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23 May 2024

Ancient Egypt, Extraterrestrial Visitors and Human Ascension

Sarah Breskman Cosme has worked with hundreds of QHHT clients who have shared stunning information regarding Ancient Egypt, creator gods, Atlantis, and extraterrestrial visitors. 

In this Exopolitics Today interview, she discusses why she began to organize tours to Egypt, the latest of which Dr. Michael Salla attended. They discuss her latest Egypt tour and what different temples they visited signify in terms of extraterrestrials teaching humanity advanced knowledge and healing modalities.

Breskman Cosme also covers controversial topics such as Coronal Mass Ejections; how human blood types related to ETs; how space arks have been used for planetary evacuations; and three timelines for humanity that emerge as a consequence of the rise of Artificial Intelligence and transhumanism. She believes that the optimum path for humanity is an organic ascension process that individuals undergo as they awaken to their roles in the ancient past, connecting with ET visitors, and what all this means for the future.

Sarah Breskman Cosme’s website is:

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QHHT Insights into Secret Space Programs, ET Life, and The Event

By Dr Michael Salla on

29 April 2024

Nordics Training International Military Pilots to fly Flying Saucers

April 29, 2024

On April 15, 2024, JP traveled to an underground spaceport somewhere in Alabama that appeared very similar or the same as one he visited in May 2023. He again saw fleets of saucer shaped spacecraft being piloted by human-looking ‘Nordic’ extraterrestrials that were identical to ones he witnessed and photographed in 2018 while living in Orlando, Florida.

JP says that he and another witness were accompanied by 30 military pilots from many nations. When they arrived at the underground location all the pilots left and walked over to specific spacecraft and Nordics they were associated with to continue their training. The human pilots were being trained to use the advanced mind-technology interfaces that are part of the Nordic spacecraft. Finally, JP was told that the Nordic spacecraft flown by military pilots from different nations would soon start showing themselves in a worldwide disclosure initiative.

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For more articles, photos and videos involving JP, visit:

For photos of craft witnessed in Orlando, Florida go to:

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Written by Dr Michael Salla

17 April 2024

Notes from the New Atlantis workshop by Cobra at Sedona on April 4, 2024

Welcome to the Sedona workshop. Make sure you’ve all signed NDAs and that your cell phones are turned off. You are free to take hand-written notes but don’t share the notes with those who are not open to receiving such information.

Is there anyone from Sedona (show of hands)? Please come and sit in the front row. And is there anyone from Arizona (show of hands)? Ok, there are lots of people from Arizona. This workshop is especially relevant for those people who are from Sedona and other parts of Arizona.

Since we all came from different energetic environments we need to align our energy fields with a short meditation.

Breathe white light into your physical body and breathe out any toxins from it.

Then, Breathe white light in and radiate white light outwards in all directions when you breathe out. Do this from your physical body.

Repeat the above steps for your plasma, etheric, astral (emotional), mental bodies. Finally, repeat the above steps for the totality of your being.

Now we realize that I AM a being of Light. We confirm this fact by chanting the sacred mantra ‘OM’ three times together.

In this group, we all are beings of light and connected together as a being of light. WE ARE a being of light. We confirm this fact by chanting the sacred mantra ‘OM’ three times together.

We are connected to other beings of light everywhere. We are confirming the fact by saying the sacred word OM (chant OM 3 times).

Now we are ready to begin the workshop.

At the moment of the Solar Eclipse we will be making the decision to reactivate vortexes of Light and portals of Light in the US. There will be closure of many portals of darkness and reactivation of portals of Light. Saint Germain and other ascended beings from Ashtar Command are accelerating the Ascension process right now. There was a plan for humanity’s ascension before the Great forgetting of 1996. That plan got compromised, and as a result many ascension vortexes collapsed. There were 3 main Ascension vortexes pre 1996:

  1. Los Angeles. It is strongly connected with Ashtar’s energy
  2. Mt. Shasta
  3. Sedona

The Light Forces were sending huge amounts of Light to these places. They were the most promising places to accelerate Ascension for individuals and groups. In 1996 the Dark Forces collapsed these vortexes to prevent humanity’s Ascension. Those vortexes were then in a state of disarray. Though there was subsequently some energy work done near those vortexes, it was not enough.

1-2 weeks before April 4, 2024, the Light Forces began to close dark portals on the planet. These portals were between thousands to tens of thousands of years old. The Light Forces are using a very special technology to do this. The Dark Forces are losing a lot of power on the energetic planes. The Light Forces were able to anchor Light into the vortex in Sedona in the physical plane for the first time in 28 years, one day prior to the workshop. There was a 60% probability of this happening and it actually happened. This was a big success of the reactivation of Light in Sedona. Sedona is part of the Light Forces’ project.

