29 September 2015

September Monthly Update by Cobra

You might want to listen to September monthly update Cobra interview by Rob Potter here:

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As you can see, the world did not end in September, and things will appear to be business a usual until the final breakthrough. The supermoon eclipse was beautiful though and I took some pictures of the partial umbral phase:

Of the first contact moment of totality:

And of the total eclipse itself:


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25 September 2015

Sanskrit Writings Reveal UFOs Visited India More than 6000 Years Ago

Did you know that NASA recently brought together scientists, philosophers and theologians from all over the planet to prepare the world for extraterrestrial contact?? You can read more about that here.

India’s greatest writings, the Vedas, talk about ‘flying ships’ or UFOs that visited the continent likely more than 6000 years ago.

NASA Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan recently said:

“I think we’re going to have strong indications of life beyond Earth within a decade . . .I think we’re going to have definitive evidence within 20-30 years.”

It isn’t going to take that long. UFOs have already been visiting us for centuries.

Stofan goes on to say:

“We’re on the verge of things that people have wondered about for millennia. Within all of our lifetimes we’re going to understand that there is life on other bodies in the solar system. We’re going to understand the implications of that for life here on Earth.”
The truth is – people haven’t just wondered. They’ve known. Visitations by other-worldly beings have been happening through many cultures around the world, possibly for eons, and this is ‘disclosed’ in numerous ancient documents.

When the military industrial complex, or, NASA, as a small part of the cabal strong arm ‘discloses’ that ‘we’re going to have definitive evidence within decades’ it’s a ruse. Even JFK’s murder, and the silencing of thousands of whistleblowers is less astounding when you consider how long many human beings have been aware of the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial beings. While the efforts to hide this fact from modern humanity have been circumspect in the least, this news has very much been out in the open for those willing to look.

Only in very recent times have human beings questioned whether or not we were joined by other life forms in this universe. There is good reason for this.

The Vedas illustrated two main categories for UFOs. They are described in Sanskrit, using terms that are normally reserved to describe architecture, automata, military siege engines, and other mechanical contrivances, or in more recent works, such as the Mahabharata, the Puranas, and the Ramayana, there are more descriptions. One book called the Vaimanika Shastra (The Science of Aeronautics) is said to have been downloaded while a yogic sage was deep in trance, and it supposedly contains much knowledge from the Akashic records. Some of these texts infer that these crafts were controlled with our minds – essentially utilizing advanced technology which has been withheld from the masses in modern times.

Levitation and anti-gravity could have been utilized for centuries. Boeing, the world’s largest aircraft carrier manufacturer, recently declared that they were ‘working on’ anti-gravity and that it would ‘alter the entire aerospace industry,’ but they aren’t working on anything new.
Many believe that the Vedas speak of not only off-planet “flying ships” but also human-created craft.

Dr. V. Raghavan, a respected Sanskrit scholar of the University of Madras points to the ancient documents of India to prove that off-planet humans, and aliens alike visited the earth.

Raghavan says:

“Fifty years of researching this ancient work convinces me that there are living being s on other planets, and that they were visiting the earth as far back as 4000 B.C..”

He goes on to explain:

“There is a just a mass of fascinating information about flying machines, even fantastic science fiction weapons, that can be found in translations of the Vedas (scriptures), Indian epics, and other ancient Sanskrit text”.

The scholar explains different types of technologies that appear in the Mahabrahata, and theRamayanas. Everything from ‘divine light’ to ray weapons, and even some kind of ‘hypnotic weapon’ is described.

When Boeing admits that they are working on anti-gravitation propulsion, “that will change the future of aerospace aviation as we know it,” and Eugene Podkletnov’s gravity beam is said to be able to “punch through brick and warp metal like a sledgehammer,” it becomes clear that some very powerful technologies have been suppressed.

Likely, beings that visited our planet over millennia shared at least some of their advanced technologies with humans.

Though some of these technologies can be used to wage war, some can be used to support life, and in our case, clean up a distressed planet. As Collective Evolution previously reported, multiple scientists have already confirmed that free energy exists.

As the Orion Project explains, “the U.S. Patent Office has a nine-member committee that screens patents in order to protect “national security.” This means that possibly tens of thousands of advanced devices and technologies exist right now.

When disclosure occurs – again – we will learn of technologies hidden in over 4000 ‘unnumbered’ patentsthat the US government keeps hidden, and likely even more than this.

For thousands of years, we’ve been kept in the dark, but this is all about to change – possibly as soon as September.


21 September 2015

Most UFO activity in the orbit of our sun - September 16, 2015

September 16, 2015, there was a great activity of different types of UFOs orbiting our sun. For more information, please visit http://x-u-f-o.blogspot.com Look for updates on this channel. Thank you for watching. People should know the truth that hides NASA.

