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31 May 2016

Cargo Cults and the Secret Space Program

May 29, 2016

Although things seem "almost too quiet" in the open world at the moment, the war in the Secret Space Program world has never been hotter or more intense.

We are no longer getting full intel due to operational security -- but we have strong clues as to what this is leading to.

The art at the top of this article is a professional rendition of the aerial part of the battle that is happening now, based on high-level intel.

This is not at all a normal situation. Due to "masking" technology this war is mostly invisible to us, but there are traces of the battle that we can measure.

The teardrop-shaped craft are of the Draco, and the triangular "chevron" craft are a new and unexpected surprise attack from what appears to be the Alliance.

We will provide the full context in this article to help you understand what is going on now, and where it may be leading.

In order to set up the story, it is necessary to frame the expansive new view that is required through some little-known but conventional examples.


Take a look at the device you are reading these words on right now. It's a part of your everyday routine to use it. You don't even think that much about it.

The gadget generally works the way it is supposed to. Although you don't know everything, you learned how to use it and can function with it.

You can read articles, play videos with impressive production effects, talk to people who you can see on the screen, and order goods and services delivered.

With just a few clicks, you can guarantee that in as little as 24 hours, someone will arrive at your doorstep with a box containing whatever you want.

You don't have to do any work to make those items. Nor do you have to go anywhere to find them. They just manifest as if by magic.


Now take a look at your surroundings. If you are indoors, notice things like glass windows, carpeted floors, electric appliances and the clothing you wear.

You probably have a wallet containing plastic cards that can get you the things you want just by swiping them through a machine with buttons.

Look at the materials your surroundings are made of, the functions they perform and the comforts they afford you. All very normal.

Yet if you projected someone from even a few hundred years ago into your situation, they would be dazzled by the mysterious things they saw.

If they were then returned to their own vicinity, they would soon tell tales of meeting mystical "gods" in a heavenly realm with inexplicable magic and wizardry.


You can also jump on a plane and travel vast distances that would have taken months, either by horse or by boat, before the railroad was invented in 1804.

You can now travel fast enough that the time your body expected to be day becomes night -- and vice versa.

Any interior location is ultimately just some form of a room. There you are in a room, sitting down, maybe looking out the window, and it's all very typical.

If you are in a car, train or plane, you are still inside a familiar craft.

The seats, the windows, the decor and what you see outside the craft is all completely non-challenging to your belief systems. Everybody knows this stuff.


You see people of all different races in the course of your daily routine -- both in person and in other forms. Asians, Latinos, Caucasians, people of African descent and others.

You are not in the least bit surprised or unsettled by the differences in how they look. It's all very normal to you.

It's only when something or someone new comes along that, for a brief time, your entire reality can turn upside down.

Soon, however, even a radical new change -- like discovering a new and different race of people -- becomes a normal, everyday part of life.


Most of these islands were in an area called Melanesia, to the northeast of Australia. This area was right near Japan in the theater of battle during World War II.

Several different Melanesian islands that had lived in almost complete isolation were suddenly contacted by mysterious-looking people with white skin during the war.

Military troops flew in with advanced technology, concerned that these islands could be infiltrated by the enemy and used as bases to mount new attacks.

Australia and New Zealand were Allied countries and there were fears that Japan would try to invade them by air or by sea from the northeast.

These islands were also used as staging areas to fight active and bloody battles, such as in Guadalcanal, which is within the Solomon Islands in the map below.

Hence, Melanesia suddenly became an area of key tactical significance in WWII, providing a very dynamic example of "enculturation" in 20th century history.

The natives were exposed to a level of sophistication, civilization and technology unlike anything they could possibly have expected before then.

This is of far greater significance to our current situation than almost anyone realizes.

The people of Melanesia were unaware of the greater world around them.

As far as they were concerned, Melanesia was the world, and everyone there was to know lived there.

The idea that their population was very small, and there were far greater places to live than where they were, never even occurred to them.

Nor could they imagine technology beyond the primitive level they had attained on their own.


Here is the excerpt from our San Jose State University professor that helps us get this discussion started.

This is an issue of key importance to the insider world that I have heard about for years. After following up on this research lead, I now understand why.

We have added images to strengthen the point. Take a look: 

Prof. Thayer Watkins on "Cargo Cults"

After World War II, anthropologists discovered that an unusual religion had developed among the islanders of the South Pacific.

It was oriented around the concept of cargo, which the islanders perceived as the source of the wealth and power of the Europeans and Americans.

This religion, known as the Cargo Cult, held that if the proper ceremonies were performed, shipments of riches would be sent from some heavenly place.

It was all very logical to the islanders.

The islanders saw that they worked hard but were poor, whereas the Europeans and Americans did not work but instead wrote things down on paper. 

In due time, a shipment of wonderful things would arrive.

The Cargo Cult members built replicas of airports and airplanes out of twigs and branches. 

They made the sounds associated with airplanes to try to activate the shipment of cargo.

Although the existence of the Cargo Cult only became known after World War II, the cult had developed long before, when the Europeans first arrived in the area in ships.

There were legends among the islanders of their distant ancestor-god having journeyed to the west, and promising to someday return....

Islanders would build a hut in the forest, and the cultees would bring money and leave it in the hut in expectation that it would grow.

Sometimes replicas of briefcases would be used to hold the money.

Unfortunately the money would often be stolen from these jungle banks, leaving the islanders even poorer than they were before....

In New Guinea, the Australian authorities enlisted the aid of the son of a famous warrior to discourage the Cargo Cult.

He was effective, and as a reward the Australians gave him a trip to Sydney.

While in Sydney, this man visited an anthropological museum. There he saw the sacred cult objects of his people on display.

When the man returned to New Guinea, he spread the word that the source of the Australians' power was that they had stolen the sacred art of his people -- and built a temple to house it.

A new cult developed around this idea.


The WWII soldiers who visited and assisted these islands also shared their own Christian teachings, including the idea of end times and Ascension.

The war ended. The enemy of U.S.A. never tried to invade the islands or use them as a staging area.

The tactical significance of the islands disappeared. The promises of the "gods" were not kept. No one went back to give them more Cargo.

The "Cargo cults" formed after these cultures were left alone. The results were wildly unanticipated.

Even the most mundane aspects of our "modern" civilization were elevated into elaborate, arcane religious ceremonies, held in extremely high importance.


Although this knowledge is publicly available, it carries far greater significance within the insider military-industrial complex community than in the world at large.

You and I could be living on "islands" right here on Earth that we call continents -- thinking these are the only places where anyone can live.

Despite how advanced we think we are, we may have no idea of the true scope of people and technology that is operating around us.

These people may have visited us and given us "Cargo" in what we would think of as the distant past. We soon formed elaborate belief systems around it.

The original "Cargo" may have long since disappeared, but various relics and artwork remain -- paying homage to what our ancestors once saw.

