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20 May 2016

Mysterious Black Knight Satellite Is Real

Amazing video below reveals the mystery behind the Black Knight Satellite

The Black Knight Satellite is perhaps one of the most controversial ‘objects’ to orbit our planet. The enigmatic ‘Satellite’ believed to be of Alien origin has caused major media uproar since the late 50’s and has become one of the most discussed topics in recent years.

The ‘Alien’ satellite became famous when the St. Louis Dispatch and The San Francisco Examiner wrote about the “Satellite” on May 14th, 1954.

Even the time Magazine wrote about it on the seventh of March, 1960. Here is what they said about it.

Three weeks ago, headlines announced that the U.S. had detected a mysterious “dark” satellite wheeling overhead on a regular orbit. There was nervous speculation that it might be a surveillance satellite launched by the Russians, and it brought the uneasy sensation that the U.S. did not know what was going on over its own head. But last week the Department of Defense proudly announced that the satellite had been identified. It was a space derelict, the remains of an Air Force Discoverer satellite that had gone astray. Read the complete story by visiting the Time Magazine website.

On August 23, 1954, the technology magazine Aviation Week and Space Technology released a story about the enigmatic Black Knight Satellite. The story allegedly angered the Pentagon, who tried hard to keep the information about the satellite a secret.

Even Nikola Tesla is said to have intercepted a radio transmission fro the Black Knight. Tesla observed unusual signals from his receiver; Tesla concluded that these signals might be signals that have originated somewhere in space.

He mentioned these signals in a letter to reporter Julian Hawthorne at the Philadelphia North American on 8 December 1899 and in a December 1900 letter about possible discoveries in the new century to the Red Cross Society where he referred to messages “from another world” that read “1… 2… 3…”.

It was believed to be a Russian Spy Satellite at first, however, later studies revealed inconclusive results. But perhaps the biggest question is how long has it been there and who put the mysterious satellite into orbit, and not just any orbit but Polar Orbit.

Interestingly, during the flight of Sputnik 1 in 1957, an Unidentified Flying Object was seen following the spacecraft. Later reports indicated that the enigmatic object seen shadowing the Sputnik was in Polar Orbit, however, in 1957, neither the United States nor the Russians had the necessary technology to maintain a spacecraft in Polar Orbit. This fact raised numerous questions as to what the object was, and who was able to put it into a polar orbit at a time when the two most powerful countries on the surface of the planet, could not. The first Polar-orbiting satellite was launched in 1960.

This video tells us a lot about the mysterious Black Knight Satellite.

What is fascinating is the fact that in modern times, polar orbits are often used for earth-mapping, earth observation, capturing the earth as time passes from one point and reconnaissance satellites. This would put the Black Knight in the category of an observational Satellite.

The Black Knight was extremely impressive, not only for media but for governmental agencies and private corporations. On September 3, 1960, seven months after the satellite was first detected by radar, a tracking camera at Grumman Aircraft Corporation’s Long Island factory took a photograph of the Black Knight satellite.

Three years after the mystery object was tracked on radar, in 1963, Gordon Cooper was launched into space, and on the last orbit, the American astronaut reported seeing a mysterious object with a green glow in front of his capsule, moving towards him. The Muchea tracking station, in Australia, which Cooper reported the object to, picked up this Unidentified object on Radar travelling East to West.

What the Black Knight Satellite remains a great mystery for some, and while many have rejected the existence of the satellite, many believe the object exists but is nothing more than space debris floating around.

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