This Solar Eclipse brings to you the energy of making your decision for the Light. You must make an unconditional strong decision to work for the Light. This eclipse will close dark portals and open light portals. One should go to the path of totality, the energy there will be very strong. This is the key moment for the US.

The Beings who were working closely with Sedona are:

  1. Archangel Metatron. He was working very strongly with this area. He is the guardian of the portal between duality and oneness, which is situated in Orion. He is also the guardian of the Galactic Central Sun and this solar system. Before 1996, He was sending Light codes from the Galactic Centre to people visiting and living in Sedona. This was happening for the first time in millions of years. Metatron will connect with the people of Sedona when he is ready to do so.
  2. Seraphims. Their Angelic presence was felt pre 1996 through music, art, meditation, etc. They will connect with the people of Sedona when they are ready. They will first begin to work with the artists living in Sedona. We can expect to see the rebirth of beautiful art in Sedona in the next 1-2 years.
  3. The Pleiadians. They are contacting people in Sedona both telepathically as well as physically. You can go to Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock at night and ask for Pleiadians to appear. The conditions are very favorable for contact. They will try to send telepathic messages as well. The Pleiadians are trying to open a central channel for communication with them here in Sedona. The people living in Sedona may expect to be contacted by the Pleiadians.

90% of channelings on the surface of the planet are BS. They are often just people’s own mental forms.

The conditions in Sedona pre 1996 were extremely favorable for First Contact. The Dark Forces filled the spaces between Sedona and Orion with darkness. They used dark magic and infiltrated with Draconions. The commercialization of the New Age movement was a result of the infection of the Sedona vortex since 1996. The Light Forces have been reversing this infection starting from a few months ago. The Light vortex in Sedona is beginning to reawaken again.

 Ashtar Command is planning to be active again in Sedona. They want to increase the concentration of people in Sedona who have spiritual potential.

Ashtar Command also plans to contact people living in the Phoenix and Tucson vortexes.

Apart from Sedona, Phoenix, and Tucson, there are two smaller vortexes in Arizona that also deserve attention:

 Flagstaff meteor crater

Grand Canyon

The Light Forces are working to reactivate these vortexes. The reactivation of these vortexes will be very intense till the Eclipse. After that the progress on them will be ongoing for the rest of the year.

Question: Someone saw a reddish orb in the sky. It was ellipsoid or spherical in shape.

Cobra answered that some Pleiadian ships can look like that.

First Contact has begun in Arizona and it’s now ongoing.

Question: A person with access to very high level intel from the Department of Defense asked whether in 1996 the National Socialist government in exile broke contact with the surface population.

Cobra: One part of the Illuminati went underground in 1996. There is no record of this anywhere

The Reich people had different religious identities. They were extremely negative. They cut all contact with the US military. Though they were heterogeneous in terms of ideology, they were forced to cooperate with each other. Their goal was to make an underground civilization (the 4th Reich) after which they could emerge from the underworld and conquer the surface of the Earth. Of course this was not allowed to happen.

Question: At around 3:30pm / 4pm on April 3, a lady felt a dip in her energy and had to lay down. Why did this happen.

Cobra: The Light Forces managed to send Light into the Sedona vortex in the physical plane from 1pm onwards on April 3. This continued for about 2 hours. The Dark Forces wanted to suppress the Light after that, and that’s when that lady might have felt that way.

Cobra: You can bring sick people to Sedona, there is huge healing potential here. But at the same time there also have to be enough number of healthy people here, you can’t just have sick people.

The Sedona vortex’s power is increasing. A Tachyon chamber was finally activated in Sedona last week. Sedona is more of a multidimensional vortex than Phoenix. Phoenix is a booster vortex which pushes energy into the grid. The Phoenix vortex is also very important and there needs to be a Tachyon chamber in Phoenix. Anybody interested in setting up a Tachyon chamber in Phoenix can email

Question about the critical mass of 30,000 people for the meditation for the US total solar eclipse. Cobra said to visualize the 30K number being achieved.

Question about Morro Bay. IndigoAngel channel on YouTube was recommended by the person asking the question. The person said that this YouTube channel talks about leyline energy & tectonic plates. Cobra said that there are certain natural vortexes which are activated there but there are way more grids of the Earth.

Question about the Robinson family of Hawaii. Cobra said that they are building bunkers to try and survive the coming Solar Flash.

Question about whether there are still Reptilians in Skinwater Ranch. Cobra said that the Reptilians and Reticulans had bases there in 1993/1994. There is not enough healing work done in those areas, and this needs to be addressed.

Cobra: Feel it (shame? guilt?) and retreat into your energy field and connect with Light.

There is a lot of fear/drama around this solar eclipse, and the media is telling people not to even go outside. This eclipse is very powerful, and seeing it will be very beneficial. You just have to be careful about your eyes, so use solar glasses. Watching a total solar eclipse is one of the most beautiful moments you can have on this planet. There could be traffic jams and loss of cellular reception just because of so many people going to the same place at the same time, but we will all survive April 8.