Other "Cargo" may have crashed in far more recently -- and inspired many of the breakthroughs we now take for granted in our society.

We now think we have all the answers. We fervently believe we understand reality, and that our conclusions are sensible, even obvious.

We fight and defend our belief systems, even to the death, since they are "normal." It is what "God" has revealed to us -- such as the god of Science.

We feel whatever level of technology we have right now is the best there is, or will be.

We can barely imagine having anything better at this point.

Each new change is gradual enough that we are only somewhat excited before it, too, becomes "normal."


Like the cargo cults, we have only had brief glimpses of "unidentified flying objects" and "aliens" in the everyday world.

Not everyone believes the multitudinous eyewitness accounts. Those who do are only further emboldened by their opposition.

Like the cargo cults, the knowledge we gain from our visitors can quickly get contorted into belief systems that are rarely, if ever questioned:

May 1959 Scientific American Article on "Cargo Cult" Religions

The people of the central highlands of New Guinea are only the latest to be gripped in the recurrent religious frenzy of the "cargo cults."

However variously embellished with details from native myth and Christian belief, these cults all advance the same central theme: the world is about to end in a terrible cataclysm.

Thereafter God, the ancestors or some local culture hero will appear and inaugurate a blissful paradise on earth.

Death, old age, illness and evil will be unknown. The riches of the white man will accrue to the Melanesians.

Although the news of such a movement in one area has doubtless often inspired similar movements in other areas, the evidence indicates that these cults have arisen independently in many places as parallel responses to the same enormous social stress and strain.

Among the movements best known to students of Melanesia are the "Taro Cult" of New Guinea, the "Vailala Madness" of Papua, the "Naked Cult" of Espiritu Santo, the "John Frum Movement" of the New Hebrides and the "Tuka Cult" of the Fiji Islands.

At times the cults have been so well organized and fanatically persistent that they have brought the work of government to a standstill.

The outbreaks have often taken the authorities completely by surprise and have confronted them with mass opposition of an alarming kind....

Troops on both sides in World War II found their arrival in Melanesia heralded as a sign of the Apocalypse.

The G.I.s who landed in the New Hebrides, moving up for the bloody fighting on Guadalcanal, found the natives furiously at work.

[The natives were] preparing airfields, roads and docks for the magic ships and planes that they believed were coming from "Rusefel" (Roosevelt), the friendly king of America.


If you don't think the "cargo cults" have any similarity to what is going now, these images may cause you to think again:


Please don't take this the wrong way. This information is not intended to belittle you or your beliefs.

It is simply being offered to provide you with a highly relevant example of truth. Every era that thought they "knew it all" has been horribly wrong.

In our own case, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas are the "islands" where this much larger cargo cult has formed.

Hardly any of us have ever visited the Antarctic or bases inside the earth.

We do know these places exist, but access is very tightly regulated.

Our own "cargo cult" has certain religious beliefs about these places that are never questioned. Therefore, we believe hardly anyone lives in these areas.

Everything we think we know is 'normal' to us, and therefore considered to be an everyday fact of life.


We now have extensive, undeniable evidence that our solar system and our own Earth is already colonized on a vast scale by people we are not normally familiar with.

This includes remarkably cross-correlating insider testimony as well as photographic evidence of anomalous structures on the Moon, Mars and other moons.

These structures include pyramids, obelisks, a gigantic human face, enormous glass-like domes and collapsed rooftops of squared-off underground rooms.

Much of this evidence has been summarized and presented in The Ascension Mysteries.


There are also people from our own 'islands' who are already deeply involved in this greater civilization. 

They have hidden that connection from the rest of us.

New insider testimony has revealed that the Cabal -- the global elite bankers -- were pursuing a Secret Space Program (SSP) ever since the late 1700s, at least.


The Cabal's first move was to set up secret bases in South America in the early 1800s. 

There, they attempted to achieve space travel through secret balloon / dirigible technology.

The work began on a larger scale by 1825, and significant success was achieved by 1850.

As always, the classified tech was much better than anything the world was seeing.

Count Ferdinand Von Zeppelin patented a rigid airship design in 1895 that led to dirigibles becoming destructive weapons in World War I.

Von Zeppelin's patent was another example of a classified technology leaking out into the open so it could eventually be used for tactical purposes.

Ultimately dirigibles were discontinued after events like the Hindenberg in 1937, and the realization that strong wind currents could slam them to earth and kill everyone.

Classified German dirigibles from World War I were so huge that they served as flying aircraft carriers, capable of transporting multiple warplanes at once.


In the classified world, things were moving along much better in the 1800s.

This peaked in a wave of "airship" sightings where German-speaking people piloted their craft along the Transcontinental Railroad in America.

The railroad was built and owned by Harriman, a Cabal member. The craft landed and German-speaking individuals spoke to locals and even gave them rides.

Since this was a classified program intended to colonize our solar system, these events have never been officially acknowledged even to this day.

Real antigravity and the ability to leave Earth orbit did not arrive until the Germans cut deals with certain ET groups in the early 20th century.

This data has been provided by insiders including "Bruce," Hoagland's top insider featured in the new book, as well as aerospace engineer William Tompkins.


Wars have been fought for millennia to keep our 'islands' from knowing about the vastly larger populations that surround us, and the technology they have.

Like the Melanesians just prior to World War II, we think the island continents we now live on are the full extent of the civilized life out there in the universe.

Now, instead of seas that are too difficult to travel across long distances, we have the vastness of space.

Just as the Melanesians did not have boats that could circumnavigate the globe, we do not openly have any tech that allows us to travel into space.

Therefore, wars could be going in our solar system, and around our earth with the use of cloaking technology, that we are completely unaware of.

These wars appear in our terms to be very ancient.

The written reports of them have since turned into religions, filled with beliefs and ceremonial re-enactments.

The Melanesians had no idea how huge our world really was. All they saw were a few soldiers and their tech. Entire belief systems were created around this.

As we head into Part Two, we will discuss the massive amount of human life in our galaxy, and the differences in time perception that can and do occur.

30 May 2016


SIRIUS: from Dr. Steven Greer - Original Full-Length Documentary Film

The Earth has been visited by advanced Inter-Stellar Civilizations that can travel through other dimensions faster than the speed of light. They use energy propulsion systems that can bring us to a new era. Humans have also developed these systems, but those in power have suppressed them in order to keep us at the mercy of fossil fuels. It is time for you to know…and this documentary will let you in.

7,000-year-old Reptilian statues discovered in Mesopotamia

What did ancient mankind try to depict with the 7,000-year-old Reptilian statues? Did these enigmatic beings really exist on Earth? Or are they the product of abstract ancient art? The truth behind the reptilian-like figurines is fascinating and has left scholars in awe, ever since their discovery nearly a century ago.

