observable universe and binds much of it together. Simply put, dark matter is the ‘thing’ in the universe which prevents galaxies from being ripped apart as they spin: its a galactic glue.

Now, according to a new study published in the journal Physics of the Dark Universe, it turns out that this ‘cosmic glue’ can also be destroyed.

According to the new study, finding a signature of the destruction of dark matter could even possibly reveal what dark matter is made of in the first place and a group of scientists from Harvard University believes they have found indications of it located at the center of our galaxy.

Despite numerous studies, researchers are still unable to conclude on what dar matter may actually be composed of, and according to one recent theory, particle could be so dense that they are on the verge of becoming miniature black holes, this however is still unconfirmed.

While the truth behind dark matter remains n enigma for scientists, astrophysicists believe that these particles are in fact eerily similar to ordinary matter, and are composed of matter and antimatter. They explain that when ‘matter’ encounters ‘antimatter’ both are annihilated in a powerful blast which then emits high-energy radiation.

According to, researchers have been looking for a source of matter-antimatter annihilation, but with dark matter, not ordinary matter. Peering into the galactic center, where the density of matter – and presumably dark matter – is incredibly high, previous studies have spotted powerful emissions of gamma-rays. One possibility is that this energetic signal originated from a particle of dark matter colliding with its antimatter equivalent, destroying each other in the process.

But, researchers speculate that there are quite a few different celestial events that could be the culprit, producing similar outbursts. According to a high-resolution map of every single bright object in deep space, it turns out that the known universe is in fact fiery and energetic, meaning that neutron stars, merging, black holes, supernovae and their subsequent glowing, nuclear ashes can all emit gamma-rays.

Searching for the mystery signal

So what caused the mystery signal from our galaxy? Well, scientists argue its likely to have come from a Pulsar. Pulsars are considered by researchers as ‘lighthouses of the vast ‘ocean’ called universe’. Pulsars have been found to rotate at unimaginable speeds emitting beams of electromagnetic radiation in the process. If researchers came across these beams, they would resemble high-energy pulses.

Based upon mainstream theoretical models of ‘dark matter’, scientists believed that the mysterious signals coming from the galactic center could have been caused by a pulsar or dark matter annihilation.

However, if the signals were produced by Pulsars, researchers would need to locate the pulsar in the galaxy. Usually, Pulsars are located in the vicinity of star clusters, but after careful studies, scientists concluded that the region of the galactic center where the signals originated from, were unlikely to contain any pulsars. This is why researchers believe the bursts must have come from the destruction of dark matter, a theory that again needs to be verified.

In the study, researchers state: “The signal described in this study can be explained by a very simple dark matter candidate, without any baroque or otherwise unexpected features. If confirmed, this discovery has “profound implications for cosmology and particle physics.”