The Galactic Central Sun is preparing to become more active. The energies from the Galactic Central Sun are beginning to reach the surface of the planet as the dark portals get closed.

Tachyons are the first particles created during the last cosmic cycle. They are thus the particles which are most closely aligned with Source. There are two uses of Tachyon energy:

  1. Healing chambers
  2. Chambers that tachyonize products/objects

The Dark Forces have their veil technology in the Earth’s ionosphere. This veil blocks high energy cosmic rays which the tachyons travel with. The tachyon chambers use a special hyperdimension wormhole technology to bring tachyons to the surface of the planet. This technology is able to bring tachyons to the Earth from a space station.

Emerald is a very important stone. It is the stone of true occult knowledge. It opens the portals to Agartha.

Question about connections that Anasazi people have with off worlders. Cobra answered that these people had ancient connections with beings from Sirius and the Galactic Central Sun. They are still maintaining that connection.

Question about the Yaldabaoth entity being the same as Yahweh. Cobra answered that they are different things.

Question about Revelation. Cobra answered that the Revelation was a vision that was given by an Angelic being to one of the Chirstian Fathers a little less than 2000 years ago. It contains descriptions of the battle between the Light Forces and Dark Forces and the pole shift. However, the actual plan (for humanity’s Ascension) has slightly changed since the Revelation was given. The plan for humanity’s Ascension was formulated 25,000 years ago.

Rochester was chosen as the location for the Cobra workshop because it is where the path of totality of the solar eclipse and the Old Atlantean/Goddess Equator intersect.

There was a question about the energy in Los Angeles changing, everyone there was confused. Cobra answered that there is a fight in Los Angeles between the Light Forces and Dark Forces. There is also a big fight going energetically and magically in San Francisco. These places currently have very polarized energy. Cobra said that if we reactivate the Los Angeles vortex then that will be huge. All attempts so far have failed.

Question about the Atlantean fear grid. Cobra answered that the Dark Atlanteans tried to implant some Lightworkers about 3-4 weeks ago. Some implantations were successful but the matter is now resolved. Cobra said that many dark Atlantean portals exist and they need to be closed. This will happen in the next few months. Cobra said that this is work to be done more at an individual level, and meditations can help with this later.

Cobra answered that women’s fertility will be improved after the Event. Even a 1000 year old woman can be pregnant if she so desires.

Cobra said that the tachyon satellite is orbiting around the Earth at a frequency of 2 hours per full revolution. Each time it passes above, the wormhole is being activated. There are very minimal oscillations between each revolution i.e. we don’t have to be concerned about the effectiveness of the tachyon chambers dropping with time.

Question about which star beings are present with us at this time. Cobra answered that there are Pleiadians, Sirians, and some Angelic beings present with us.

Question about the number 26,000. The person asking the question said that this number is linked to the radius of the galaxy (author’s note: the Earth is approximately 26,000 light years away from the Galactic Center). Cobra answered that the Cabal were receiving their orders through gamma rays from the black sun. They have stopped receiving instructions now.

Question about Benjamin Fulford. Cobra answered that the Chimera group is now gone. The Cabal are freaking out as they do not have any real strategy. Hence they are trying all sorts of tactics such as the coronavirus, war in Ukraine, war in Gaza. They will not be able to gain total control of the surface population since they don’t have guidance from the Chimera anymore.

Question about medbeds in the James Bond movies. Cobra answered that this is an old Galactic technology that is known to the Resistance movement, Pleiadians, and Agartha network.

The Black nobility wants to control the surface people through health problems. That’s why we are in an absurd situation where the Resistance movement has medbeds just 30 metres below the surface, but we don’t have them.

The Black nobility are old Roman families. 26,000 years ago, they moved from the Middle East to Turkey to Greece to Rome to other places. In their bloodlines there were both good and bad people incarnating.

New Atlantis is the codename given by Francis Bacon (i.e. Saint Germain) to humanity, since the fall of Atlantis.

There was much Light present on the Earth 26,000 years ago and before that. There were healing and ascension temples present on Earth until the Dark Forces corrupted the Atlantean priesthood. The Dark Forces started experimenting with implants. There were huge crystals in Atlantis. The whole Atlantis got submerged under the ocean due to an experiment gone wrong.

Saint Germain’s goal is to bring Atlantis back. The US has the foundation to create the New Atlantis. In France there were many Masonic lodges in the mid 18th century, from 1750-1780’s. Members of the French nobility were part of such lodges. There were many souls who incarnated in the French nobility. There were mystery schools in 1775 such as:

  1. 9 Sisters Lodge
  2. Candorra Lodge
  3. Philalethes Lodge
  4. Isis Lodge

Benjamin Franklin was a member of the 9 Sisters Lodge. There, he received instructions to build the US. He received instructions to write the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence to gain independence from the British. The French were favorable for an independent US. Saint Germain appeared a few times in the physical plane when these documents were being written. He wanted to ensure Liberty for the people of the US. The Dark Forces infiltrated the US and France through their Jesuit banking system. They have been trying to erode the US Constitution. Cobra said that this country will be free.

