18 February 2023

Fire the Grid 2 worldwide meditation and celebration event on February 21st at 11:07 AM UTC

17 February 2023

Fire the Grid meditation was introduced to Samoiya Shelley Yates by Light Beings in 2002 when she and her son had a near-death experience. The Light Beings told Samoiya how to miraculously save the life of her son and she did successfully save him. 


In 2007, the Light Beings contacted Samoiya again and suggested that what she did for her son can also be done for planet Earth. They indicated that each one of us is an energy being. Every energy being has one hexagon in the grid. Each being can infuse the hexagon with Light or drawing Light from it. So every choice that we make counts and matters.

When we are living in high frequency, we are infusing the grid with energy and our joy in our ONE hexagon, which can charge a THOUSAND hexagons. When we are in low frequency, we draw energy from the grid. This is why it is so powerful when millions of people gather and pulse the grid at the same time. In Samoiya's words: "We are Flooding the Junctures!"


In 2007, Samoiya organized a mass meditation event with millions of people participating to reconnect the Earth grid to the energy grid of the Universe. The meditation was very successful. 


The same meditation was done again in 2009 and 2011, which also completed successfully.

Then, in 2021, the Light Beings asked Samoiya to Fire the Grid again to assist humanity through the challenges we are going through now. 

With only 3 weeks of promotion prior to July 19th, 2021, Samoiya gathered thousands of people to lessen a highly destructive chain of events that had started with a volcano that was going off in Iceland. They Fired the Grid, and the Light Beings told them that their actions were successful.


On February 21st at 11:07 AM UTC, the Light Beings have invited Samoiya and her team to come together again to Fire the Grid

The goal is to come together for 1 hour at 11:07 AM UTC to unite and pulse the collective energy grid that connects all sentient beings (especially Gaia) with love, compassion, joy, and gratitude. 

As suggested by Samoiya, this opportunity will help us to raise our own individual and collective energy field in order to launch into the Fifth Field, the new earth, at the highest, most optimal level. When we Fire the Grid together, we ease our way, making the transition smoother.

Same as the previous Fire the Grid event, there are no specific instructions for Fire the Grid meditation. According to Samoiya, we will sit in meditation simultaneously and Fire the Grid for one hour. We will unite the globe and connect all the regions of the Earth simultaneously. In the process, we will set our intentions to raise the frequency of Earth. 

We will unite our souls in love, peace, harmony, and collective cooperation for a better world for our people and for the children, for today, and for the future.

She suggests we simply engage in anything that brings us joy, such as:

  • listen to your favourite music
  • hug your children
  • walk your dogs
  • random acts of kindness
  • Thank the universe for this special moment and imagine yourself spilling over with a brilliant Light that you send out to connect with that of others
  • love and forgive yourself

So, do what brings you bliss and really feel it and show appreciation by saying Thank You!

Victory of the Light!

We Love Mass Meditation organizes Mass Meditations aiming to help achieve planetary liberation as soon as possible and as smoothly as possible.
Please join any of the meditations below if you feel so guided.
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Urgent meditation for liberating all hostages from underground bases
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Meditation to stop the Coronavirus outbreak globally every 4 hours

Emergency Meditation at 2 PM UTC

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We also organize different mass meditations regularly for various purposes. They can be found in this link below:

You are welcome to join our healing group to request healing from healers around the world, we are also looking for qualified healers to join this group to help people in need


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