03 June 2023

The Establishment Erasing UFO History for the New Narrative


Erasing UFO History for the New Narrative | The Richard Dolan Show w/Ron James

Richard Dolan Intelligent Disclosure

Filmmaker Ron James, whose latest documentary, Accidental Truth, delves into current issues and analyses relating to the UFO “Disclosure” movement, is interviewed.

One of the film’s major themes is the erasure of UFO history in favor of the new narrative offered by the military establishment — that all these “UAP” are completely unknown and they are working hard to figure out what is going on. And when they get that answer, they promise to tell us. In fact, this is an old story told to us repeatedly by a fundamentally dishonest institution. Ron and Richard discuss this and more. 

See Accidental Truth Homepage: https://mufontelevision.com/atinsider/ 

Stream Accidental Truth here: https://geni.us/AccidentalTruth 

Richard M. Dolan is one of the world's leading researchers and writers on UFOs.


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