Many people incarnated in the US to bring new inventions and healing. In the late 19th century/20th century there were lots of spiritual revelations in the US.

After World War 2 there was a pact between the US military and the Reptilians, Draconions and Reticulans. Ashtar Command was forced to withdraw.

In 1952 there could have been open contact on TV between Ashtar Command and the US. But unfortunately that was not the path that was chosen. Instead, there were Secret Space Programs, breakaway civilizations, and underground civilizations. In 1996 the Dark Lords from Orion came to the Earth during the Archon invasion. The damage from this is going to be reversed in the next few months. Pluto in Aquarius opens the portals of Light.

What’s extremely important now is for people to remember Atlantis. During Atlantis there was lots of Light, healing crystals, Ascended Beings, it was a civilization of Light. We want the good Atlantis to be born again. After the Event there will be Islands of Light, med beds, and a new financial system.

It is the highest purpose for Goddess Temples to be built in the US.

A member of the audience said that on March 31 there was a Goddess Temple opened in Phoenix. Cobra said to send the information across so they can add it to the list of Goddess Temples worldwide. (Author’s note: the site with the list of Goddess Temples worldwide used to be this, but it seems to be down right now).

Anchoring Goddess Energy is key right now. This will greatly reduce the violence that might happen in the transition of this planet. People have so much suppressed anger and fear within them. People are plugged into the matrix system. Their knowledge is entirely from that system. They are saving for their retirement plan. Cobra said that we’ve not seen anything yet in terms of people’s reaction when the system collapses.

Cobra highlighted the importance of Sisterhood of the Rose groups as well as Goddess jewelry.

The Pleiadians have a lot of Goddess Energy. They are not working en masse with us right now due to this. Goddess Energy is the key to bring the New Atlantis. People can write books and remember their times in Atlantis. There’s a lot that needs to be recreated.

Pluto in Aquarius is the right time to forgive and release dark Atlantean energies. People feel guilty because of what happened in the last stages of Atlantis. They need to forgive themselves and recreate the civilization of Light again. There was too much pressure in the last stages of Atlantis. People had to deal with a lot of Dark beings.

Sedona is the vortex for the New Atlantis. You can go to parks in Sedona and meditate for memories of Atlantis.

At the moment of the solar eclipse you can make an individual and collective decision to bring Atlantis back. That is, to bring a New Atlantis of the Light back.

Especially in Sedona, people can go to various vortexes here and invoke the memory of Atlantis. Most of us have had incarnations in Atlantis. We can get visions and messages about Atlantis. In other parts of Arizona people can try doing the same, but those vortexes are not active yet. Sedona really is the key place for this.

Pluto will be in Aquarius until the beginning of September. Many Dark possibilities will collapse by then. Between September 1 to November 19 the Dark Forces will exercise their last attempt to create chaos. But by then there will be much greater presence of Light, which will greatly reduce the effectiveness of the Dark Forces. Cobra should receive more intel in the next few weeks and also have greater clearance to tell us what’s going on behind the scenes.

Cobra asked us to visualize the New Atlantis again.

Question about “Vivian Chaway”(?). A person mentioned the The Stargate Experience channel on YouTube and said it was good.

Question about CERN being active on April 8. Cobra answered that it was an attempt by the Dark Forces to reopen a portal, and it might have minor success.

Question about where to place Cintamani stones in Southern California. Cobra answered: Santa Monica, (Pacific) Palisades, Malibu. And for Northern California Cobra answered that you can place them in the SF Bay Area, San Jose, and San Mateo. (Author’s note: I believe that Mt. Shasta can also be worthwhile to plant a GC at)

Question about Elon Musk being a White hat or a Black hat. Cobra said that he is a confused hat.

Question about Lightworkers facing extreme attacks in the last few weeks, starting from December onwards. Cobra said that the Light Forces are greatly reducing the power of those attacks and they are estimated to go down in frequency.

Cobra said that implantations will most likely not happen again.

Cobra said that the key is to get more people to do Lightwork. If there is only a small group of people doing this work then each person has to do more work.

Cobra said to tell people in Sedona what’s going on, but in simple terms. And to those who are open, you can share more information. Spirituality is part of the tourism here in Sedona.

The Agarthans will emerge after the Event and assist in building the New Atlantis.

Cobra shared with us some Atlantean Mantras. The first one is about 200,000 years old:

  1. Tu lay ayy ayyy

We sang this out loud for a few minutes.