U.S. Defence Physicist Spills the Beans on What's Really Happening on the Moon

by Arjun Walia
September 16, 2015 

from Collective-Evolution Website

" I'm skeptical about many things, including the notion that government always knows best, and that the people can't be trusted with the truth. The time to pull the curtain back on this subject is long overdue.

We have statements from the most credible sources – those in a position to know – about a fascinating phenomenon, the nature of which is yet to be determined."
Chief of Staff for Bill Clinton, Counsellor To Barack Obama
(taken from Leslie Kean's 2010 New York Times bestseller, UFOs: Generals, Pilots, And Government Officials Go On The Record, in which Podesta wrote the forward)


For more on John Podesta and his comments on UFOs, you can read Councillor To Barack Obama Tweets Biggest Regret Of 2014: UFO Documents Will Remain Classified article.

For a short list of these "statements" (out of hundreds upon hundreds) that Podesta is referring to, you can check out NASA Brings Scientists & Theologians Together To Prepare World For Extraterrestrial Contact. There you will also find a few documents pertaining to UFOs.

Dr. John Brandenburg, PhD is a plasma physicist.

He did his graduate work in California at Lawrence Livermore National Lab in controlled plasmas for fusion power, and has worked in energy, defence, and space research for a number of years. He is currently a consultant at Morningstar applied Physics LLC, and a part-time instructor of Astronomy, Physics, and Mathematics at Madison College.

He is the principle inventor of the MET (Microwave Electro-Thermal or Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket) plasma thruster using water propellant for space propulsion.

Brandenburg was involved in the Clementine Mission to the Moon, which was part of a joint space project between the Ballistic Missile Defence Organization (BMDO) and NASA. The mission discovered water at the Moon's poles in 1994.

He was the deputy manager of that mission. (Source: page 16 of 18 - source - source)

It's noteworthy to mention here that the Russian government recently called for an international investigation into the U.S. moon landings regarding missing artifacts (lunar rock) and the disappearance of film footage. You can read more about that story on Russian Government Calls for International Investigation Into U.S. Moon Landings and for Good Reasons.

It was (the Clementine Mission) a photo reconnaissance mission basically to check out if someone was building bases on the moon that we didn't know about. Were they expanding them? 
(below video)

He also went on to state that after the completion of the Clementine Mission, they were analyzed by an elite defence department team with the highest security clearance:

They basically kept to themselves and just did their work, and we were told not to interfere with them… 

The mission was designed to investigate and map all corners of the moon.

This is a very brief background of someone who is clearly a well respected "academic" in his field. Not long ago, he joined a long and growing list of "academics" who are helping to pull back the curtain that's been blinding the masses for what seems to be a very long time, even though this subject is still ridiculed by some in the academic world.

It was during the Clementine Mission, more specifically, the mapping of the Lunar Surface, that he began to suspect an extraterrestrial presence on the moon.

"Of all the pictures I've seen from the moon that show possible structures, the most impressive is a picture of a miles wide recto-linear structure. This looked unmistakably artificial, and it shouldn't be there.

As somebody in the space defence community, I look on any such structure on the moon with great concern because it isn't ours, there's no way we could have built such a thing. It means someone else is up there."
(above video)

He's also been quoted as saying:

"We were aware there was a possibility of an unknown presence, possibly alien/extraterrestrial near the Earth… There I am sitting in a room of retired army and air-force generals and a few admirals, and we're watching what looks like a firefight in space.

The most senior general there... turned to me and said,

"Where do you think they're from?" and I said, "I don't know sir, I've heard they're from 40 light years from here."
(above video)

Bradenburg was and still is a very respected academic.

He did, however, open himself up to much criticism in 2012 when he suggested there was evidence of a thermonuclear war on Mars in the distant past. Since then, he has been heavily criticized, as has any one of the hundreds of credible witnesses that have now come forward to speak about the extraterrestrial reality.

With more and more people like coming forward, the stigma associated with such claims is slowly being mitigated, giving others the courage to share their stories. 

Here are a few quotes from other "academics," taken from a very long list:

"Intelligent beings from other star systems have been and are visiting our planet Earth. They are variously referred to as Visitors, Others, Star People, ETs, etc...

They are visiting Earth now; this is not a matter of conjecture or wistful thinking."
Theodor C. Loder III, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences, University of New Hampshire (source)

"There is another way, whether it's wormholes or warping space, there's got to be a way to generate energy so that you can pull it out of the vacuum, and the fact that they're here shows us that they found a way."
Jack Kasher, Ph.D
Professor Emeritus of physics, University of Nebraska (below video)
"There is abundant evidence that we are being contacted, that civilizations have been visiting us for a very long time. That their appearance is bizarre from any kind of traditional materialistic western point of view.

