28 April 2020

Declassification Coming

Declass coming, Hillary off to court, Americans protesting, Tom Hanks SNL analysis and Akashic record

3D to 5D Consciousness

In this episode I am sharing news about the declass that is coming regarding Hilary’s crimes with having a private email server and the uranium one scandal.

Americans are rioting and protesting about the quarantine, I’m giving insights why this is a terrible thing to do at this time.

I’m talking about advance bioweapons that the Deep state have and are planning to use.

I’m sharing insights on Tom Hank’s SNL skit and Rita Wilson’s current situation.

And finally, if you ever wanted to know more about your soul, tapping into the Akashic records is the best way to get to know yourself and why you came to this planet.

Wikileaks file dump https://file.wikileaks.org/file/

Psychic Attacks, Trump's 5G Plans, Disappearing Pope, GESARA Debt Relief, POTUS Drops W.H.O and more

This is a very special broadcast as I have a surprise for you at the end. In this episode I'm discussing psychic attacks, moving out of 3D behaviours.

I'm giving clarity on POTUS's plan for 5G. Find out my commentary on the disappearing Pope and the Trump Administration dropping WHO/GATES/CDC Contagion model.

Tune in and find out more! Be sure to check out this deleted video from YOUTUBE. They deleted because it has the truth. Watch the video, and check out the text file after watching it. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2pf0ls8ytr...

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