27 May 2015

Fundamental Core Truths of the Multiverse, All-That-Is and Our Existence

1) that everything in the multiverse is energy and carries a vibration or frequency and unity consciousness is the underlying fabric of the multiverse.

2) that a dimension is simply a range of frequencies consisting of graduated octives and that Creator Source is the highest dimension.

3) that the multiverse is made up multiple universes which consist of multiple dimensions.

4) that Creator Source is experiencing itself through its various creations in multiple dimensions throughout the multiverse.

5) that the true nature of God or Creator Source, is pure Love and Light and consists of everything in existence and is commonly referred to as “All-That-Is” by the galactic community. Fear is simply the absence of love and darkness is simply the absence of light. Fear and darkness have no part of Creator Source or All-That-Is.

6) that there are many creations throughout the multi-verse in different dimensions but all are connected to Creator Source with a unified consciousness.

7) that we are divine multi-dimensional beings and part of All-That-Is. We are simply experiencing life in the lower dimensions with a ‘veil of forgetfulness’. Some of our other divine aspects are our Higher Self, I Am Presence, Twin Flame, Soul Group, and Source Being.

8) that we are divine multi-dimensional beings and that an aspect of ourselves is experiencing duality in the 3rd and lower 4th dimensional realms. We have other parts of ourselves (emotional body, mental body, etheric body, Higher Self, I AM Presence, etc.) that exist in higher dimensions going all the way back to Source.

9) that emotions carry a vibration; love is your highest vibration and fear is your lowest vibration. You have freewill and can learn to control your emotions.

10) that we are all One and part of Creator Source; that separation from Creator Source and every other living thing, is only an illusion, due to the ‘veil of forgetfulness’ that we get during our incarnation on planet Earth.

11) Duality or Polarity is defined as an instance of opposition or contrast between two concepts or two aspects of something; a dualism. For example, fear vs love or dark vs light. In the multiverse fear and darkness only exist in the 3rd and lower 4th dimensions and are artificially created by the absence of Love and the absence of Light respectively.

12) that there can be no duality (polarity: Love vs fear; Light vs darkness) without the ‘veil of forgetfulness’; otherwise, you would be cognizant of the Universal Laws and your divine nature, which is Love and Light and the game of duality would cease to exist. Duality is an artificial reality.

13) that there is no ‘veil of forgetfulness’ in the 5th dimension or higher, rather you have full consciousness of your multi-dimensionality, your divinity and your connection to Source. There is no fear in the 5th dimension or higher, therefore there is no duality in the 5th dimension or higher. There is only Love and Light.

14) that duality (polarity: Love vs fear; Light vs darkness) only exists in the 3rd and lower 4th dimensions, along with the ‘veil of forgetfulness’ to artificially create the absence of love (fear) and the absence of light (darkness). This is done by creating an illusion of separation from Source. There may be disagreements in higher dimensions but they are resolved peacefully.

15) that there is a universal consciousness that exists throughout multiverse or All-That-Is. The illusion of separation from this universal consciousness is created by the ‘Veil of Forgetfulness’.

16) that God, Creator Source, All-That-Is does not judge, for all are One. Judgement is a 3rd and lower 4th dimensional quality that only exists in the artificial reality of duality and the illusion of separation. In reality there is no separation, therefore there is no judgement when the veil of forgetfulness is lifted. Oneness consciousness takes hold.

17) that we chose (volunteered) to step down into the third dimension with a ‘veil of forgetfulness’ between our lower ego self and our true Higher Self to experience duality and the illusion of separation from Creator Source or All-That-Is and and all other creations so that we could accelerate our spiritual growth.

18) that the multiverse operates according to universal laws

19) that we create our reality with our thoughts and intentions, thus we create our future in the artificial 3D and lower 4D linear time construct by the universal law known as the Law of Attraction

20) that there is no lag time with our creations in the higher dimensions, therefore we must learn to be responsible creators as part of our spiritual growth in the ascension process.

21) that everything in the multiverse is alive and has consciousness.

22) that observation is part of the creation process.

23) that planets and stars reside in various dimensions and are sentient beings with a Soul and Spirit and have freewill. They communicate to other living beings and celestial entities via telepathy.

24) that Gaia (Mother Earth) expressed her desire to ascend to the 5th dimension over seventy years ago and wishes to take as many inhabitants with her as possible. She resided the 5th dimension or higher before the fall of Atlantis and is transition back to 5D and higher.

25) that Creator Source honored Gaia’s request to ascend back to the 5th dimension, set forth a divine decree, and commissioned the Galactic Federation to our solar system to ensure her wishes were carried out at the end of this cycle.

26) that as we come to the end of this cycle, a major transformation is currently taking place to move all creation on the surface of Gaia out of 3D and lower 4D (duality) to upper 4D and eventually the 5D with the assistance of higher dimensional beings that serve the Light.

27) that time is an artificial construct created by the mass consciousness of mankind and is only part of lower 3D and lower 4D realms of duality. There is no time in the 5D or higher. There is only the now moment. As we move up in vibratory frequency and get closer to 5D, time will be speeding up until we reach no time or zero point, in which life is lived only in the now moment in peace and joy.

28) that those with a high enough frequency (light quotient at least 51%) and a high enough consciousness, will have a choice to ascend to 5D with Mother Gaia or they may continue learning lessons in 3D and lower 4D duality realms elsewhere.

29) that at the time of transition, those that do not qualify with a high enough light quotient or high enough consciousness will continue learning lessons in 3D and lower 4D duality realms elsewhere.

30) that our bodies are changing from a carbon based body to a crystalline based (silicon) body and that after ascension we will have a less dense Light Body.

31) that those choosing to ascend will lose the veil forgetfulness and come into full consciousness.

32) that in order to ascend, a certain awareness of the above must take place in the consciousness of each individual.

33) that our souls have reincarnated lifetime after lifetime, some going all the way back to the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, and that with the assistance of wise beings, we choose our geographical birth location, our parents, and the life lessons that we wished to learn during our incarnation as part of the Earth experiment. Experiences are chosen for soul growth, to balance karma, to assist others in soul growth, and to assist Gaia. Choices are recorded in a soul contract.

34) that we volunteered to incarnate on Gaia with a soul contract to experience the game of duality and accelerate our spiritual growth.

35) that all thoughts, events, and emotions of all sentient beings that incarnate on the planet are recorded and/or encoded in what is known as the Akashic Records in a non-physical plane of existence known as the astral plane.

36) that we have a personal akashic record that is part of our DNA.

37) that due to the ascension of Gaia (Mother Earth), the reincarnation of cycle is coming to an end.

38) that to successfully ascend with Gaia, one must raise their vibration (light quotient) and consciousness, embrace the truth, heal their past by releasing traumatic and negative experiences still stored in cellular memory from past lifetimes, balance karma, remove all fears and addictions, be willing to leave 3D duality behind, as well as all attachments to 3D, and embrace pure Love and Light.

39) that we are being assisted with our ascension by a steady stream of incoming of Love and Light energy to raise the vibration and consciousness of Gaia and as well as those individuals on Her surface that are receptive, activate our higher dimensional DNA, move into full consciousness and transition to 5D.

SOURCE: http://thepromiserevealed.com/mrtruthseeker/core-truths/

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