Tulant Lapalan is the ancient name for Atlantis. Tu Lay is short for Tulant Lapalan.

  1. Tria Cho Ra Ko Fa Ro

We sang this out loud for a few minutes.

This mantra is about 20,000 years old. It connects the mother, father and child. It can open the heart of the inner child within us. Tria sounds like the words ‘free’ and ‘trinity’. Cobra noted that the sounds of the most basic words haven’t changed since Atlantis. For example, mother used to be ‘ma’, and father used to be ‘sta’.

  1. Yō Dā 

HaYō Hā 

Wo-ay Yā

HaYō Hā

We sang this mantra together for a few minutes.

This mantra invokes the energy of all 4 elements. It invokes the energy of Source. The energy of Source has been manipulated on Earth since Atlantean times.

Some members of the audience shared their experience:

  • One person saw that they were in a tall cathedral with lots of gold everywhere. It felt like home. They were in a temple.

  • Another person felt like they were walking through trees on elephants. In the background there were mountains with snow. They felt this while reciting the second mantra shared above.

  • Another person felt like they were walking through caverns filled with crystals when reciting the third mantra.

  • Another person felt like they were swimming with whales and dolphins when reciting the 1st mantra. When singing the 2nd mantra they felt relaxed. When singing the 3rd mantra they felt that the power was very strong. They felt a dragon type of energy.

  • Another person felt like their inner child knew the meaning of each mantra before Cobra even told us their meaning. They felt like they were remembering singing them.

Question about which stone the people living in Sedona should work with. Cobra answered that there is a stone called Seraphinite which is found only in Russia. It is connected to the Seraphins who are Archangels. Cobra said that it will help you if you find that stone. Seraphinite stones will help a lot with energy work in Sedona. 

Cobra said that the Toltec tribe got their name from Tulant Lapalan.

Question about Druids. Cobra said that in Ireland there are both Goddess and Druid mysteries as well as white magic.

Cobra said that the crafts are showing themselves more now that Pluto is in Aquarius.

Question about a tribe in Gabon. Name was something like ‘aweeti’ (?). Cobra said that certain tribes have old Atlantean and pre Atlantean connections. Their shamans have oral traditions which are extremely old.

Question about Sanat Kumara. Cobra said that he came from the Galactic Central Sun region, then went to Venus and then the Earth. He’s staying here for 80 million years until the liberation of the planet.

Question about the Dao. Cobra said that the Dao also has the father – mother – child trinity.

Question about origins of the Olmec. Cobra said that they are an old Atlantean tribe. They have direct descendants from Atlantis. They are over 1000 years old.

Cobra said that it is now important to remember Atlantis. 99% information about Atlantis is disinformation, Pat can send links which have true information about Atlantis.

Question about Lemuria and Mu, as the person asking the question felt more connected to those civilizations. Cobra said that they were the previous civilization (i.e. before Atlantis). They will be activated at a later time.

Question about the work the Agarthan networks are doing before the Event. Cobra said that they are stabilizing the energies. After the Event there will be cultural exchange possible with them.

Question about Dragons. Cobra answered that Dragons are not the same as Reptilians. Dragons are also not the same as Draco’s. Physical dragons existed. Some were positive and some were negative.

Cobra shared with us a very useful protocol that we can use to close dark portals within us. The imprint of traumas is burnt into us. These dark portals within us also exist in the physical plane. We can use this protocol to clear our energy field from what happened to us in the past. We are forgiving persons or situations in order to release the imprint of trauma from our energy fields. We are forgiving those that harmed us. The protocol was as such-

First we say the following three times out loud:


I decree and I command

To release all my conflicts with my parents

With my children

With my partner

With other Lightworkers

With other people

With the Dark Forces

I decide forgiveness

) x 3

Then we should close our eyes and visualize a violet flame coming from the sky, rotating in an anticlockwise direction. We are releasing all our conflicts by putting them into this violet flame. We put our conflicts into the violet flame and just let them go. After a few minutes when we are ready we can open our eyes.

Question about the difference between forgiving someone and justice. Cobra said that the energy of justice is a very important energy. However, in many cases it is not possible to manifest the energy of justice. True justice will only be manifested after the Event. Cobra also said that if you cannot get justice then this energy can rot inside you. This can be very harmful. Cobra said that when the time is right then there will be reckoning. This is because one cannot grow as a Soul if one doesn’t understand what they did to others. When Lightworkers/Light Forces win then there will be justice.

One person said that they saw that they were experiencing separation sickness i.e. separation from God. They put that into the violet flame.

Cobra said that the above protocol can be a powerful experience. We should do it as much as possible, this is very recommended. It will help us close dark portals within us.

