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01 June 2015

Free the Colonies Crop Circle, May 30th, 2015

A new crop circle appeared during the night of the Free the Colonies meditation, which was done to support a light forces operation to remove all negative bases in this solar system.

The crop circle represents a swastika, a sacred symbol used by many ancient cultures (Vedic, Tibetan, Celtic, Native American, etc) to represent spiral movement and spiritual evolution.

It's interesting to see it is represented here just like it was in the Thule society. The Thule society was at first a positive esoteric society. One of its member, the medium Maria Orsic, received channeled communication from Pleiadians from Aldebaran containing instructions about how to build an anti-gravity engine, in order to build spaceships. The Pleiadians sent this hoping that advanced technology would remove the possibility of war in human society.

Instead the Thule society was infiltrated by the Chimera group and the Rothschilds (through their agent Hitler), who mis-used the spaceship technology in order to build their negative space program. This is how the nazis started using that symbol.

More info in Cobra'a last updates :

This crop circle, appearing on the night of the clearing of all bases belonging to that same negative secret space program, is a very clear and powerful symbol coming from the Galactic Confederation (to which the Aldebarans belong to of course), to reclaim the original sacred energy of that symbol, and declare once and for all the end of the cycle of mis-use and abuse throughout this solar system and entire universe.

Victory !!

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