That these visitors use the technologies of consciousness, they use toroids, they use co-rotating magnetic disks for their propulsion systems, that seems to be a common denominator of the UFO phenomenon."
Dr. Brian O'Leary

Former NASA astronaut and Princeton physics professor (below video)

18 September 2015



Could the highly popular television series Stargate SG-1 (aired 1997 to 2007) be more science than fiction? Secret space program whistleblower Corey Goode claims it is based on real-life advanced travel technologies found all over the planet, solar system and galaxy. 

In the latest Cosmic Disclosure episode, “Portals: The Cosmic Web”, Goode responds to questions posed by the host, David Wilcock, about various kinds of travel technologies used by ancient societies and extraterrestrial civilizations. Goode described the difference between various “portal” or “wormhole” technologies that either naturally occurred, or were built by a highly advanced ancient civilization not known even to current extraterrestrial visitors to Earth. This is virtually the same scenario depicted in the Stargate SG-1 series, where stargates are described as being built by a race of beings called “the Ancients.”

Goode referred to technologies depicted in the Stargate SG-1 as a fairly accurate illustration of how ring-shaped ancient portals or “stargates” actually look and work. He said that the navigation system is similar to how the internet operates whereby numerical sequences are assigned for individual computers, networks, ISPs and countries. This is the basis for the IP (Internet Protocol) numbers, which are the backbone for navigating the World Wide Web. You can check the IP address of the device you are using to read this article here.

Similarly, Goode says that a series of numerical coordinates based on hyperdimensional mathematics designate different galaxies, solar systems, planets, etc., which becomes the address for a particular portal. This has similarities with the coordinate navigation system depicted in the original Stargate movie (1994) that was then incorporated into the Stargate SG-1 television series. 

Goode is not alone in describing such a numerical address system. Wilcock pointed out that another secret space program whistleblower, Henry Deacon (aka Arthur Neumann), also claims that this is the navigation method used for portal travel. Deacon began publicly disclosing his information regarding portals/stargates back in a 2006 interview on Project Camelot.

Goode said that these ancient portals have been found all over the world, and these are highly sought after by covert teams from the U.S. and other countries. Another whistleblower, Dan Burisch, claims that he was part of a covert team that went into Iraq to find its portal technologies. Indeed, Deacon independently confirmed that a stargate had been discovered in Iraq. There was much circumstantial evidence supporting Burisch’s and Deacon’s claim that the real reason for the U.S. invasion of Iraq was to find ancient portal technologies, as I proposed back in 2003.

In an earlier episode of Cosmic Disclosure, Goode described the sun as a natural portal that is used by spacecraft to enter into or leave our solar system. Elaborating further, he said that solar filaments form torsion fields that create traversable wormholes for portal travel between suns in our galaxy.

The most startling aspect of Goode’s testimony is that the natural and ancient portal systems form a “cosmic web” that spans the universe. By jumping from one portal location to another, one can travel incredible distances between galaxies, and across the universe. Goode’s claim of a cosmic web of portals was also depicted in the Stargate SG-1 series.

The number of similarities between Goode’s account of portal travel with what was depicted in the Stargate SG-1 series raises an intriguing possibility. Was the series part of a “soft disclosure” or “acclimation program” whereby the entertainment industry was used to prepare the public for the truth about portal travel?

It is very plausible that the producers of Stargate SG-1 were given the key ideas that would disclose the highly advanced science used for portal travel, using fiction as a cover. Many episodes of the series depicted how the “stargate/portal” technology was kept secret from the Earth’s population, and the ethical problems this caused for USAF personnel.

One episode even featured the USAF’s then serving Chief of Staff, General Michael Ryan, who appeared in the Cheyenne Mountain complex which housed the ancient stargate technology.

It is very unusual for a sitting member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to do a cameo for television, let alone a science fiction show depicting his military service hiding advanced technologies from the public for national security reasons. This Stargate episode clearly implied that very senior officials in the USAF were in favor of “soft disclosure” through the entertainment industry.

There are many more parallels between the Stargate SG-1 series and Corey Goode’s revelations about the portal travel system used in secret space programs. He has earlier described full disclosure as an event that will soon occur through massive document dumps. In this latest episode of Cosmic Disclosure, Goode reveals that the general public has been silently prepared for such an event by the “soft disclosure” offered by popular shows such as Stargate SG-1.

© Michael E. Salla, Ph.D. Copyright Notice

Further Reading

[Note: The first two episodes of Cosmic Disclosure are available for free on the Gaiam TV website. The first episode is on Youtube. To watch the whole season of Cosmic Disclosure, you need to subscribe to Gaiam TV. If you subscribe using this link, then a portion of your monthly subscription will go towards supporting Corey Goode as he continues his disclosures. His website is here.]

14 September 2015

Solar System Situation Update

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Chimera still has a very small number of key Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans and representatives of other Light star races held as hostages deep inside their strongholds at implant stations throughout the Solar System. This hostage mechanism is a very effective tool to hold back the aforementioned star races in their progress towards the liberation of this planet.

