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17 May 2015

Results of Frequency Changes

Sphere Being Alliance

The change in the frequency of the energetic waves are causing quite a few signs in the heavens and on the Earth. The changes in the behavior of people is also obvious. There are some deep sea Super Volcanoes that have been kept top secret (The Navy has placed devices on/around them to monitor their activity) that are in thin areas of the Earth's Crust and under thousands of pounds of pressure (Per sq inch) of the ocean they are under. If these were to blow they would cause mega-tsunami's and rain fire and rocks across the entire planet. The pressure of the ocean has held them back for thousands of years while some of the Earth's plates pushed against and away from each other. There are more volcanic eruptions and quite a few more Earthquakes expected during this "Shift". We can only imagine how much more turmoil we would be experiencing without the thousands of spheres that are equidistantly spaced through our Solar System to diffuse and disperse the "Energetic Tsunami Waves" that are rushing through our system. It is going to have obvious effects on the Sun, Other Heavenly Bodies, The Volcanism, Weather Patterns and Life Forms on the Earth (This beyond any of the man made issues from exposed scandals/crimes and economic disasters). Now is a time more than any other to become more Loving, Forgiving and Focus on Raising Your Vibration/Consciousness. I believe we are getting ready to witness things get worse before they get better just as was predicted in one of my early encounters/meetings with Raw-Tear-Eir (So that Humanity learns some lessons that become apart of our "Genetic Memory"). Below is an article from KP's Blog/Site that has some interesting information. (I don't mean this to be "Fear Porn", sometimes information is just that... Information. When full disclosure occurs, crimes against humanity and all... It will be considered the ultimate fear porn for the majority of humanity and cause much anxiety. Then we can begin a new era of freedom and a fresh beginning.)

Michael Snyder, Right Side News 5-14-15... "40 Volcanoes Are Erupting Right Now, And 34 Of Them...
Well, I'd seen a couple other postings in the past month that had mentioned "^ of & volcanoes going off", but that was from 2013, I believe. But this one acutally...

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