Next, we sang the first Atlantean mantra (the Tu Lay mantra) in groups. Cobra said that singing it in groups makes it much more powerful. We can sing it in groups in order to activate vortexes of Light. We need to stand together in a circle. The circle needs to have at least 3 people. The people need to stand together in a perfect circle (i.e. no ellipsoids/other shapes). All the people need to raise their hands up to about shoulder height. All people’s hands should almost be touching i.e. the circle needs to be tight. Then we began to sing the Tu Lay mantra together. After a few minutes, we switched to the Me Ta Tron (i.e. Metatron) mantra, while still keeping our hands at shoulder level. After singing the Metatron mantra for a few minutes, we could drop our hands and return to our seats.

Some people shared their experiences-

  • One person felt like Metatron helped them keep their hands up the whole time

  • Another person felt like their hands were super steady, and that it was a very powerful experience

  • Another person said they had had many intensely powerful experiences in the past, and this was up there with those experiences

  •  Another person felt like their heart was on fire. Cobra said that Metatron’s energy is that of a Fire of Light.

Cobra said that it was not time to give this mantra before. However, now is the perfect time to practice this mantra in Sedona.

  • Another person said that they felt heat and power, and that they felt happy

The 3-pointed triangle and the 12 pointed star are symbols of Metatron. Metatron brought the triangulation process into the Universe.

  • Another person said that they wanted to ground their hands while doing the Tu Lay + Metatron mantra. Cobra said that they could visualize that they were grounding themselves via their legs. They could imagine that their legs were anchoring them into the Earth.

Cobra said that this protocol is super powerful, and not to do it with people who aren’t ready.

  • Another person said that they saw purple light at the start. Cobra said that this can assist in clearing, and ensures that the energy stays balanced.

  • Another person saw an image of Atlantis. They saw a double spiral of Light going into the Earth.

Cobra said that playing a real Piano and listening to very soft music invokes Angelic energies. Real pianos were very fashionable in the 18th and 19th centuries. If we are able to listen to real piano music live then we should do that. Cobra invited volunteers to come play the piano at the front of the room. Three people volunteered and it was a very soft and pleasant experience.

Cobra said that there was strong opposition for this workshop. It took a lot of perseverance, planning and protection to make it successfully happen.

One person said that the Dark Forces were covering the skies with chemtrails.

Another person asked about how people can come together in Los Angeles to meditate. Cobra said that people can certainly gather in L.A. to meditate and plant Galactic Cintamani stones.

Another person said that they saw lots of synchronicities on their way to Sedona from Amsterdam.


Read in: Français

Disclaimer: These is a typed out version of the handwritten notes the author made during New Atlantis Conference in Sedona, AZ. The author does not claim the accuracy of these notes to be 100% true. Please use your own inner judgement and critical thinking. Some images and graphs may not be identical to those seen at the conference. The content of the notes is NOT an exact match to what Cobra spoke about. There may be mishearing, handwriting errors, or omissions in the process. Questions regarding the contents of this document will not be accepted.

Author’s note: We are raising funds to plant Galactic Cintamani stones in Los Angeles! If you would like to contribute, please visit the FundRazr page for this project. Thank you!

19 February 2024

Planetary Situation Update and Phoenix Conference Report


February 18, 2024

About 15 minutes before Pluto entered Aquarius, the following small asteroid impacted the planetary surface near Berlin:

With Pluto in Aquarius, existence of underground tunnel networks is going mainstream:

As Pluto progresses though Aquarius, the dark forces on the surface are deeper and deeper into fear:

Clearing of the Indian and African Illuminati networks is proceeding with full speed. All their bases throughout the Solar system were cleared a few days ago, and when the Aldebarans were removing their last ships in Low Earth orbit, this was brought to the attention of the surface governments:

And no, it was not the Russians:

Of the Indian and African Illuminati networks, only about 50,000 members in the tunnels below temples in India and about 70,000 members in the tunnel notworks below Subsaharan Africa are still remaining. These are expected to be cleared in a few weeks as well.

The main problem aside the surface Illuminati network is a remnant of the Illuminati Breakaway Complex (IBC) that escaped the clearing process between 2018 and 2020, and remained inactive until now:

On February 8th, Orsini family has activated the IBC in order to prevent the Resistance movement starting the surface operations.

The first thing they did was to activate one part of physical biochips that escaped detection of the Light forces and was inactive until now. This part of the biochips is a backup processor that is able to send audio video feed from the brain synapse signals via cell phone tower network into the main processing center which, according to sources, is located in an underground facility near the border of Guinea and Sierra Leone. Although this biochip activity is weak, it does represent an added layer of control upon the surface population and it moderately disturbs the plans of the Resistance for the surface operations. The Light forces will use their technologies to deactivate that part of the physical biochips relatively soon.

The IBC has currently about 18 million mainly Reptilian and Draco members in humanoid bodies on the physical plane, scattered throughout bases in the Solar system, mainly in the Kuiper belt, and with a small base even on Mars. These bases are connected with a network of jumprooms. All this will also be cleared relatively soon.