The statuettes depicted humanoid figurines with pointy faces and almond-shaped eyes

Is this video the ultimate proof that 7,000 years ago, ancient people worshiped reptilian-like deities? Were these statuettes the result of ancient art? Were they merely decorative items? The product of imagination? Alternatively, did the Ubaid culture actually see lizard-like beings walking among them? Interestingly, evidence of reptilian worship is not only found in Ancient Mesopotamia but numerous ancient cultures around the globe.

The enigmatic 7,000-year-old statuettes discovered by scientists in Mesopotamia show an odd resemblance to modern-day depictions of reptilian humanoids, and some have even suggested the worship of the Reptilian Gods is strictly connected to the Ancient Anunnaki.

The enigmatic statuettes were discovered at the archaeological site of Al-Ubaid. The Ubaid period is a prehistoric period of Mesopotamia, the place where according to many, modern civilization was kick-started with the Sumerians. The Ubaidian culture in Mesopotamia is believed to date back to around 4,000 and 5,500 BC. Strangely, just as with the Sumerians, the origin of the Ubaidian culture remains a profound mystery for modern day scholars. It is as if these ancient cultures came into existence from one day to the other.

Interestingly, according to scholars, it was during this period that numerous advancements were made by ancient society. During this time, our ancestors started acting and thinking differently. This evolution in thinking brought the Ubaid Culture towards social improvement; settlements became larger towns; irrigation methods were advanced; tools were upgraded, and all of this in combination, led to the construction of the first monuments monumental buildings, kick starting ‘modern’ society.

However, the leap forward in society was not the most notorious thing researchers discovered. Among the numerous artifacts recovered at the site, mysterious humanoid figurines with strange lizard-like characteristics, both male and female took researchers by surprise. The lizard-like features seen in the statues are unlike anything previously discovered.
The statuettes depicted humanoid figurines with pointy faces and almond-shaped eyes. Archaeologists have been stunned by these discoveries, and no explanation has been given as to why the Ubaid culture made these strange looking figurines worshiping lizard-like creatures.

Looking back at our history, we will find that reptilian worship isn’t exclusive to ancient Mesopotamia. In fact, Lizard-like creatures have been present in many cultures in ancient cultures, from Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, who were Aztec and Mayan deities represented in the form of a snake, to ancient petroglyphs located worldwide depicting strange looking beings just like the lizard-like figures in the Ubaid Culture. Interestingly, the ancient Sumerians represented one of their most important deities ‘Enki’ as a serpent god. In later periods, the symbol of the snake was adopted in the brotherhood of the snake.

If we travel half way around the world, from Mesopotamia to the Pacific Coast we will find extremely interesting details present in the Hopi culture. According to legend, 5,000 years ago a meteor shower caused strange beings, described as the lizard people to seek refuge underground. These creatures constructed an elaborate network of tunnels located under Los Angeles, using advanced technologies that could even melt rock.

26 May 2016

Solar System Status Update - 23 May 2016

May 23, 2016

The Oort cloud, which extends a few light years beyond the outer Solar System, is full of motherships of the Galactic Confederation, a large gathering of representatives of hundreds of thousands of positive races from throughout the Galaxy:

They have gathered here to assist in the Compression Breakthrough.

The Light forces (The Central Race, the Galactic Confederation, the Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans, Arcturians, the Resistance...) are still working on dissolving the Chimera Barrier at the termination shock region of the heliosphere in the outer Solar system.

One reason why this is taking so long is that all the Earth-originating Secret Space programs have been infiltrated by the Chimera in the last few decades:

The Chimera group was manipulating one SSP faction against the other, controlling the flow of intel and dictating the course of events inside our Solar System by taking many key representatives of all factions hostage.

All SSP factions that were not controlled by the Chimera have already joined the Galactic Confederation in 2012 or before. This is the reason why the Resistance thought back in 2012 that the Solar System was already free from darkness.

The Light forces are now taking certain actions to remove the Chimera infiltration from all Earth-originating Secret Space programs. Those actions do include the Stardust technology.

The Light forces have built a network of advanced Tachyon chambers and a network of Cintamani stones on all main bodies within the Solar System to create a support field for the Compression Breakthrough. The Compression Breakthrough will be the moment of phase transition for the society on the surface of planet Earth:

Before the Event, a huge wave of energy will pass through these chambers and Cintamani stones and this wave will wash away all remaining darkness and most importantly all remaining plasma anomaly from this Solar System:

The real source of darkness is namely on the plasma plane and without it, all Cabal members on Earth would be just a bunch of powerless old men.

As I am writing this, an important operation of the Light forces on the surface of the planet is healing the Congo portal, the focal point of the Archon invasion of 1996.

The Archon invasion in 1996 has taken the lives of two very powerful Lightwarriors, both of them being removed by the Cabal on January 10th/11th 1996, the very exact same day the Cabal has threatened me :

Phil Schneider:

Dr. Karla Turner:

The 1996 invasion is openly mentioned in this advertisement of the new Independence Day movie:

The Disclosure process continues and nobody can stop it anymore.

Hilariously, Hillary Clinton is preparing for her own version of partial Disclosure:

Scientist are beginning to admit that we are not alone:

NASA is beginning to invest in interstellar travel:

And Audi will put its car Lunar Quattro on the Moon:

On the financial front, the Cabal is quietly advancing their plans for global digital cash society:

They have infiltrated the Central Bank of Brazil:

And they still have a great deal of control over most central banks on the planet, including in Russia:

Nevertheless, their plans will not be successful, because at the same time, the Eastern Alliance is advancing their preparations for the Reset:

And human masses are finally ready for unconditional basic income, as this poll suggests:

Victory of the Light!

Posted by Cobra

22 May 2016

The Reptilian Agenda

The Reptilian agenda was, and is, to seek out the human refugees for destruction or assimilation, and to use their blood and hormones for sustenance.

It is said those (Ophanim? Seraphim? winged Dracs? Ciakar? Cherubim?) who placed the Draco in our galactic sector knew that the humanoid remnant would need an aggressive parasite to trigger development. Further the result of the part of the humanoid blood on Earth today receiving a blood line cross from Draco (URu cross with Ibi) - is beneficial. (see Lawrence Gardner defending his Drac family root). This is related to usually AN or Celtic or British RH negative blood.

The reptilian Drac blood Enki (RA - abRAham) crossed with the cro-magnon monkey blood had DNA was LESS vital than the indigenous (RHesus) monkey blood. So the reptilians had to keep in-breeding (as in Holy Blood Holy Grail) - consistent with what Swerdlow says below. Areas (UK) where this RHESUS Monkey blood is absent (RH negative) may lead the world in lack of compassion. E-liz-a beth (from Lizard born) breeds a line where no permission to cry produces a stiff upper lip.