Many of those hostages have been liberated during the operations of the Light forces in the last few weeks and the remainder is expected to be liberated very soon.

The process of disclosure is speeding up. Some intel that was previously limited to alternative media is hitting mainstream:


Scientists are finally beginning to understand the importance of torsion fields which are actually the translations of primary anomaly into spacetime continuum. This enables them to begin to propose more accurate cosmological models which will drastically improve our understanding of the universe:


Whistleblower Corey Goode has released a quite good description of the LOC (Lunar Operations Command) as it was before 2012:


And of the life within secret space programs as it was before 2012:


Here I would like to say that there is a lot of activity of the Light forces on the Moon recently, especially on the Earth facing side. Many lunar stations are being built that will assist in the final Earth liberation operations. The Resistance has built a small but strategically important base in the area near Mersenius crater. I have made this photo of Mersenius crater area a few weeks ago and you can feel the energy:

The Light forces have communicated that we are entering the next phase of the disclosure process and that it is very important for insiders with intel to come forward and release it through alternative media. Although some of those insiders might be afraid of the consequences of coming out, they need to understand that releasing the intel gives them a lot of additional protection by the Light forces as telling the truth increases the Light flow through their energy system.

Release of reliable intel is one of crucial steps in the process of planetary liberation.

Archons are still attempting to suppress the Samarra goddess vortex in Syria/Iraq area by using Islamic State mercenaries to destroy Palymra, a beautiful Roman city in Syria:


Many of those mercenaries are now being infiltrated into Europe hidden inside waves of refugees and are actually reptilians in cloned humanoid bodies who came on Earth during Archon invasion in 1996. The plan of the Archons is to repeat what was happening with Roman empire in the 4th century with waves of invaders destroying Roman civilization. Their plan will NOT be successful this time.

Energies in the second half of September are expected to be quite intense, although the Light forces are not expecting any drastic changes within that timeframe. Stay alert, but grounded and calm.

Victory of the Light!

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Keeping Your "Reality Bubble" Permeable

Every one of us have developed belief systems based on certain data-sets from Guru's, Channelers, Contactee's, "Whistleblowers" and Researchers. All of these people are fallible human beings who's info is only as accurate as their chosen sources.

If we say we are discerning, but basing or comparing information to our ensconced belief systems (rejecting anything that conflicts), we are deceiving ourselves. For our discernment filters to work correctly and truly they must also be permeable and allow new information to pass through to be filtered. Do not get caught up in enlightenment traps of the theologies and philosophies of others... No matter how well-intentioned they may be. You are responsible for your own growth and journey. Locking yourself into a belief system and then defending it from anything that conflicts with it, or makes you uncomfortable, will prevent you from evolving any further and make you dependent on another human or being who may have been mislead.

The bitterest truth is better than the sweetest lie.

That being said, many now have decades of beliefs and research into the data put forth by others to UNLEARN.

This is a very important time for us all and the opposition/dark forces are heavily invested in keeping us off of the path of Love, Forgiveness and developing our Co-Creative Consciousness.

Do not look to saviors in people or other beings (Ascended Masters, ET's or Higher Densities including the Blue Avians that people are focusing on instead of the message.) to come and rescue or save us. We are tasked to awaken and save ourselves! As I have stated, both the Ufology Field and Esoteric Communities have been completely infiltrated by the opposition for quite a long time. It has made many of us very bitter, fragmented and closed minded.

This was all done by design.

There are operatives even now that are exploiting the ethically, spiritually and psychologically weak to push their agendas of disinformation. They are desperate as their gods have betrayed them and their control over the awakening masses is slipping from their grasps. They know of the mass data gathered against them that will someday be released in a Full Disclosure Event and are doing all they can right now to hijack the narrative.

Discern and meditate on all data put out (Including that coming from myself).

Good luck on this journey during this time of heavy disinformation and tsunami's of high energy that are testing us all.

Thank you,
Corey Goode

9/11 was an AI Artificial Intelligence-Entrained/Draco Event and False Flag Operation



VANCOUVER, BC – Alfred Lambremont Webre, Judge on the 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal came forward on two 9/11 Special Programs [watch above] on September 11, 2015 to present prima facie evidence and make the case that 9/11 was an AI Artificial Intelligence-entrained and Draco reptilian false flag operation.

According to Alfred, together AI and the Dracos set in motion an inter-dimensional deceptive false flag between 3rd and 4th densities that would launch a global police state and global state of war among humans that would facilitate the agendas of an invading off-planet sentient plasma-based Inorganic AI Artificial Intelligence [dubbed IGGY”] and of the Draco reptilian species to take over the living Earth and all humans as a plasma-based parasite.

Carrying out the 9/11 False Flag through AI/Draco- Entrained humans like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Kissinger, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Netanyahu et alios.

