10 February 2016

Exploring the Hallow Earth Theory

For decades now, the idea that the Earth is hollow with perhaps a hot solid spherical core has captured the passion of scientists, military personnel, historians and story-tellers alike.

The theory features in an astounding number of ancient texts.

One of these is Sumerian, the oldest kept records of human history. It's also been the subject for popular sci-fi literature such as the infamous Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jule Vernes.

To really study this theory we must go into it with an open mind. The job of the skeptic is not to disregard. One can only be a skeptic if every ounce of information is considered and weighed.

Only after that, an assumption can be set in place.

Mythology Shambhala or Shangri-la meaning "place of peace" in Sanskrit is found in the ancient scriptures of Kalachakra, Tantra and the Zhang Zhung (the culture that evolved into Tibetan Buddhism).

According to legend, only the pure of heart could enter this paradise.

It was free of suffering and old age, with unspeakable beauties and abundant resources. It is also depicted to be a place not of complete physical existence but existing to only those who's vibration is pure enough to experience it.

Tibetan Buddhists used mandalas to illustrate the relationship between life on the surface and life deep inside. They also speak of a race of 'super' people that came up to the surface from tunnels that led to inner Earth to oversee and guide surface beings.

They allegedly had lamas guarding entrances to it inside temples.

The Hopi tribe also believed in this race's intentions to help surface civilization.

The Olmecs and Zapotecs (South America) refer to it as the life force from deep within the Earth. They dug deep caves to get closer to the 'god of creation'.

The Popol Vuh which is known as the Mayan Holy Bible talks about the creation of life from the center of the Earth.

Egypt has recently been researched in relation to their brilliant awareness of the spatial dimensions of the planet.

The Abidos temple hieroglyphics have been translated to reveal that,

'people once escaped into the Earth as if it was a haven from a cataclysmic flood or eruption'.

It is not uncommon to hear about this 'days of darkness' story wherein the Earth was submerged.

The Ramayana depicts Rama as a messenger inside an air vehicle from the continent Agartha in inner earth. It speaks of Agartha being the birth place of the final incarnation of Vishnu: Kalki.

A common prophesy binds almost all of these legends and that is:

after the 'barbarians' of the surface race have nothing more left to conquer, the gates of Shambhala would open to usher in a new Golden Age.

First Scientific References

Edmund Halley (known for computing the orbit of the Halley's comet) was an English astronomer, geophysicist, mathematician, meteorologist, and physicist.

In 1692 he put forth the idea that,

'Earth was a consisting of a hollow shell about 800km thick, with two inner concentric shells and an innermost core, about the diameters of Venus, Mars and Mercury.'

He hypothesized that each of these shells rotated at different speeds and were separated by atmospheres (conducive to life and luminous) and each had their own magnetic poles.

He believed that the escaping gas was cause for the spectacular Aurora Borealis. His theory has it's base in the value of lunar relative density propounded by Isaac Newton.

He also speculated through varying compass readings that the Earth had indeed four magnetic poles.

Halley explained,

"the cavity I assign to the Earth may well serve to adjust its weight to the Moon. For otherwise the Earth would leave the Moon behind it and she become another primary planet."

The Moon had been designed denser than the Earth so that it could keep up with the Earth in its journey through space. Had the two planets been of similar density, the Moon would have been left behind according to Halley.

Leonhard Euler an 18th century mathematician, physicist, astronomer, logician and engineer proposed that the Earth did not possess any inner circles but instead was completely hollow with a 600 mile diameter sun in the center.

The hollow interior could be reached through the holes in the North and South Poles.

John Cleves Symmes an American army officer and lecturer wrote,

"I declare that the Earth is hollow and habitable within; containing a number of solid concentric spheres, one within the other, and that it is open at the poles 12 or 16 degrees."

He tried to organize an expedition to find the opening of the hollow in the North Pole.

His plans however were thwarted several times.

Map of Inner Earth according to some myths

Admiral Byrd's Account

Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd was an American naval officer specializing in feats of exploration. He was an expedition leader, explorer and a pioneer in the field of aviation.

His is probably the most famous account of all considering his position.

Operation Highjump was an expedition left solely under Byrd's command. It entailed a naval expedition to the Antarctic with a fleet of 5000 U.S. military personnel and every resource he found need for.

According to Byrd who was only with his radioman in one of the planes, started to fly above warmer land where he began to experience radio loss and inaccurate compass readings.

He claims to have flown over magnificent dwarfed mountain ranges different from anything he'd ever seen, with great lakes and rivers. He saw mammoths and UFOs surrounding his plane.