The remnant Lyraens who colonized other planets formed an alliance against the constant Reptilian attacks. They called this alliance the Galactic Federation, comprised of 110 different colonies. The colonies belonging to the Federation wished to maintain their new identities, and no longer associate with the old way. Together, the Federation colonists managed to repel the Reptilian attacks.

There were three primary groups who did not join the Federation. These three groups were considered extremists, or nationalistic idealists, seeking to recreate the glory of the old Lyraen civilization. One group was the Atlans, located on a Pleiadian planet. The Pleiades actually consists of thirty-two planets orbiting seven stars. At that time there were sixteen different colonies of Lyraen descent throughout the Pleiades. These colonists all wanted to oust the renegade Atlans because they remained independent and did not assist their human cousins.

The other two groups were the Martians and Maldekians, who were already at odds with each other. For this reason, the Reptilians turned their attention toward this solar system with its two human colonies. In the Reptilians estimation, it would be easy to divide and conquer.

The Reptilians love to use comets and asteroids as weapons and ships, using them to travel through the stars. First, they create a small black hole as a propulsion system that pulls the larger planetoid towards its destination. When used as a weapon, they use a particle beam accelerator to create a blast that hurls the comet or asteroid to its target. All of the technology was obtained by the beings from Sirius A.(1)

In this way, they hurled a huge ice comet aimed at Mars and Maldek. The Reptilians, not being very technologically oriented, miscalculated the trajectory. The pull of the gigantic gas planet, Jupiter, pulled the comet off course. The ice comet then headed directly for Maldek. The citizens of that planet asked the Martians for help. Even though they were at odds with each other, they allowed some of the Maldekians to move to the Martian underground. The comet came so close to Maldek that the planet got caught between the gravitational pull of Jupiter, Mars, and the comet. This caused the planet to explode, leaving an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. (2)

The explosion pushed the ice comet close enough to Mars to rip the atmosphere off that planet, leaving only an extremely thin atmosphere. The explosion also pulled Mars further away from the sun.

The comet then continued on toward the Earth. The heat of the sun and the gravitational pull between the two globes forced the watery atmosphere of the Earth to polarize. This polarization pulled most of the ice from the comet to the polar regions of the Earth, thus covering most openings to the inner Earth, while at the same time exposing huge land masses for the first time.

The comet then switched places with Earth, taking up the second orbit from the sun, becoming the planet now known as Venus. The heat of the sun melted the ice on the comet, creating a cloudy covering to this new planet. The Earth was pushed out to the third orbit occupying the previous position held by Mars. The Earth was now ready to be colonized. Most of the surviving amphibians were transported to a new home on Neptune. Some stayed in the newly formed oceans.

The Reptilians who were inside the hollow comet, now Venus, came to the surface of this new world. They built seven domed cities, one for each of the seven groups in the hierarchy. In the mid-1980s one of New York's daily papers, Newsday, reported that a Soviet space probe penetrated the cloud layer of Venus and photographed seven white domes the size of small cities, all in a row.

These seven volcanic domes were discovered in Magellan's radar images. They all have round shapes that are about 25 thousand meters across, and steep sides that are less than 750 meters high. Their central vents may be lined up along a crack in the surface. These domes are interpreted as very thick, stiff and sluggish lava flows, rather than the fluid and runny type. Eruptions of the pasty, viscous lava, coming from a central vent on a relatively level surface, would form the circular, flattened shapes that resemble giant pancakes. Since there is little or no erosion by wind or water on Venus, newer pancakes look much the same as the ones on which they are superimposed. (Courtesy of JPL and NASA. Copyright 2010, Professor Kenneth R. Lang, Tufts University)

After a page-long diatribe, the American scientists concluded that this was all a natural formation.

The Reptilians drove a large, hollowed out object into Earths orbit to begin the colonization process. This object is now called the Moon. Conventional science considers the Moon natural, yet it is the only known object in space that does not spin on its axis. The Moon faces the Earth in the same position all of the time, leaving one side in complete darkness. A sonic resonance sent to the surface of the Moon makes a pinging noise like a hollow object. If the Moon were solid, the noise would sound like a thump or thud. The Moon is hollow. A recent article in an astronomy magazine said that the Moon was being reclassified because it is considered to be hollow.

The Reptilians chose a large continental landmass to begin their civilization on the Earth, now referred to as Lemuria or Mu. This was a vast area in what is now the Pacific Basin, extending from Japan to Australia, and from the coast of California to Peru. The Hawaiian Islands are in the middle of this one-time landmass.

Here, an androgynous Reptilian culture developed. They brought with them the creatures that were their sustenance the dinosaurs. All beings create beneath them animals and plants that are a reflection of the mind-pattern. Reptilians create dinosaurs, humans create mammals. They are not designed to coexist on the same planet.

Additionally, the thinking process of the Reptilians differs from the human thinking process. Because Reptilians do not evolve rapidly and remain unchanging, their expansion is also slow moving and insidious. It would take several millennia for the Reptilians to decide whether or not they would coexist with humans. After all, Earth was still an outpost far from the centre of the Draconian Empire.

In the meantime, the Martians were now living underground with their hostile Maldekian guests. Something had to be done quickly to prevent them from destroying one another. So, the Martians petitioned the Galactic Federation to remove the Maldekian refugees to another planet. The Galactic Federation also received a petition from the Pleiadian Council at the same time, asking the Federation to remove the Atlans from their star cluster.

The Federation thus decided to use the Atlans as a counterbalance on Earth. If the Atlans survived, the Maldekians would also be sent. The human/Lyraen descendants were literally throwing their own riffraff to the Reptilian colonists on Earth. In this way, the Federation would get rid of their undesirables. The undesirables would occupy the attention of the Reptilians. The Federation would gain valuable time to build their own forces against the Reptilians.

When the Atlans arrived on the Earth, they colonized what became known as Atlantis. Their continent stretched from what is now the Caribbean Basin to the Azores and Canary Islands, as well as several small island chains reaching up to what is now the East Coast of the United States, including Montauk Point.

The industrious Atlanteans rapidly grew to a large, prospering civilization needing more territory. The dinosaur population was rapidly increasing and becoming dangerous to the human colonists. The Atlanteans began destroying the dinosaurs to protect themselves. This did not sit well with the Reptilians. Soon major battles occurred on the Earth between the Lemurian Reptilians and Atlantean humans.

At the same time, the Maldekian refugees arrived on Earth. They created a large human colony in what is now the Gobi desert, northern India, Sumer, and other parts of Asia.

The Maldekians attacked the lunar surface where the Reptilians guarded their Earth outpost from invasion. The Maldekians also bombarded Atlantis and Lemuria with laser weapons. The dinosaurs were wiped out.

Additionally, the Martians also attacked the Reptilians from space since they, too, were searching for a Reptilian-free environment in which to live. This might be considered the real First World War on this planet.