In the interview segments [Watch above], Alfred details the evidence of eyewitness U.S. Presidential Candidate and former Chrononaut Andrew D. Basiago, detailing how in 1971 Project Pegasus, the secret time travel program on which he was a childhood participant, was in possession of moving images of the events of September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center, 30 years in advance, and demonstrates how the 9/11 False Flag was carried out through AI/Draco-Entrained humans like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Kissinger, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Netanyahu et alios., as confirmed by many documents of the 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal.

9/11 Artificial timeline vs Earth organic positive timeline

Alfred details how the intent of the AI/Draco 3D and 4D entrainment was to move Earth and humans along a catastrophic Artificial timeline, that has now been altered as of December 21, 2012 with the activation of Earth’s organic positive timeline.

References & Recommended Reading

AI Artificial Intelligence

AI Inorganic Artificial Intelligence – Articles by Alfred Lambremont Webre

AI UPDATES: Meeting an apparent holographic sentient AI Artificial Intelligence clone on a Vancouver, BC beach
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UK Concept Innovator Seven excoriates Steve Jobs, validates targeted inventor Rainetta Jones as original inventor of Apple iPod and Amazon Kindle
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UK’s Prince Charles, Microsoft’s Bill Gates, and Google’s Ray Kurzweil: Entrained Robotoids for Off-planet invading sentient plasma Inorganic Intelligence dubbed “Iggy”?
AI Expose on major media likens invading sentient plasma Inorganic Intelligence (“Iggy”) to sci fi movies
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Peter Kling: Universe is alive – AI CERN spike Schumann Resonance beyond 7.8 Hz normal “Theta State” to 64 Hz “Gamma” where only dolphins think?
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SevenGate: BBC, Virgin Media, ABC-TV, Major Media in 146+ countries continue MegaThefts of intellectual property, targeting, false flags against UK creator Charles Seven
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Panel finds prima facie evidence for sentient, inorganic AI Artificial Intelligence & its stealth takeover of living Earth and humanity
By Alfred Lambremont Webre

Moret & Battis: EMF War Against Humanity From Nazi Germany Started in 1945 and is global now
By Alfred Lambremont Webre

9/11 as an AI/Interdimensional event

Articles on 9/11 by Alfred Lambremont Webre

1. Time Travel and Political Control

2. Secret DARPA time travel program may hold key to understanding the deep politics of 9/11

3. Four U.S. exotic black ops used in 9/11: Tesla time travel, antigravity UFO, directed energy weapons, mini-nukes

4. Scientist: Directed energy weapons turned World Trade Center into nanoparticles on 9/11

5. Memo to U.S. Congress: prima facie evidence that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld committed treason on 9/11

6. U.S. attorney or district attorney can prosecute Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld for murder on 9/11

7. Evidence shows 9/11 false flag operation may have been a hyperdimensional ET event

9/11 Truth & Reconciliation – Restorative Justice

9/11 War Crimes Tribunal

9/11 War Crimes Tribunal Facebook Group:


Alfred Lambremont Webre: 9/11 was an AI Artificial Intelligence-Entrained/Draco Event & False Flag Operation

Alfred Lambremont Webre Contact/News Tips:

09 September 2015

August Monthly Update by Cobra

With a little delay, I am posting the August monthly update Cobra interview by Rob Potter. You can listen to it here:

The transcript and the Yotube version will be posted here as soon as they are available.

You can send your questions to [email protected] and many of them will be answered in the next monthly update interview. 

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Secret space programs train recruits to use enhanced psychic abilities for a variety of covert missions according whistleblower, Corey Goode. In today’s episode of Cosmic Disclosure, he describes how psychic abilities are enhanced through the stimulation of the pineal gland. Goode says that the development of psychic abilities and training is very similar to what was depicted in the Jedi training programs in the Star Wars movies. Individuals trained through these Jedi-like programs, can develop powerful psychic abilities that can be used for both defensive and offensive purposes.

Goode described how stimulation of the pineal gland was identified by the secret space programs as the key to personnel developing powerful psychic abilities. He says that after stimulation of the pineal gland, a variety of psychic abilities such as out of body travel and teleportation were developed using what he described as a person’s “light body”:

A lot of beings use the pineal gland and their light body to project their consciousness and inner selves to other physical locations and then send that information back through that connection into their physical bodies and then change the vibrations of their physical bodies to match the vibration of the location that they are at and then the body teleports to that location and rejoins the consciousness or what some people are saying are having out-of-body experiences or projecting their minds – a lot of different terminology for what these more advanced beings were doing.

Goode says that part of the training involved visualization of energy spheres that could actually be made physical by the more advanced instructors who could use them as weapons.

