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23 May 2024

Ancient Egypt, Extraterrestrial Visitors and Human Ascension

Sarah Breskman Cosme has worked with hundreds of QHHT clients who have shared stunning information regarding Ancient Egypt, creator gods, Atlantis, and extraterrestrial visitors. 

In this Exopolitics Today interview, she discusses why she began to organize tours to Egypt, the latest of which Dr. Michael Salla attended. They discuss her latest Egypt tour and what different temples they visited signify in terms of extraterrestrials teaching humanity advanced knowledge and healing modalities.

Breskman Cosme also covers controversial topics such as Coronal Mass Ejections; how human blood types related to ETs; how space arks have been used for planetary evacuations; and three timelines for humanity that emerge as a consequence of the rise of Artificial Intelligence and transhumanism. She believes that the optimum path for humanity is an organic ascension process that individuals undergo as they awaken to their roles in the ancient past, connecting with ET visitors, and what all this means for the future.

Sarah Breskman Cosme’s website is:

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