It was a mess!


1. The Sirians were at war with the Orion system. This hostility exists to this day. It is intriguing since the beings in Orion were once very human, as Lyraen colonists, and then were taken over by the Reptilians. However, the Sirians and the Reptilians trade with each other and the beings from Sirius A sell weaponry to the Dracos! A complex political situation indeed.

2. The comet also caused the planet Uranus to flip on its side. It is the only known planet that rotates north-South instead of East-West.

The loss of the Martian atmosphere caused by Draco’s playing billiards became the "Total Recall" legend (movie about Martian history and the oxygen war). The Draco bases there today still have no hesitation to shoot down a NASA probe, although increasingly as the US government becomes a satellite of the shape-shifters- they begin to let a few Earth probes in.

The Reptilian agenda was, and is, to seek out the human refugees for destruction or assimilation, and to use their blood and hormones for sustenance.

It is said those (Ophanim? Seraphim? winged Dracs? Ciakar? Cherubim?) who placed the Draco in our galactic sector knew that the humanoid remnant would need an aggressive parasite to trigger development. Further the result of the part of the humanoid blood on Earth today receiving a blood line cross from Draco (URu cross with Ibi) - is beneficial. (see Lawrence Gardner defending his Drac family root). This is related to usually AN or Celtic or British RH negative blood.

The reptilian Drac blood Enki (RA - abRAham) crossed with the cro-magnon monkey blood had DNA was LESS vital than the indigenous (RHesus) monkey blood. So the reptilians had to keep in-breeding (as in Holy Blood Holy Grail) - consistent with what Swerdlow says below. Areas (UK) where this RHESUS Monkey blood is absent (RH negative) may lead the world in lack of compassion. E-liz-a beth (from Lizard born) breeds a line where no permission to cry produces a stiff upper lip.

As far as the history of this planet is concerned, you can consider that everything you ever learned is a complete lie. All history and science books are rewritten to accommodate the agenda of the controllers of this planet. These books are just as false as the New Age material spewing forth from such places as Sedona and Santa Fe, to name a couple of Illuminati meccas.

Disinformation is rampant everywhere. My information comes from my Montauk Project indoctrinations, experiences, conversations with scientists involved in Illuminati programs, communications with alien and interdimensional beings whom I met at various government projects, and through the probing of my own Oversoul.

I cannot offer you physical proof at this time. I can only tell you that it is available in certain places. Although all existence is simultaneous, and time and space are merely illusions of physical reality, for the purpose of this book I will present the majority of history from a linear perspective. There are also infinite universes, both physical and non-physical, but for now, I will only tell you about this one.

To understand how the Illuminati came to power, or even to comprehend what they are, it is important to understand the beginning of life on this world and its progression.

I do not believe in any religion, organized or otherwise. All religions, no matter what they are, are forms of group mind-control designed to manipulate large masses of people to stop thinking for themselves. I do believe in God. It has no religion.

In the subsequent years following the publication of my last book, much has been written about by other researchers concerning Reptilians and their rituals. This theme has found its way into the psyche of the public. Most people are still not willing to accept or even entertain the idea that hybrid Reptilians are in control of this planet and perform blood rituals and ceremonies using humans as the source of food and hormones. I wish it were not true. But I cannot change history, current events, or what I know to be true.

The controllers plan the pattern of coming events in such a way to purposefully disorient the masses while they alone see the destination and the order of life. The masses are lead to believe that haphazard events amidst chaos shape their existence.

In true reality, there is no such thing as chaos. Chaos is simply a pattern not yet understood or perceived.

Think about an ant crawling over a designed, tiled floor. The ant may seem confused or disoriented; not knowing which way to go. But a human being watching the ant from a higher perspective clearly sees the floor pattern and knows which way the ant can get to its destination. To the ant, there is only perceived chaos. To the human, there is a prescribed pattern.

To the controllers, the humans are the ants. The controllers are interested in directing the people in such a way that they do not know that they are being directed. The controllers work slowly and methodically from a global perspective to accomplish their goals.

With awareness, you too, can perceive order from the chaos, make some conscious decisions, and gain control of your own life and destiny.

by Stewart A. Swerdlow
from GoldenMean Website

20 May 2016

The Reptilians - Why They are so Obsessed with Bloodline and Ritual

In Between "Worlds"

The reptilian and other entities, which are manipulating our world by possessing "human" bodies, operate in frequencies between the Third and Fourth densities.

These are referred to as "hidden spaces and planes unknown to man", in the apparently ancient Emerald Tablets, which I quote from in "Children of the Matrix". For simplicity, I refer to this "between world" in my books as the lower fourth dimension.

It is from here that they police our vibrational prison - the Matrix - and seek to addict and restrict us to the dense physical senses. This world was once far less dense than it is today and the "fall" down the frequencies, caused by the manipulation of incarnate consciousness and DNA infiltration, has made it so much more difficult to maintain a multi-dimensional connection while in physical form.

We are now in a cycle of change when the vibration of this "world" will be raised out of dense physicality and return to where it once was. In doing so, the reptilians’ ability to manipulate our physical form will be removed and this is why they are in such a panic at this time to prevent this shift from opening the vibrational prison door.

The reptilians and other manipulating entities exist only just outside the frequency range of our physical senses. Their own physical form has broken down and they can no longer re-produce.

Thus they have sought to infiltrate human form and so use that to exist and control in this dimension. They chose the Earth for this infiltration because it most resembles in vibration the locations from which they originate.

These reptilians are addicted to the dense physical "world" and the sensations it offers and they have no desire to advance higher. Their aim in this period is to stop the Earth and incarnate humanity from making the shift from dense physical prison into multi-dimensional paradise.

From what I understand, this dense physical world is caught in a manufactured time "loop", in which "time" is a circle, constantly repeating itself. Note that one of the ancient symbols for "infinity" is the snake swallowing its own tail. The pentagram or five-pointed star, so prevalent in Satanism, is also symbolic of this unbroken "time" cycle, the vibrational prison.

The period we are now experiencing has, therefore, been played out before. We are just at that point again in the repeating circle or cycle, like a rat running on one of those wheels in a cage. No matter how fast it runs, it keeps covering the same ground. What we need to do is break the "time" circle and thus the prison.

We are now in that part of the circle that is most vulnerable to this because of the vibrational changes taking place in this part of the Universe and this is why the control of humans has tightened so rapidly in this period - they are doing everything they can to defend their prison from the awakening of the inmates.

The micro-chip is crucial to that.

Genetic Corruption

These reptilians and their allies have corrupted Earth DNA with their own and this genetic infiltration lies dormant until it is activated by the vibrational fields generated by the Illuminati secret society rituals, and others in the public eye like the carefully designed coronations and official ceremonies of many kinds, including even the UK State Opening of Parliament and certainly those of the various religions.