Goode’s description of the training closely matches what was depicted in the Jedi training found in the Star Wars movies. He describes the training as having elements of both the more positive Jedi philosophy, and the darker Sith practices where psychic abilities were used for destructive purposes. Goode referred to David Wilcock’s book, The Source Field Investigations and said:

These people were the ones that believed very much in the like Star Wars, Jedi, the Force. And you wrote a book, The Source Field. They harnessed what they would call like the dark side of the Source Field or the dark side of the Force, and they were very much into like really the straight out of Star Wars – the Jedi, the Dark Lord Sith kind of magic energy that they pulled from the ether or the universe.

Goode’s account of psychic abilities being harnessed for both positive and negative purposes corroborates the testimony of another secret space program whistleblower. Michael Relfe, who went public with his testimony in 2000 with publication of The Mars Records, claims to have served for 20 years on Mars after having his psychic abilities enhanced through genetic alterations conducted by extraterrestrials. The alien abductions, which occurred during his youth, were closely monitored by the U.S. Navy. In 1976, Relfe enlisted in the Navy and soon after was recruited for covert service on Mars until 1996, when he was age-regressed and sent back in time to 1976. 

Relfe says that his psychic abilities were gradually enhanced, through chemical and electronic means, similar to what Goode described in the latest Cosmic Disclosure episode. Relfe says that his psychic abilities were first used in remote viewing for espionage purposes, and then for ‘remote influencing,’ where targets could be manipulated in some way. He finally became an assassin where he used his enhanced psychic abilities for eliminating 70 targets over his 20 year tour of duty that included Reptilian extraterrestrials and synthetic life forms. Relfe described his psychic abilities in a 2000 interview, and his remarkable testimony is compared to Goode’s in the forthcoming, Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances.

Goode described the need for psychically grounding oneself in order to fully access the energies from “The Force” coming through the activated pineal gland. He says that grounding was possible through the Earth, the Sun and Galactic Center, all of which allowed one to access more and more of the Force permeating the universe.

There was a grounding aspect mentioned of visualizing yourself grounded with the center of the Earth and also visualizing yourself as an antenna that can pull in and push out energy – this background energy of the cosmos…. The Earth had a relationship with the sun. The sun had a relationship with the local star cluster. The local star cluster had a relationship with the center of the galaxy. The galaxy had a relationship with the local galaxy cluster and so on.

Goode went on to describe how the psychic training involved being immersed in virtual realities where one had to increasingly rely on intuition to win. Psychological profiling was also conducted in order to identify sociopaths who, like Relfe, could be used to perform difficult assignments like psychic assassination.

Corey Goode’s Cosmic Disclosure interviews continue to unveil deeper layers behind the covert actions of secret space programs. His latest testimony of the training of intuitive empaths, remote viewers and psychic warriors, using pineal gland activation, is highly recommended.

© Michael E. Salla, Ph.D. Copyright Notice

Resource page featuring reports, interviews and articles on Corey Goode’s testimony

[Note: The first two episodes of Cosmic Disclosure are available for free on the Gaiam TV website. The first episode is on Youtube. To watch the whole season of Cosmic Disclosure, you need to subscribe to Gaiam TV. If you subscribe using this link, then a portion of your monthly subscription will go towards supporting Corey Goode as he continues his disclosures. His website is here.]

01 September 2015

The Rise of an Intuitive Humanity - Accessing the Living Intelligence

by Kingsley L. Dennis
20 July 2015
from KingsleyDennis Website

Social and cultural change is occurring fast right now across this planet and it looks as if it will accelerate further.

Many people are experiencing a wide range of personal impacts, disruptions, and rearrangements in their lives. At the same time we are also seeing how our social infrastructures and modes of communication and connectivity are adjusting and shifting to these changes.

Within the last 150 years alone we have witnessed an amazingly rapid process of transition in human civilization, perhaps even without being consciously aware of it. In terms of the bigger picture, this is an incredibly swift rate of change.

The ebb and flow of human history has cradled the gradual unfolding of the individual, and the growing responsibility that this implies.

This emerging 'blooming of the individual' has occurred alongside the story of,

-the slow decline in aristocracy and elite rule

-the demise of tyranny

This human story has accelerated in recent centuries, with the fall of feudalism; the birth of democracy; and the growth of an increasingly connected global humanity.

Alongside this we have also seen the increasing acceptance and sharing of planetary values. We could say that human society is in the early contractions of the birth of a planetary civilization.

Conscious development is a psycho-spiritual process, aided by socio-cultural impulses and influences that have woven throughout our history. Most recently, the strong impulses in the 1960s, and the end of the 1980s, have helped to catalyze the conscious awareness of many people the world over. Many seeds were planted that would actualize over time.

The psychic states experimented with in the 1960s showed that there were alternative dimensions of consciousness, and gave a taste of these to a hungry young audience.

The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, and the end of several archaic political institutions, gave a taste of the power for change when many thought it almost impossible.