On the physical plane, the main stronghold of the IBC is a network of underground tunnels in Western Africa, especially in southern part of Senegal, in Gambia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Benin and in western Nigeria. This network consists of about 100,000 Reptilians and Dracos in humanoid bodies. Some of them emerge to the surface and are then infiltrated into Europe through southern Italy posing as migrants.

Another smaller stronghold is in a tunnel network beneath Colombia and northwestern Brazil, with about 15,000 Reptilians and Dracos in humanoid bodies. Some of them emerge to the surface and are then trafficked as migrants into the US through the Darien Gap:

Both physical subsurface strongholds of the IBC are connected with Solar system bases with jumprooms, constantly replenishing the supply of Dracos and Reptilians in both locations.

West African IBC stronghold is also connected to the network of secret biolabs in Africa, all of them under the control of the Orsini family:

Guinea and Guinea Bissau are the center of a Reptilian dark vortex portal that suppresses Goddess energy. This leads to the horrible living conditions for women in that area:

The whole area of Western Africa which is now the location of the underground IBC complex was participating in the transatlantic slave trade for centuries, and that led to horrible energetic conditions in that region:

Much healing is needed there, and the Light forces are asking as many Cintamani and Galactic Cintamani stones to be safely planted in the Western Africa where the IBC complex is located (blue ellipse on the map), and in Subsharan Africa in general.

As you can see on the map, very few Cintamani stones now exist there:

Our Ascension Conference in Phoenix was very successful. We have laid the foundation for the energy work that needs to be done for the United States in this year to go through the transition in the most harmonious and peaceful way possible.

The conference notes are here:

Our Chinese team has developed a very interesting app that can connect Lightworkers worldwide.

The English version of the app is here:

And the Chinese version here:

Victory of the Light!

COBRA (Compression Breakthrough)

12 February 2024

Exposing Deep State Psyops Hiding the Truth about Alien Life and Transformative Technologies

February 12, 2024

Dan Willis, a former US Navy veteran, news anchor, and 2001 UFO disclosure witness, has for decades encountered multiple psychological operations used to hide the truth about extraterrestrial visitors and transformative technologies from the general public. These psyops began during the Second World War when the world public was deceived over the alleged “total victory” over Nazi Germany and not informed about a significant breakaway German colony in Antarctica and South America that was in possession of the “wonder weapons” developed with the assistance of extraterrestrial visitors. Hitler had threatened to unleash these to win the war in Europe, but they were not ready for deployment. Instead, the German-ET wonder weapons were taken to Antarctica to create a Fourth Reich and were used to defeat successive British and US naval expeditions sent to find and destroy the German Antarctic colony in 1946 and 1947.

Over the successive decades, the scientific community and general public were deceived in another well-thought-out psyop that the Fermi Paradox was true when in actuality, there were multiple encounters, diplomatic meetings, and even agreements reached with multiple extraterrestrial visitors to our planet.

Sophisticated psyops were also developed to convince the public that rocket propulsion was the optimal way for humanity to become a spacefaring civilization, while exotic antigravity and torsion field propulsion systems were covertly developed and used in secret space programs. Finally, advanced holographic healing technologies were developed that could fully regrow human limbs and organs, and could be used for life-extension purposes.

Watch on Rumble, & Odysee. Audio Podcast on Apple, Spotify, or Google.

Dan Willis websites:

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Leaked NSA document confirms online covert deception involves UFOs


15 January 2024

Situation Update

January 13, 2024

Now it is time to release more intel about current developments behind the scenes.

After the Source began to clear the subquantum anomaly directly in early December, the Dark forces totally freaked out because they felt cornered and trapped.

Some members of the Indian Illuminati network have activated ancient jumprooms that were located in underground tunnels beneath some Hindu temples in India. Some of those jumprooms were inactive for centuries, sometimes even millennia. Through those jumprooms, they have teleported about 300 million reptilian beings from the etheric plane into humanoid physical bodies and tried to recapture the Solar system by teleporting those Reptoids through ancient jumproom network that spans the Solar system and was inactive for centuries as well. They were even able to infiltrate some bases of the Light forces on Planet X, which were swiftly recaptured by the Light Forces with heavy casualties on both sides.

This attempt of the Dark forces to recapture the Soar system was repelled, the tide began to turn after heavy battles in various bases on remote asteroids in and beyond the Kuiper belt in early January, and the Solar system is expected to be completely free from that darkness in a few weeks.

That Indian Illuminati network has also teleported many of those Reptoids through the ancient jumproom network below the surface of the planet and merged it with ancient Atlantean dark network which exists below Africa. Those dark subterranean networks are being cleared also.

Of 300 million Reptoids many were cleared already and now only a little over 100 million still remain, the vast majority of them on asteroid bases in Kuiper belt, some of them on Earth underground and very few of them on the surface.