This activation is now also being inflicted upon the general population through technology on Earth and in space, no doubt, and this channeled entity said that the cloning program is there to develop designer bodies for the reptilians of the "in between world" that would not require the overpowering of an already incarnate consciousness.]

Once activated, the DNA opens the body to possession by these reptilians and other beings, and this is what is happening, for example, to Freemasons in the rituals that most of them deliver parrot fashion while having no idea of their vibrational significance. This is why the Illuminati are so obsessed with knowing a person’s bloodline. They know which have the potential for this activation and possession and which do not.

The Mormon Church genealogical data base and now the DNA data banks are designed to identify those with the bloodline.

These are the people who are given jobs and roles that serve the Illuminati agenda, while most of them have no idea what is really going on and what they are being used for. Their DNA is then activated and they go through a change of character (a phrase I have heard so many times in relation to such people once they advance in the system) and a very different consciousness takes over their mental and emotional processes.

This is why it is so important for everyone to stay well clear of ritual, no matter how innocent it may appear on the surface. I would include "New Age" ritual in this, too. I don’t mean standing in a circle, connecting together and projecting loving thoughts, etc. I mean carefully constructed ritual that is constantly repeated, as with religious ceremony for example. I am beginning to realize why I have had a life-long aversion to taking part in ritual of any kind.

Each new generation of the Illuminati bloodline families is exposed to the appropriate ritual to activate their possession by the reptilian entities and so the cycle goes on. The phrase that comes to mind is "...forgive them for they know not what they do."

P.S.: Apparently, this DNA infiltration is known within the inner circles of the British royal family as the "family disease". They are actually in fear of it because they know that once it is activated they will be taken over.

But of course they are caught in a world of constant ritual and ceremony designed specifically to activate their possession. It is catch 22. Without the ritual they cannot be the royal family, but with the ritual they are activated and possessed. The thought and emotional processes of the UK’s Queen Mother are not those of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the little girl officially born into that body 101 years ago.

They are controlled by the reptilian entity or entities, which possessed her after the hybrid DNA activation. 

In summary, a race of interbreeding bloodlines, a race within a race in fact, were centered in the Middle and Near East in the ancient world and , over the thousands of years since, have expanded their powers across the globe.

A crucial aspect of this has been to create a network of my stery schools and secret societies to covertly introduce their agenda while, at the same time, creating institutions like religions to mentally and emotionally imprison the masses and set them at war with each other. The hierarchy of this tribe of bloodlines is not exclusively male and some of its key positions are held by women. But in terms of numbers it is overwhelmingly male and I will therefore refer to this group as the Brotherhood.

Even more accurately, given the importance of ancient Babylon to this story, I will also call it the Babylonian Brotherhood. The plan they term their ’Great Work of Ages’, I will call the Brotherhood Agenda

I will refer to the clay tablets, therefore as the Sumerian texts or tablets. They are one of the greatest historical finds imaginable and yet 150 years after they were discovered they are still ignored by conventional history and education.


Because they demolish the official version of events.... according to (Zecharia Sitchin) the texts say that the Sumerian civilization... was a "gift from the gods". Not mythical gods, but physical ones who lived among the. The tablets call these gods the AN.UNNAK.KI (Those from Heaven to Earth came), and DIN.GIR (The Righteous Ones of the Blazing Rockets).

The ancient text known as the Book of Enoch also calls the gods the "Watchers", as did the Egyptians. The egyptian name for their Gods, the Neteru, liberally translates as Watchers and they said that their gods came in heavenly boats. 

According to Zecharia Sitchin, the tablets describe how the Anunnaki came from a planet called Nibiru (The Planet of the Crossing)... during the early formation of the solar system, Nibiru caused the near destruction of a planet that once existed between Jupiter and Mars. The Sumerians called it Tiamet, a planet they nicknamed the Watery Monster.

They say that it was debris from Tiamet’s collision with a Nubiru moon which created the Great Band Bracelet - the asteroid belt which is found between Mars and Jupiter. What remained of Tiamet was thrown into another orbit, the text says, and eventually became the Earth.

The Sumerian name for the Earth means Cleaved one because a vast hole was created , they say, by the collision. Interestingly if you take away the water in the Pacific Ocean you will be left with a gigantic hole. 


The more I weave together incredible amounts of information, the more it seems to me that we are talking of two distinct situations running side by side.

There were other extraterrestrial races at large on the Earth, and still are, as well as the extraterrestrial race which the Sumerians called the Anunnaki and other ancient texts called the serpent race...In their physical expression, the Anunnaki are one of the many inner-Earth races which live underground in the enormous catacombs, caverns and tunnels below the surface.

A Hopi Indian legend says that a very ancient tunnel complex exists under Los Angeles and this, they say, was occupied by a ’lizzard’ race some 5,000 years ago.

In 1933 G. Warren Shufelt, an LA mining engineer, claimed to have found it. Today, it is said, some malevolent Freemasonic rituals are held in this tunnel complex. There has been a massive cover up by the authorities of the existence of these subterranean races and where they live.

In 1909 a subterranean city which was built with the precision of the the ’Great Pyramid was found by G. E. Kinkaid near the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

It was big enough to accommodate 50,000 people and mummified bodies found were of oriental or possibly Egyptian origin, according to the expedition leader Professor S. A. Jordan. 


My own research suggests that it is from another dimension, the lower fourth dimension, that the reptilian control and manipulation is primarily orchestrated.

Without understanding the multidimensional nature of life and the universe, it is impossible to follow the manipulation of the Earth by a non-human force. As open minded scientists are now confirming, Creation consists of an infinite number of frequencies or dimensions of life sharing the same space in the same way that radio and television frequencies do.

At the moment you are tuned to the three-dimensional world or third dimension and so that is what you perceive as your reality.... It is from one of these other stations or dimensions, that the Serpent Race, the Anunnaki, is controlling this world by ’possessing’ certain bloodline streams... 

Other people know this as the lower astral dimension, the legendary home of demons and malevolent entities in their black magic rituals....

Then there are the experiences of Cathy O’Brian, the mind controlled slave of the United States Government for more than 25 years, which she details in her astonishing book, Trance Formation Of America, written with Mark Phillips.

She was sexually abused as a child and an adult by a stream of famous people named in her book. Among them were the US Presidents, Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton and most appallingly, George Bush, a major player in the brotherhood, as my books and others have long exposed.

It was Bush a pedophile and serial killer, who regularly abused and raped Cathy’s daughter, Kelly O’ Brian, as a toddler before her mother’s courageous exposure of these staggering events forced the authorities to remove Kelly from the mind control program known as Project Monarch. Cathy writes in Trance Formation of America of how George Bush was sitting in front of her in his office in Washington DC when he opened up a book at a page depicting "lizard-like aliens from a far off, deep space place".