Impulses of renewal and regeneration have long been part of the ongoing processes of human, cultural, and psycho-spiritual development. True revolutions are not those of physical violence but ofradical shifts in perceptions, knowledge, and ultimately the individual self.

The increasing presence of human consciousness has been evident over the years through the expansion of intelligence, psychological awareness, humanitarianism, empathy, and creative innovation. The emergence of the intuitive human has been seen out on the playing fields of the world - in stadiums, fields, and in streets the world over.

The collaborative nature of sport, with its team work, its shared rules and game-play, is one example that has arisen to help shift the human spirit.

What I am suggesting is that as this trend unfolds we are likely to see new generations of individuals coming into the world who will be the change, rather than being born into change. And these new arrivals will challenge even further our social systems and 'big institutions' from the very fact that they will be acting more from instinct and intuition.

The age of Guru-hood, spiritual elitism, and the throng of commercial 'Teaching' methods is going to be replaced by a greater gnosis within humanity.

External belief systems that we often depend upon will be challenged, and gradually replaced, by the recognition of a living intelligence - an intelligence that has always existed within the human race.

When the truth is known instinctively, it no longer requires cultural preservation: domes, spires, institutions, or Teachings.

The living knowledge is more fluid and exists everywhere, for everyone, all of the time. We only need the means to access it. This means of access is a process that will increasingly manifest as developmental impulses between human-planet-cosmos continue to unfold.

Over the coming years of this century humanity will increasingly gain greater access to heightened inner awareness (gnosis) as the connection to a pervasive living intelligence strengthens. The old roles of central hierarchy are diminishing; human societies around the globe are forming decentralized networks of connection and communication, much the same as our ancestral bacterial networks.

Our social milieu is increasingly mirroring how biology has long since organized itself. This new arrangement facilitates a different form of energy to be active upon the planet. An energy that supports a different way of doing things and of making things happen.

The days of a singular Messiah speaking to the multitudes are over.

We are now moving into a time upon this planet where it will be the multitudes that will amplify and spread the new understanding.
Our young children are being born into a world where on a daily basis - 24/7 - human thought patterns and consciousness flows through millions upon millions of computers, networks, and connected devices, forming a nonlocal realm of information and living intelligence. 

Yet this is not only occurring in the digital spaces but also through the cultural sphere of artifacts such as movies, books, articles, songs, videos, etc, forming a field of connectivity that transcends our old temporal and spatial boundaries.

Our external information technologies are now increasingly mirroring, or being superimposed upon, the living field of intelligence that underlies our reality.

Such a physical matrix/construct is the external reflection of our inherent, non-visible connectivity.

These impacts (or overlays) are also likely to catalyze a release of some form of transformative energy. There is no external model of communication and connectivity that does not have its corresponding reality in consciousness. 

The children and young adults of today are beginning to break the old patterns and become the early wave of pioneers and system-change agents.

They are showing a remarkable intuitive grasp of our modern technologies.

They are,

-reaching out and connecting

-forming networks

-supporting ecological practices and alternative health practices

-forming community projects

-seeking out healthy food

-prioritizing well-being over career roles

-re-invigorating a sense of the sacred

-pushing out the boundaries for new thinking

-It is not occurring everywhere, or with everyone. There is still much confusion and emotional angst in our younger generations.

However, a more intuitive human is coming through.

The Emperor Finally Has No Clothes

New thinking patterns and expressions of consciousness are now emerging in communities and societies throughout the world that are no longer tolerant of the old paradigm structures of separatism, egoism, and conflict.

Rather than being a full-frontal revolt against incumbent systems, a more subtle wave of reformist change is arising that contributes to constructive social transition. Part of this reformist change will be the increase in transparency in our social systems. It is already happening now - we are seeing increased instances of corruption (political, financial, personal, etc) coming to the surface and being exposed.

As the sun rises, they say, the shadows will at first become sharper and more visible. As the patterns of a different consciousness begin to be expressed through people, the inadequacies of many of our systems will increasingly be exposed.

Those institutions, practices, and societies built upon fear and disingenuous values will falter as a new awareness within people demands a change in values and integrity.

Old patterns of thinking - especially the disruptive patterns - will become increasingly obsolete over time as an intuitive intelligence is expressed through human consciousness.

Soon, even our youngest babes will be pointing at the old idols and declaring, open-mouthed:

'But look, they are not wearing any clothes!'

At that point, edifices and traditions will be forced to either disintegrate or re-calibrate themselves according to the new patterns.

The protective veneer of social appearance and status that once held sanctuary for certain people will no longer operate:



-wealthy elites

-religious figures

-once-respected public figures, etc.,

...the façade will drop for many such people and the wave of transparency will make visible their misdemeanors.

So much dirty laundry will be washed in public as a generation of intuitively-driven young minds and hearts will wish to heal a planet in order to bring in reform.

