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08 October 2022

A Short Update And A New Cobra Interview

September 29, 2022

Around 15,000 people have participated in our meditation for peace between Russia and NATO. Although this is far less than the critical mass, the meditation has helped to ease tensions to a degree:

Our meditation to diminish the effects of the hurricane Ian is still very much needed:

Clearing of the implants is in progress, and one of the first effects is the rising of kundalini energy. This has sparked protests in Iran, where many women are revolting against the oppression of the feminine energy:

Those protests have the capacity to topple the oppressive regime, and now oil workers are joining in:

The Light forces are asking anybody who feels so guided to join the meditation to protect the safety of protesters and give them support of the Goddess energy:

A new Cobra interview has been just created, and you can read the transcript in English here:

In German here:

In Dutch here:

In French here:

In Italian here:

In Spanish here:

In Portuguese here:

In Slovenian here:

In Polish here:

In Romanian here:

In Hungarian here:

In Hebrew here:

In Arabic here:

In Persian here:

In Japanese here:

And in Chinese here:

Or listen on Youtube here:

Goddess wants peace and peace it will be!

COBRA (Compression Breakthrough)