According to his testimonial, the flying disc-shaped vehicles took over his controls and disrupted his radio signals.

They ushered him into a city and eventually land his plane. This is where the story gets really sci-fi. The 'Master' of the city invites him in for a conversation. He tells him about growing concern among his people of Outer Earth's activities since the Hiroshima, Nagasaki Nuclear Bombings.

Admiral Byrd's alleged diary was published by his son years after his death.

This is where the following transaction between the Master and he comes from,

"the dark ages that will come now for your race will cover the Earth like a pall, but I believe that some of your race will live through the storm, beyond that, I cannot say.

We see at a great distance a new world stirring from the ruins of your race, seeking its lost and legendary treasures, and they will be here, my son, safe in our keeping. When that time arrives, we shall come forward again to help revive your culture and your race.

Perhaps, by then, you will have learned the futility of war and its strife… and after that time, certain of your culture and science will be returned for your race to begin anew.

You, my son, are to return to the Surface World with this message…"

You can read the entire diary here.

His findings were published in an issue of National Geographic and broadcasted all over media channels. However, this information was quickly hushed up on government orders and he was instructed never to speak about it again.

Watch an early interview with Admiral Byrd here below, calling inner earth,

'an untouched reservoir of resources'.

Recent Research

Brooks Agnew, a PhD physicist and geologist and Scientific Project Director of the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition has been one of the greatest modern day supporters of Hollow Earth Theory.

Steve Curry the original project director who died suddenly and under mysterious circumstances would've been measuring the curvature of the Earth via gyroscope over the Arctic Circle.

If the rate of change began to increase that would mean there was a depression or 'hole' in the earth. In an interview, Brooks explains that in 2005, satellites captured Aurora Borealis on the tips of both the North and South magnetic Poles. The traditional scientific explanation would be that they are an effect of solar winds.

However, how would they both be striking both poles at the same time.

This went so far as to intrigue NASA even and they began the Themis Program to the find their origin.

Agnew also believes that not just earth but other planets too are hollow. He put forth the Expanding Crust Theory. In simple terms, what is now the surface land mass of the Earth was once its core, and water was possibly almost all that was on the surface before.

As the crust expanded, the water slid through the cracks forming a somewhat well distributed land and water body ratio. This seems legitimate since if you shrunk earth to 1/3rd of its diameter, you'd find every continent would be a perfect fit on all sides.

There's two hard evidences supporting this:

The first is that there's oceanic deposits high up in mountains with fossilized sea life.

The second is that sea floors and dry surface land would have completely different geologic ages, which is also true.

Seafloors are only about 70 million years old whereas dry land is 4.5 billion years old.

He explains this further on this radio podcast:

Other Observations

During Earthquakes and tsunamis the earth experiences hours long resonance which only occurs when there is a hollow core, with nothing for shock absorption.

Gravity experiments show that the core is actually not the center of gravity.

The Lagrange Point (point of equidistance from the center of one planetary body to another) from the Earth to the Sun is 1200 meters short of what it should be.

The Earth has a powerful magnetosphere indicative of inner and outer shells and their individual rates of movement.

The temperature gets warmer moving along the Poles which in theory isn't supposed to happen.

Many bird species in the northern and southern hemisphere migrate toward the poles before winter. One bird known as the Ross's Gull has been particularly documented but no one has found its resting destination. Eye witness accounts of differently colored snow reveal possible pollen deposits in the Poles.

The most popular theory today is that the Earth consists of a solid crystalline iron inner core (iron crystallizes at extreme high temperatures). Japanese scientists have confirmed this stating that the lack of resonant frequency means it's almost pure iron and perfectly spherical.

It is possibly around 6000° Celsius which is about the temperature of the sun.

This would make it glow a very white hot flame or fiery red.

In an atmosphere of about 800-900 miles of air, it would appear like a twilight sun. This description fits in almost perfectly with those in ancient scriptures that describe an inner sun that warmed inner earth.

If there is a void within Earth, there will most certainly be life.

Whether it's microbial in nature or intelligent life form, it's hard to say. Refuting this claim completely would be as bad as saying we are the only living beings in this entire, uncharted universe.

We have expansive minds and dynamic consciousnesses, if not to decode the secrets of our existence be it inwardly as individuals with personalities and life-purposes or outwardly to find our place in the larger scheme of things, then what else?

We all have an instinctive eagerness to solve mysteries, to delve into the path of truth.

As long as there is consciousness there will be a thirst to unravel it's origins.

The Hollow Earth Theory


by Pia 'Llama'
January 16, 2016
from FractalEnlightenment Website

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