The early tremors of youth insecurity (witnessed in violent outbursts and psychological instability) will come to be replaced by greater expressions of human intuition and inner confidence and balance.

Many of us are already becoming students to our children and to the young adults in the world. We are seeing how our once unquestioning faith in external sources of information, opinions, and authority are now questioned by these young minds.

Young people the world over are stepping away from dogmatic belief structures that they find limiting to the self and that take away the responsibility for an individual's own self-empowerment.

A new form of common sense will emerge - one that is neither 'common' nor makes 'sense' to us now - and it will originate from a different state of awareness. Human behavior that made sense for when we imagined we lived as islands of individuality will no longer 'make sense' - nor be functional - for a species that consciously experiences the interconnectivity of all life.

The more the human species transforms internally, the greater the change we will see occurring in our physical world - in our societies, technologies, culture, etc.

The next generation can not be the same as the present, or the previous. In this moment of human history, to give birth to a duplicate generation - with the same ideals and values - would result not in a perpetuation of human societies but in their demise. That is why we need transformational change at the psycho-spiritual level both within and between generations.

For those of us in the world now it has taken consistent exertion and energy to challenge our conditioning structures.

In the past also we have struggled greatly against socio-cultural systems that were opposed, or unsupportive, to individual inner development. Now, however, change will come easier and at a more rapid pace.

The changes that we are likely to see in the coming years will be more profound than the changes that took place during our previous industrial revolutions.

The period of our western industrialization transpired over several centuries. Now we are going to witness great changes set to occur within the span of just one single human lifetime. We will observe that communication, transparency, and honesty are much more powerful tools than secrecy, fear, and confrontation.

The emperor's false suit of body armor will disintegrate in the face of transparent, honest eyes. The sham elements within our political, financial, corporate, and media structures will scramble to maintain their façade.

Yet their desperate actions will be viewed for what they truly are in the eyes of a more aware, informed, and awakened generation of young minds and hearts. 

With or without us, the new young minds will create their own freedom to inspire and renew their world into being.

They will have access not only to a vast intuitive inner world, but they will simultaneously be connected to a planetary network of information, contacts, and friends.

Fearful incumbent structures of authority will attempt to control such networks of connection and communication,[1] yet they will ultimately fail against the inevitable tide of great human awakening.

The younger generation(s) will likely be the ones to free humanity from the dominance of erroneous ideas - ideas that forged war, created poverty and hunger, and sustained dis-ease.

We are seeing a generation that will be successful in removing these illusions from old thinking patterns. The new intuitive human has been in the making for some time now. Our world is far more peaceful today than it has been at any time in recent past epochs - despite what the mainstream media may be saying.

This signals to us that the way energy patterns flow over the Earth is changing, encouraging people to seek peaceful solutions wherever possible. The living intelligence that is a part of the intuitive human is also a,


-nurturing intelligence,

...which has been lacking in much of modern civilization.

Those of the new generation(s) will usher in a period where the feminine and masculine energies of the world will be re-configured and placed into greater balance and harmony.

Human values of,







...will be more openly expressed and part of an informed world - and not erroneously seen as being only predominantly 'female' values. 
The division that separates the masculine and feminine energies will continue to dissolve, and be replaced by a newer energy of unity - of coming together. Similarly, the artificial stigma around 'male' and 'female' roles in the world will be challenged and forced into change through the younger men and women actively re-modeling role expectations. 

Women's participation will be more keenly appreciated, sought after, and brought into collaboration in such major areas as global politics, economy, and business. An intuitive energy will be more present in the world in the upcoming decades, and will find expression as younger women increasingly hold key influential positions in society.

We are more open to recognize now that notions of duality - of one side having dominance over the other, whether male or female - is an old energy.

The newer energies will be focused more on balance, and on bringing everything together into an integral whole that respects diversity within unity. 

Humanity is now poised upon the cusp of a transition for which developmental potentials have long been preparing for.

It seems that the rate of our preparedness grows exponentially with each passing year. A new form of energy has now entered upon this planet, and which facilitates an altogether different mode of operation. It is an energy that supports a networked and decentralized way of connectivity. It is now working through our human societies to engage with change from within.

Its aim may be to help form a membrane of conscious human-planet intelligence across the Earth.

These energies are also spreading more rapidly from human to human through our integrated digital and biological fields of energetic connectivity.

Soon there will not be an area isolated from such influence, as each village and town will have amongst its midst a new intuitive human - more so when the younger generations enter upon the Earth and begin to take up their roles and responsibilities.

There is something immensely exciting happening here on this planet. Something is rising within us, amongst us, through us, and penetrating the very fabric of our reality.

It is a transformation without words, passing through each and every individual.

It appears that some latent human capacities are now set to become activated, in alignment with evolutionary requirements...