Bush then claimed to be an ’alian’ himself and appeared, before her eyes, to transform ’like chameleon’ into a reptile... I know other people who have seen George Bush shape-shift into a reptilian. 

It is clear that Diana knew about the true nature of the royal family’s genetic history and the reptilian control. Her nicknames for the Windsor were the "lizards" and the "reptiles" and she used to say in all seriousness:

"They’re not human"... The brotherhood obsession with Scotland, she said, was because there are many entrances their into inner-Earth where the physical reptiles live...

She said that during the sacrificial rituals the Queen wears a cloak of gold fabric inlaid with rubies and black onyx.

The Queen and Charles have their own ritual goblets, inlaid with precious stones signifying their Illuminati-Brotherhood rank.

The Mother Goddess says that that queen makes cruel remarks about lesser initiates, but is afraid of a man code-named ’Pindar’ (The Marquis de Libeaux) who is higher in the Satanic hierarchy.


Incorporated in this category, are extraterrestrial species such as the Illuminati, Draconians, Grays, Annunaki, and the Reptilians, to name just a few.

During the sinking of Atlantis, the technology which projected a protective beam around our planet, was deactivated, as the beam technology sank with Atlantis.

Reptilian/Human Galactic History and Current Situation

by Paul Richard Atkinson

The great human and reptilian conflict was spawned millions of years ago in the Lyra constellation. Reptilian beings came in many different manifestations such as the great white Dracos, crocodile humanoids, lizard humanoids, snake humanoids and other various reptilian beings.The reptilians, an ancient race, billions of years old, settled into the constellation of Draco at least thirty five million years ago. One of the main settlements was on a planet called Tiphan that orbits Alpha Draconis. (According to some), many reptile beings were created by bird beings. The Draconians, eventually colonised other planets in their system. Most notably, Eta Draconis which has two colonised planets by the names of Sam`Kech`Qlah and Seck`ha`lak`b`ekn. Stigma Draconis is said to have two planets colonised one by the name of Dosk`Qech`Qlah. Such planets are said to have red or orange grasslands and many vast dinosaurs which the Dracos often ride and use in battles. The bird beings were an ancient race who helped seed the universe along with another ancient race of feline people. The feline people, who were to later colonise planets arond Sirius A, eventually created their own race; humans!

Lion people, another ancient race, billions of years old, and a benevolent and fearless race, created humans (according to some sources), in the constellation of Lyra upon a planet called Avyon that orbitted the star Vega approximately eight to six million years ago. Such humans were created to be upper chakra, feminine beings of the light. Whereas, the bird beings, who created the reptilian beings, created the reptilian beings to be lower chakra, masculine beings of logic. The lion people told humans that they were to live in peace with other sentient beings in the universe, who they would one day encounter. However, the bird people had told the reptilians that they were to conquer any other beings they found in the universe and that they were the superior race.

Bird people were very intellectual beings, and very militaristic, and other ancient race. The bird beings had passed these traits onto the reptilians. And, likewise, the felines, who were very clever and emotional beings, imbued humans with their traits too. So, you had two races who were the exact opposites of each other, both in their physiologies, and their psychologies. After the lion people had seeded humans on a planet that orbited the star; Vega in Lyra, a group of lizard people who had settled in Orion, arrived on the humans planet. Such reptilian beings had encountered other universal races before, most notably dolphin people and amphibian people, who they had warred with, and enslaved some of them. But the humans had never seen another race other than their universal creators the lion people. So, when both humans and reptilians encountered each other there was shock and surprise on both sides, especially the humans.

The two races, despite their vast differences, mingled peacefully and even interbreed on the pink grassed and purple skied planet, which possessed a great blue sun. However, news of this peaceful interaction reached hardcore members of the Draconian Empire, a great reptilian outer space organisation who believed that the only way order could be imposed in the universe was for beings to adhere to a rigid and tyrannical regime. When such beings heard that lizard people and humans were not only peacefully interacting, but interbreeding too, they decided that this must be stopped as it was in conflict with their philosophy. And, so the Draconian beings eventually attacked the humans home planet and other planets in the Lyra system which humans had fled to. The planets were known by different names; Bila, Teka and Merck, were some.

The Draconians destroyed the humans home world and other human planets that orbited Vega. After the destruction of the humans home world, humans were forced to migrate to other parts of the universe, most notably Sirius, Andromeda and the Pleiades. Humans skin colour as a result of such migration, changed to numerous colours, particularly blue and red due to humans residing on worlds that possessed blue and red suns. There were many human/reptilian hybrids that were children of the Lyrans, and these beings migrated with the humans too. The humans who migrated to Andromeda were the most successful and avoided many of the hardships which the humans who migrated elsewhere endured. The humans who migrated to Sirius, had a most unfortunate demise. (Later, however, more humans would migrate to Sirius and live in peace.) The initial humans who migrated to Sirius blamed the reptilian beings for the destruction of their cherished home world and hated anything remotely reptilian, including the human/reptilian hybrids. The hybrids, who eventually were seen as another race, fled to another planet as humans began to hunt them and kill them. Humans, upon discovering the fact that the hybrids had fled to another planet in their solar system, feared an imminent invasion from the hybrids. So, they took what they thought to be pre-emptive action - they fired a scalar wave weapon at the Sirius B sun - in an attempt to destroy the hybrids planet which was closer to the sun than their planet. However, the weapon was so powerful that not only did the humans destroy the hybrids planet, but they destroyed their own planet too! (Hence the state of the Sirius B sun today, a decimated star.)

The humans who fled to the Pleiades on the other hand had a different fate. They, having experienced what too much lower chakra energy can do, decided to completely polarise themselves to the light and exclude usage of their lower charkas. This induced stagnation, and it attracted their polar opposite; reptilians from the Empire who were polarised in the lower charkas. These beings, using vast reptilian created robots that resembled giant spiders, ants and wasps destroyed the humans planet in the Pleiades. The planet was Earth-like and possessed two yellow suns. After this dreadful event, about four and a half million years ago, humans banded together with their lion people elders and they formed an opposition force to combat the Draconian Empire; it was called . . . The Galactic Federation.

Blue humans appealed to the feline people for a new home, and the felines gave them the Sirius B constellation and helped them to colonise it again after the previous destruction. Planet Atarmunk and Muktarin, were colonised and they are the third and fouurth planets that orbit Sirius B. Such planets possess purple skies and orange soil. The humans reside in vast subterranean crystal cities. Many more planets in the Pleiades were colonised by humans and other beings and they basked in tranquillity on such planets. Elsewhere; the Draconian Empire had other problems to deal with.