The Indian Illuminati network was created during the Kurgan Archon invasion about 5000 years ago when one branch of Kurgans invaded Indus valley and formed Vedic patriarchal civilization in India with strict caste system. They were the ones who brought the mind programming belief in karma. The remnants of this network are mostly prevalent in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

The African Illuminati network was formed 14,000 years ago at the last polar shift in the late Atlantean period. When the equator shifted to its current position, the Dark forces built a network of dark temples along the current equator, equipped with jumprooms though which Reptilian entities could enter incarnation into humanoid cloned bodies. This is how many Reptoids entered the human surface population since late Atlantis, and formed their own network under control of a few Black nobility families. That network is still quite powerful in subsaharan Africa, especially in Cameroon, Gabon and Congo, in South America in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil, in Central America in Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala, and in India in Sri Lanka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Both of those networks are under the control of the Pallavicini family, which also controls the BRICS alliance though their secret connections in Israel. Both the Indian and African Illuminati networks are now in intense process of final removal. The signs of that clearing are everywhere:

Orsini family controls the Western Illuminati network, NATO alliance and biolabs. There is some important intel about Western Illuminati network that needs to remain veiled for now.

As a result of clearing of all that darkness, the Galactic central Sun is increasing its activity.

First, it activated our Sun on New Year's eve and triggered an X5 solar flare:

Second, it activated the Galactic Central race in full to start the energetic process of the final liberation of Earth's energy grid.

In early January, the Galactic Central race has activated all hidden Atlantean crystals, including the 30 feet tall Astar crystal which is located beneath seafloor near Bermuda:

Those Atlantean crystals are now connecting with Cintamani and Galactic Cintamani grids and empowering them.

Galactic Central race has also activated dormant spaceships from Atlantean period which are buried beneath Giza complex, beneath Amazon jungle, in Antarctica and other locations. Those spaceships are now connecting with the planetary energy grid and connecting it with midway space stations which the Galactic Central race has built in ancient times and which extend throughout the Solar system.

They have also reactivated the Chaco canyon site:

As a result of all those empowerments, the Light forces were able to increase the volume of Mjolnir technology to 10-12%.

We are just a week away from the entry of Pluto into Aquarius, and the Cabal is in deep fear. This is why they have plans to reset the system through a global cyberattack:

and survive the Reset in their bunkers:

I have received several reports in the last decade that the mega rich are reading my blog and it seems I was able to instill some honest fear in them about the Event:

As Pluto is traversing the last degree of Capricorn before entering into Aquarius, there are already signs hinting at Disclosure:

There are also first attempts to make humanity interstellar:

Pluto enters Aquarius on January 20th/21st, and you can participate in that strong energetic event with the following meditation:

2024 will be the key year for the United States influencing the planetary situation, with total Solar eclipse coming on April 8th and election on November 5th.

It is very important for the Lightworkers to anchor the Light as much as possible during this year in the USA. For this reason I am inviting everybody to participate in our Ascension conference in Phoenix, where important intel about USA and 2024 will be released:

People are also welcome to be initiated into Stellar and Ascended master healing rays, which will open their central channel and prepare them for the strong energies which will hit this planet in the coming months and years:

Victory of the Light!

COBRA (Compression Breakthrough)

24 December 2023

A Galactic Christmas Tree Lights Up The Cosmos!

Merry And Galactic: Christmas Tree Cluster Signals the Start of Holiday Season

In a festive cosmic party perfect for the holidays, NASA has revealed a gorgeous picture of NGC 2264, lovingly called the 'Christmas Tree Cluster.' This lively area where stars are born is about 2,500 light-years away in our Milky Way and it looks like a cheerful tree decked out with sparkling lights.

NASA cleverly crafted composite picture sparks the imagination by playing with colors and perspective. Astronomers gave the cluster a holiday twist by rotating the view about 160 degrees clockwise, highlighting its Christmas tree form, complete with the tip pointing skyward.

The cluster is like a cradle for baby stars, with ages ranging from one to five million years. These stars come in all sizes, from tiny ones less than a tenth of our Sun's mass to giants seven times its size.

This celestial Christmas Tree Cluster isn't just a visual delight—it's also a treasure trove for scientific exploration. Because it's relatively close to Earth and home to a mix of different stars, NGC 2264 is valuable for studying how stars are born and evolve in their early stages.

In the star nursery called NGC 2264, you'll find not only the Christmas Tree Cluster but also the Cone Nebula, the Fox Fur Nebula, and the Snowflake Cluster. The Christmas Tree Cluster earned its name because it's shaped like a triangle, resembling a tree made of very young stars when seen in visible light. You can spot it in the northern part of NGC 2264, just above the Cone Nebula.

New NASA imagery captures twinkling 'Christmas Tree Cluster'