Robots that were created by the Draconian Empire to conquer worlds, turned on their reptilian creators and a vicious war ensued between them. The robots won that war. The robots then travelled to Andromeda and because they was programmed to destroy all humans by the Empire, they sought to do just that and all organic life too. Galactic Federation crystalline robots, were created and they helped to reprogramme the Empire`s metallic machines of destruction. There were many other instances of human and reptilian wars in the galaxy at this time, so many in fact, that one could write entire volumes upon. However, I will chronicle that which is most relevant.

In Orion, numerous humans and other beings were both microchipped and enslaved on Orion planets, which orbited a vast red sun, and turned into drug addicts who had to dig for gold in order to receive their fix. The gold fed the Dracos desire for power. The Orion humans were also imprisoned in lower energy electromagnetic fences that prevented higher energies from entering. (Such a fence was also employed over Earth, but is now being dismantled by Federation forces.) At this period of time in the universe, many beings became involved in the great galactic wars, there was reptilian humanoids from the stars of Draco, bird humanoids from Orion, insect humanoids from Orion, grey humanoids from Zeta Reticuli and beings with seven eyes and tentacles emanating from their heads from the Triangulum Galaxy. Such beings mainly were Draconian Empire members. Feline humanoids from Sirius A, bear humanoids from Tau Ceti, horse humanoids from Arcturus, dolphin humanoids from Nu Ceti and crystal humanoids from Sirius A who were mainly Galactic Federation members. Many other beings were members of such organisations.

Many humans turned to the dark and joined forces with the Draconian Empire which was utilising the dark side of the creative force for its attempted domination of the galaxy.

Likewise many reptilian beings turned to the light and joined the Galactic Federation which generally utilised the benevolent side of the creative force. Reptilian beings were welcomed with open arms by many Federation members.

Approximately one million years ago, the great human/reptilian conflict spilled over into Earth`s solar system. Galactic Federation humans and other beings had colonised Earth, Venus, and Mars and Maldek. Such planets were four water worlds in unison. A true rarity in the galaxy. The Draconian Empire soon discovered this, and they invaded and colonised the fourth water world; Maldek. Maldek became one of their greatest assets and planets for the Draconian Empire. From Maldek, they planned to overthrow the Galactic Federation orientated Mars, Earth and Venus.

Devastatingly abhorrent and appallingly catastrophic galactic wars were fought in Earth`s constellation, hence many of the vast holes on the aforementioned planets which are classed as meteor creators, when in fact most are the result of nuclear weaponry being employed by either the Draconian Empire or the Galactic federation.

The lion people and the humans managed to rid Earth of many of the Draconian forces.

However, the Draconian forces were hardened and fearless warriors who excelled in their militaristic brilliance. With the help of their vastly intelligent and cunningly minded bird people creators, the Draconian forces decimated Mars and Venus, with scalar wave weaponry.

And, they vastly damaged Earth too. In retaliation for such destruction Galactic Federation forces, employed their great battleship planet; Nibiru.

Nibiru destroyed Maldek the great reptilian headquarters, nine hundred thousand years ago. Maldek became the asteroid belt located between Mars and Jupiter.

After this unholy destruction, Lemuria was destroyed by Atlantis.

Lemuria was mostly human, (galactic humans from numerous star systems), and democratic, whereas Atlantis was mostly human, but authoritarian and many Atlantians had sided with the Draconian forces. Atlantis was infiltrated by Draconian forces and Atlantis despised democracy and sought to impose a new world order of authoritarian dictatorship. Atlantis attacked and destroyed Lemuria twelve thousand years ago and sunk in negativity shortly afterwards due to abuse of telekinetic and psychic powers.

Then, Draconian forces resorted to clandestinely and surreptitiously incarnating into Earth humans and they imposed a human/reptilian bloodline to rule Earth and such a bloodline possessed blue reptilian blood; the royals.

In Egyptian times there was an all out war of the Gods on Earth. Reptilian and bird people fought lion people and humans. Many other beings also fought at this time too. And there was even a battle between bird people and reptile people.

In the great hieroglyphics such beings are clearly depicted and in Egyptian statues too.

Obviously, the great pyramids which are still technological and architectural masterpieces today, were built via alien technology. The pyramids and various other Egyptian stars align perfectly with star constellations. Mere primitives could not have constructed such phenomenal structures or induced stellar alignments at a time of at least five thousand years ago.

The great empires on Earth from Persia to Rome, (and modern day empires) were generally reptilian infiltrated empires. And in modern times reptilian beings have generally controlled the Earth.

The galactic wars continued in the galaxy. Many more planets were destroyed, some human, and some reptilian. Brutally horrific and heinously vile wars ensued between the Galactic Federation and the Draconian Empire; billions of humans and reptilians perished in the polarised war. The Empire believed that the only way to induce order in the universe was to impose a hierarchical dictatorship and the Federation believed that democracy and freedom was the way to peace.

In the mist of such galactic warring, humans on Earth, a very important planet both in Draconian religions, and Federation prophecies, began to wake up. And such an awaking induced a peace treaty between the Galactic Federation and the Draconian Empire. In 1995 a great treaty was signed on both sides and millions of years of galactic warring suddenly ceased. Yes, there were many hardcore Draconian members who refused to accept the peace, and such beings warred with the Draconians who did accept the peace, and eventually the Draconians who accepted the treaty prevailed. There is now peace on the Draco planets. Many reptilians left Earth and the underground bases after the treaty. Vast Galactic Federation motherships joined with Draconian spaceships, (which were once colossal warships) for the betterment of the galaxy and beyond.

And that brings us to today.

Former hardcore, devoted loyalists to the Draconian Empire regime, are now mingling in unprecedented, tranquil, reposeful and superlative peace with Federation members. This galactic peace has induced numerous star nations and beings who were once neutral due to not wanting to become involved in the polarised war between the Federation and the Empire to join the Galactic Federation. Membership has astronomically increased in the last ten years. Membership has gone from encompassing over two hundred thousand star nations to encompassing over four hundred thousand! That is double in the space of a mere ten years. It is hoped that the entire galaxy will join the Federation and end the game of polarity integration. The Galactic Federation seeks to unite all races and solar systems and desires every race to mingle in peace. And Earth is due to become a member once again of the Galactic Federation.

Seeing as there is a peace treaty on the galactic scale; hopefully this information will be greeted with acceptance with Earthlings, star seeds from galactic humans or reptilian races, or star seeds from other galactic races. Both humans and reptilians and, indeed, other races have been guilty of universal destruction for millions of years, and this article has not been wrote to condemn one side as good or bad, but to elucidate the veracity of the situation. There was simply two philosophies; one which believed in tyrannical governance and one which believed in a democratic policy. Ultimately and transcendentally, one cannot judge either as good or bad, there was simply two polarity opposites; one which believed that tyrannical governance was the way to order and the other which believed that democratic freedom was the way to peace. Now that such philosophises have successfully reconciled their polarity differences, one can only hope that Earthlings regardless of their galactic reincarnational lineage can do the same.